Mosaddeq at the Hague
11-Nov-2009 (2 comments)
If you go to the Netherlands
Visit The Hague court of Justice.
On a rainy night
Linger at its closed gate
And look through the iron rods:
There, in that lighted building
Across the rain-laden trees,
An old man stood >>>


Olympic blunder

2010 Winter Olympics Torch relay in Victoria

The Olympic Flame that was lit in Olympia, Greece, on October 22, 2009, finally arrived in Victoria, British Columbia (BC), on October 30th, where and when the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay began its 106-day, 45,000-kilometre cross-Canada journey. The cross-country journey will be completed at Vancouver’s BC Place on February 12, 2010, as it lights the Olympic Cauldron, signaling the start of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Here, I'd like to balance all the Olympic hoopla in the media by relating some of the Cassandra facts exposed (with sources) by the Olympic Resistance Network groups>>>


On the way

Iranian people seek democratic change and the democratic world can help

09-Nov-2009 (one comment)
The Green Movement has demonstrated that the desire for democracy is very strong in today’s Iran. This is the main characteristic of the GM: a national and peaceful democratic movement. It encompasses a wide range of political tendencies as well as various strains of the civil society, from women and students movements to teachers, lawyers, workers, business people, arts and culture personalities and human rights activists. Indeed, the GM highlights a culture change in Iran. Never in Iran has such a peaceful and well-disciplined large group of people taken into the streets in their millions calling for democracy and basic human rights>>>


Day of Infamy

The youth of have no interest in shouting "death to America"

09-Nov-2009 (13 comments)
While the 1953 coup was a strategic mistake by the US for which the Iranian people paid dearly, it serves as absolutely no justification for taking US diplomats hostage 26 years later. Taking hostages did not gain anything for Iran and Iranian people, other than more suffering. It did not protect the regime in the least from any similar coup attempts, in fact if the US wanted to take hostile action in Iran it would have been more justified since it had been attacked (the US embassy is sovereign US territory under international law)>>>


چرا ایرانیان – آمریکایی  نیستند

مقایسه ای کوتاه بین ایرانیان و آمریکاییان

09-Nov-2009 (8 comments)
ما ایرانیان عزیز که در اقصی نقاط دنیا سکنی گزیده ایم با آشنایی با جوامع غربی و نوع نگاه آنان به زندگی – توانسته ایم به عرصه های جدیدی دسترسی پیدا کنیم. بخشی از هم وطنان ما در ایران هم توانسته اند به بخشهای سرگرم کننده زندگی غربی مانند فیلم و سریال ها (از طریق دی وی دی دوبله شده و نه با تماشای کانالهای ماهواره ای انگلیسی زبان و دیگر زبانها) و شوهای رقص و غیره آشنا شوند بی آنکه بتوانند در آن کشور ها زندگی کرده و نوع زندگی اجتماعی و سیاسی آن کشور های دموکراتیک را تجربه کرده و حتی با آن نوع نگاه آشنا شوند>>>


The Enigma of Religion

Organized religion is rife with lies and superstitious

09-Nov-2009 (9 comments)
It is argued that masses are ignorant, they follow the clerics. Some fundamentalists believe they are doing God’s work in forcing weak believers to practice their religion. In order for evil to triumph it is for people to stand by and do or say nothing. Salvation is found by seeking the truth, not with superstitious dogma. People should be free to choose any path in conformance with their belief system. Even non-believers have made a choice regarding religion. No choice should be ridiculed because it is different from another>>>


دختر پشت پنجره

"با پرداخت فقط چند دلار در ماه شما را بيمه عمر خواهيم کرد."

09-Nov-2009 (3 comments)
با نگاهى حيرت زده داشت بيرون را نگاه ميکرد. همه چيز اين کشور با جايى که بزرگ شده بود متفاوت بود. خيابان پر از جمعيت بود. هزاران پسر و دختر همسن و سال خودش در دايره هاى کوچک دور هم جمع شده و با شور و هيجان باهم بحث ميکردند. بعضى ها پلاکارد دست گرفته بودند و در هوا تکان ميدادند. سرها بالا پايين ميرفت و دستها مثل خنجر هوا را ميشکافت. در عمرش اين همه آدم عصبانى يکجا نديده بود. فکر کرد،"چه چيزى ميتونه مردم را تا اين حد ناراحت کنه؟" فارسى را با لهجه آمريکايى حرف ميزد ولى خواندن فارسى را بلد نبود هرچند حروف را تشخيص ميداد.>>>


09-Nov-2009 (one comment)
O’ Shoppers
Words are cheap.
If everything else is expensive,
Words are cheap.
I know it out of experience.
I am assigned to write an essay >>>


Beyond Mousavi and Karroubi

Who's really running the Green Movement

07-Nov-2009 (4 comments)
Nearly six months after the demonstrations that followed June's disputed presidential election, Iran's pro-democracy "green movement" is as strong as ever. Rallies took place in downtown Tehran today, having been in the works for months through Twitter, blogs, and word of mouth. Iran, it seems, is on the verge of having a new, unified opposition party. But the solidarity on the streets hides wide -- and growing -- splits within. The ostensible leaders of the movement, Mir Hossein Mousavi, Mohammad Khatami, and Mehdi Karroubi, are former high-ranking officials of the Islamic Republic who would likely keep much about the Islamic Revolution in place>>>


راه طي شده

آقاي رئيس جمهور، شما داريد همان مسيري را مي رويد كه شاه طي كرد

07-Nov-2009 (5 comments)
اين نامه را به مناسبت پنجاه و سومين سالروز تولد برايت مي نويسم. راه درازي را از سال 1956 بهمراه خانواده ات از زادگاهت روستاي ارادان به شهر تهران طي كرده اي: آنروزها تنها يك سال داشتي و خانواده ات مانند بسياري ديگر به اميد و با آرزوي موفقيت فرزندانشان از آن روستاي كوچك و بستگان خود بريده و به پايتخت مهاجرت كردند. آنها خود را از خانواده و نعمت نزديك بودن به آنها را محروم كردند و به شهر جديد و غريبي مهاجرت كردند تا شايد فرزندانشان فرصتهاي بهتري برايشان فراهم شود>>>


سفر "جیش دارم"  به ایران!

وقتی به مخالفین دولت رنگ سبز مالیدند درواقع کلاه بزرگی سرمان رفت

06-Nov-2009 (50 comments)
در این گذر اگر از اندک اشکالاتی که در پایین تشریح میگردد چشم پوشی کنیم، بقیه خاطرات سفرخوب بودند و بعدا درمیان خواهیم گذاشت. فقظ خواستم فردا دوستان نیایند گله کنند و بگویند "تو که میدونستی چرا واسه ما نگفتی." در طول سالها زندگی درامریکا من فقط یکبار به ایران رفتم که آنهم سی و دو سال پیش بود و سرانجام امسال با تشویق دوستان و فامیل مصمم شدم دیداری از وطن تازه کنم. لذا چند ماه قبل چمدان را بستم و با شوق فراوان و پس از انجام امور تجدید گذرنامه و سایر کارهای مربوطه عازم ایران شدم.>>>



Define respectable! Define honor! Define it in the city of Tehran.

06-Nov-2009 (4 comments)
He is heavy; God - he is heavy. Panting and thrusting; he finally reaches his climax. The ripples pulsate all over him just as the sweat drips off his jowls, landing, one drop at a time, on my left shoulder. He lets out a sigh. Then almost instantly, he regains his composure and gives me a shy look. I reach below and snake my hand in between us until I arrive at the base of his penis. I hold on to the edge of the condom and gently ease him out. He rolls over and away from me, and drops into a slumber almost immediately. I look at the clock on the bedside table; that was a 20-minute straight screw>>>


دختری با مانتوی کوتاه
06-Nov-2009 (2 comments)
دختری با مانتوی کوتاه
چابک از نرده‌ها بالا میرود...
...و به ناگاه بر گرده‌ٔ جهان می‌‌ایستد
یک سر و گردنی بلند تر از همه
چونان بلند که باد در اوج، روسری‌اش را با خود میبرد
و ابر و باران و مه در موهایش می‌پیچد >>>


Death to No One

Iran has become the world's poster child for the deficit of democracy that plagues many nations

04-Nov-2009 (2 comments)
Today, marks the 30th year since the 444 day Iran Hostage Crisis began in 1979. On this day the media traditionally offers us images of burning American flags and effigies of Uncle Sam. We are reminded of the great chasm of mistrust and misunderstanding that has marked the last three decades of US-Iranian relations. But in the past year both Americans and Iranians have asked for something new. We have elected a president that promises to pursue diplomacy and Iranians have given birth to a popular democratic movement. So, we should not use this 30th anniversary of the hostage crisis to simply re-live tragedy and tension>>>


Academic isolation

Defending freedom in Iran's universities

04-Nov-2009 (7 comments)
Over the past 4 years, Iran’s universities have grown increasingly unhappy with the rigid academic as well as social restrictions established by the fundamentalists who run the government. Iran’s university movement remains largely frustrated due to lack of leadership, and lack of support from the universities themselves (most senior officials of which are appointed by the government). Iranian student and academic movements have been pessimistic as to the support they might hope for from Western colleagues>>>