Still better to be a foreigner

30 years after the revolution, foreigners 'more equal' under Iranian law

22-Oct-2009 (9 comments)
Worse than Shah-era Capitulation Laws Ayatollah Khomeini, the founding father of the Islamic Republic, became a hero and the leader of the opposition to the Shah when he criticized the capitulation laws that granted U.S citizens protection from prosecution in Iran. He claimed in a legendary speech that a simple American cook could commit murder in Iran and not be tried, while an Iranian minister in America could be punished for the most minor offense. In a bizarre twist of fate, in Khomeini's Islamic Republic three decades later, if you are a foreigner your chances of not being tortured and raped are much higher than if you are Iranian. Contrary to what this revolution was about, it is still better to be a foreigner.>>>


The hug dispensers

Mata Amritanandamayi Devi – the 56-year-old “hugging saint” from Kerala – is in town

22-Oct-2009 (2 comments)
My ex-girlfriend Sandra got married. Last Saturday, she and her groom Joe vowed to look after each other “in credit and in overdraft” even “when you are grumpy”. It was a wedding filled with humour in a room – in Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre – overlooking the River Thames, with a view of St Paul’s Cathedral, on a sunny (if chilly) day. I stood at the back, pondering how our lives had changed. Well, mine in particular – weddings are a time to navel-gaze. Twelve years ago finding a pair of socks that matched was difficult for me. Today things are no different>>>


 شیر زخمی

تیمسار سرش را بالا گرفت و دقایقی به بنای یادبود شیر زخمی خیره ماند و سپس مثل شمعی فرو ریخت

22-Oct-2009 (8 comments)
شاید نتوان برای دیوانه شدن آدمها تاریخ و ساعت دقیقی را تعیین کرد ولی در مورد تیمسار حمیدی، افسر بازنشسته گارد شاهنشاهی می شود با اطمینان گفت که وی در ساعت 11:25 دقیقه صبح روز چهارشنبه 19 آگوست سال 2009 به وقت سوئیس در شهر Lucerne و یا به عبارتی Luzernدیوانه شد. شاید واژه دیوانه، کلمه مودبانه ای برای وضعیت ایشان نباشد، تیمسار دقیقاً در ساعت گفته شد، فروریخت و از هم پاشید و پرپر شد>>>


The Orange 'n' Torange Girl (4)

"Don’t drown the baby in the stream. The reflection in the water is mine."

The Prince recited three of his own poems. Torange loved his poetry and said she could see herself being in love with him and wouldn't mind living with him without any binding contract. However, she needed more time to explore her heart’s desire. The Prince agreed and held her in his arms, his twirling fingers lost in her curls. "I have to leave you here by yourself and go to fetch a set of clothes for you to wear, then I can take you to the city, whether you want to live with me or not." >>>


The Self-Immolation of Neusha

For Neusha Farrahi (1)

22-Oct-2009 (2 comments)
In desperation
He created hope
Out of despair.
He struck matches
And turned into a blaze of fire >>>


Mr. Mohajerani goes to Washington

Former Minister of Islamic Guidance calls for impeachment of Ahmadinejad and Khamenei

20-Oct-2009 (43 comments)
Mohajerani did not mince words when it came to the nuts-and-bolts questions facing the opposition movement in Iran's ongoing internal crisis. He began by cautioning against haste and expectations for fast results. "The Green Movement is an opportunity for the Iranian people to define themselves on their own terms. The process requires time -- it's not a sprint, but a marathon." He warned that any act toward radicalization would spell "the death of the Green Movement," and stressed the need to preserve its non-violent nature.>>>


نهضت پرابهام

هر جا افرادی با گرایشهای مختلف دور هم جمع شدند و هركدام چیزی گفتند دمكراسی پدیدار نمیگردد

متأسفانه برخی ابهام این جریان را حسنش میشمرند و مدحش را میگویند، تحت این عنوان كه حركت را فراتر از جبهه گیری های معمول سیاسی قرار میدهد . یا چندصدایی بودنش را میستایند كه به هر سخن و فكری فرصت ابراز میدهد و هیچ گرایشی را از خود نمیراند. باید به آنها یادآوری كرد كه دمكراسی به سخن گفتن همگان میدان میدهد ولی خواست دمكراسی از میان همهمه زاده نمیشود و كلام روشن و محكم میخواهد>>>


Flowing from his bones

Fared is allowing the music in his bones to flow out in a language he knows how to communicate in

20-Oct-2009 (4 comments)
On Saturday, September 26th, I wandered into San Francisco’s gorgeous Palace of Fine Arts ten minutes late like any good Iranian. This was one time I regret coming even one minute late. Before my butt hit the red velour seat, my jaw fell down as I finally heard something I’ve been hunting for for years: the Iranian Jeff Buckley and his motley band of strings and drums that spanned the Old and New worlds with creativity, melancholy, and good ‘ol Iranian silliness. At intermission, while Fared was flocked by newfound fans to sign his CD>>>


زیر ُپل بهمنشیر

لذتي همراه با رخوت

20-Oct-2009 (2 comments)
پشت ميز کوچک بوتيک حميد زرگاني داشت کانادا دراي خنک سر مي کشيد. عکس رنگي شاه و فرح زيرشيشه ميز بود. باد خنک کولر حالش را جا آورد. ساق هاي خوش تراش دخترها آنسوي ويترين بوتيک قيامت بود. پشت سرشان اينهمه بيتل! روزنامه فروش سر چهارراه اميري بليطهاي بخت آزمائي را جلو دکه اش به کش بلندي آويزان کرده بود. زني جوان توي کت و دامن آبي روشن از داروخانه آفتاب آمد بيرون براي تاکسي دست بلند کرد>>>


هوس ٦

ستار روی سینه مرد پاسدار نشست.اکنون زمان تاوان پس دادن بود

20-Oct-2009 (4 comments)
چگونه می توانم کار را تمام کنم؟ نخستین ماه بهار به پایان خود رسیده بود و این پرسشی بود که تمام وقت در ذهن ستار می چرخید. ستار نشانی خانه آن مرد پاسدار را خواسته بود اما مریم فقط از محل سکونت او آگاهی داشت. رفتن به آنجا سخت بود. در نتیجه او از نشانی دقیق خانه و حتی مجتمعی که خانه آن پاسدار سپاهی در آن بود نا آگاه بود. ستار دانست که باید به تنهایی عمل کند. در این مورد هیچ کمکی از دختر جوان نمی باید انتظار می داشت. یک روز صبح ماشین را برداشت و به حوالی آن ناحیه رفت>>>


Seeking Refuge

Mahdyar Flees the Crackdown on Iran's Hip Hop

18-Oct-2009 (2 comments)
At the tender age of 17, Mahdyar Aghajani produced the critically acclaimed, top-selling album, Jangale Asphalt (Asphalt Jungle) by Iranian rapper, Hichkas. Taking an art form that sprang from the streets of New York into their own hands, Mahdyar and Hichkas teamed up to create a uniquely Iranian Hip Hop sound, with Mahdyar incorporating traditional Persian instruments and tonalities. Yet, Hip Hop is forbidden in Iran, and the authorities there soon came looking for Hichkas and Mahdyar. Hichkas remains in Tehran, but Mahdyar fled the country. He spoke with me a few days ago, from Paris>>>


Obama's deal is no deal

Striking a quick bargain of an undemocratic nature with the Iranian regime

18-Oct-2009 (15 comments)
The hardliners in Iran, for example, are in dire need of improving their international image, so as to be able to annihilate the reformists who are rightfully challenging their rule; mend relations with Russia, which were badly damaged as a result of their recent disclosure of a second nuclear facility in Qom; and thus avoid the possibility of further UN sanctions, which could truly jeopardize their grip on power. The West led by the United States, on the other hand, is in dire need of stability in the Middle East; Iran’s assistance with the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan; and a steady flow of oil and gas. Thus, a “grand bargain” can be said to be in the making>>>


The Orange 'n' Torange Girl (3)

Better to be a free woman than a captive Parie

18-Oct-2009 (one comment)
The Paries within the oranges and toranges perished as soon as the Prince gave them what they had requested, until one torange was left. He did not want to respond to any request coming from the last torange for fear of never having the chance to meet an Orange ‘n’ Torange Girl alive. He was quite upset and didn’t know what to do. Ultimately, the Prince remembered his last feather and decided to seek assistance. He collected two pieces of wood a few meters from the wet bank, rubbed them together with great force, kindled a fire and burnt his last feather to call me>>>


هوس ٥
هر انسانی در بخشهایی از زندگی نیاز دارد از چیزهایی که برایش تکراری شده اند بگریزد. این نیاز امشب ستار را به خانه ای بسیار بزرگ و وسیع که بسیار هم کهنه و کلنگی بود در جنوب شهر تهران کشانده بود. اینجا یکی از قدیمی ترین پاتوقهای او بود. جایی برای نفس کشیدن. جایی برای تفریح و انجام اعمالی که درست یا غلط در هر حال به مذاق حکومت خوش نمی آمدند و همین امر سبب شده بود چنین مخفیگاه هایی در سر تا سر کشور برای مردمی که لحظه ای بدنبال خوشی و فارق شدن از شر و شور دنیا می گشتند ایجاد شود>>>


خیمه شب بازی‌
18-Oct-2009 (one comment)
قصه‌هایت همه در ظاهر خوب
ابتکاری مرغوب
دست اول همه از یک گفتار
وعده‌های سر خرمن بسیار
ولی‌ افسوس که از قوه به فعل
از زمین تا به فلک فاصله است >>>