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Moody Rudi
Sublime stupidity of much of TV news
By Asghar Massombagi

Beh lezzat-e booseh fekr kon
The (thought of a) kiss
By M.M.

Here, I'm Mary Jones
"If you have no hope, how do you expect us to?"
By Maryam Nabavi

Women of Tehran's pre-revolution brothel district
By Docheshmeh Bina

Against the wind
Pioneer women pilots

By Abbas Atrvash

You did it
Single mom finishes graduate school
By her friends

Make it your bible, bubba
How to woo a middle-aged Iranian woman
By Azam Nemati

Different paths
Distances created by culture, money, religion...
By M. Taheri

Me and my iron
The possibilities are endless
By Marjaneh Zahed-

Days of our lives
A memoir in comic strips
By Marjane Satrapi

My brain
The big head vs. the little head
By Siamack Baniameri

A separate world
By Anahita Firouz

Piety among atheists
The whole house would seem more humble
By Siamak Vossoughi

Khaleh Kobra
Photo essay: Fisher woman
By Omid Salehi

Stepping out
By Shirin Ghandchi

Perhaps or maybe
Still no word from Abbas
By Heather-ley Peckham

Now what?
Leaving home
By Lilly Benevis

Mom & marriage
Coincidentally my parents AND Soheil are the people who bring me the most strife
By Lilly Benevis

Living canvas
Body painting
By Martin Armand

One woman's laser hair removal experience
By Mona Shomali

Just like a woman
What a wonderful feeling, Just to know that you are near
By Babak Khiavchi

My husband claims she was the perfect wife
My Persian mother-in-law
By Bev Pogreba

Ms. Cookandclean
Photography: Women
By Shadafarin Ghadirian

Perfect Forough
How a postcard for Forough Farrokhzad got designend
By Jahanshah Javid
Drawings by Sadaf Kiani

Lower education
Universities, democracy and girls' education
By Mohammad Ghaed

Aayaa tajaavoz jensee hatk hormat ast?
Reducing reape to something less than a crime it is
By Maral Karimi

The Big Three O
The glorious things about reaching 30
By Shappi Khorsandi

Nesfe jahan away
She is leaving us, laying in that hospital bed, half the world away
By Assal Badrkhani

Zan zalil
Most Iranian women like to keep their man on a short leash
By Siamack Baniameri

The kiss
By Hossein Nushazar

My sister is gay
We are just like everybody else
By Abstre

Mixed and matched
I heard the sensationalism that others described as fact and decided he's 'the one'
By Nathalie Taghaboni

Feeling on top of the world
Determination beats everything
By Mehrnoush Barmaki

The indirect approach
Women and broad-based sustainable development
By Fatima Farideh Nedjat

Fulfilling expectations
Who is an intern?
By Farzin Foroughi

Bridal imports
We are dealing with a generation that is a bit shaky upstairs
By Siamack Baniameri

No wonder
Our most natural and almost universal desire
By Ali Khalili

1, 2, 3, 4
Photo essay: Streets of Tehran
By Ali Khaligh

Raahe tey shodeh
Remembering an old flame
By Yazdaneh Amiryazdani

Choice & respect
Everything Iranians do, other Iranians take personally

Thanks for 25 years
By Je Sea

The Godmother
"I gained knowledge enough to realize how little I know."
By Azam Nemati

Iran's "Om Kolthum"

Fairuz in Paris
Singing of love and Palestine
By Hossein Shahidi

Sadaf khaaliye yek tanhaaee
I can still hear his warm voice
By Sadaf Kiani Abbasian

Who are you wearing that perfume for?
I am stronger, wiser and better
By Yalda Bidar

Ladies next
Look at the mess we men have made
By Mehran Payandeh

You frustrate me
I need to know how to make Iranian men understand, "No, thank you."
By Golden Flower Eyes

Taaghoot va Yaghoot har do zan boodand
By Elahe Arouzi &
Homa Katouzian

Conception of gender roles

Reza Shah's "Women's Awakening Project"
By Camron Michael Amin

Just as normal as you
For all who can't bear non-virgin yet unmarried Iranian women
By M Taheri

Shopkeeper feminists
Is there really any sincere determination in us to solve our movement's problems?
By Minoo Salehi

The human side
I tried to show the evolution that is taking place within families like Shahrbanoo's all over the country
By Hamid Rahmanian

Recipe for the perfect woman
By Mitra K

Not Johnny or Jane
I'm a hairy monster
By Marjaneh Joon

Three days in Denver
Iranian Women's Studies Foundation conference
By Elham Gheytanchi

Fragments of a life
By Cyrus Kadivar
With 24 photos

They don't know
That little 12-year-old with all her insecurities is still inside of me
By Arezou Raeisghasem

Just another soccer widow
I had no intention of being replaced by a game of football
By Parissa Sohie

Ordinary (Muslim) woman
Shahrbanoo demystifying many cliches about Islam and Muslims in Iran
By Omid S. Marvi

Setting the record straight
By Solmaz Sharif

Destiny and the flamenco dancer
Short story
By Persian Poetress

Open case
My husband is in effect a victim. A scapegoat
An interview with Mehrangiz Kar
By Fariba Amini

Out the door
Photo essay: Women
By Ali Rafiei

What are men made of?
I never let any man get close to me, and if he happens to be Iranian, I run!
By S.M.

Helen of Tus
The first known Iranian-Americans
By Behrouz Bahmani

Going global
Zahedan IT project one of several aimed at making information technology available to youth
By Sussan Tahmasebi

I'm not his slave
My husband jumped on me and started beating me up
By Siamack Baniameri

My eyes adored you
When she spoke of masses and injustice, there laid a thundering river of emotions
By Kaveh Ahangar

Baraaye nakhosteen najvaagar-e eshq
By Katayoon Hadizadeh

Unsuspecting souls
Mother anew, to a 5-year-old village outcast
By M. Maleki

My day
The best I could give my son was the example of my own life lived fully
By Zara Houshmand

Simin's sacrifice
I will be telling your story for years to come
By Nahal Rose Lalefar

No dolls in Damascus
Globalization of another sort
By Laleh Khalili

This is your mom
I realized how blind I had become
By Siamac Naeemi

The inevitable
It's just something we Iranian girls eventually have to do
By Raha N.

I am your prostitute, saint, bitch, nymph, mother, daughter, sister, and friend
By Sahar Imanabadi

Romantically challenged
Finding the courage to love and love again
By Ali Khalili

No refunds
I want an arranged marriage
By Assal Badrkhani

Marathon woman

I will be running with a black and white checkered scarf
By Azin Nezami

That torsheedeh feeling
Do I really need a spouse to feel complete?
By Azadeh

Aghaye Hosseini
It is for me a necessity to shed my dahan ghorsi
By Setareh Sabety

Nothing is sacred
Graphic design
Illustrations by Moe

I knew there and then that I would never again be the same Sarvenaz
By Sarvenaz

Berkeley phase?
Berkeley women of color silent no more
By Shadi Rahimi

Haft seegheh dar yek rooz
"Temporary marriage"
By Amir Mehdi Noorbakhsh

Malakeye Norooz
Tajikistan's "New Year Queen"

Berkeley phase?
Berkeley women of color silent no more
By Shadi Rahimi

Haft seegheh dar yek rooz
"Temporary marriage"
By Amir Mehdi Noorbakhsh

Vaqtee beh jaaye to hastam
On Women's Day
By Shokooh Mirzadegi

Beh monaasebate rooze jahaaniye zan
On Women's Day
By dAyi Hamid

One Iranian woman
You do not have to have read de Beauvoir to be a feminist. You just have to have common sense
Audio: Tajlil az Kobra Khanom
By Setareh Sabety

Harf-e beepardeh
On the whole virginity thing
By dAyi Hamid

Beethoven's lost symphony
The neighbor's son was a violinist. And I loved him.
By Niki Tehranchi

Will not repeat itself
Brief history of relationships between men and women in Iran
By Massoume Price

Simply complicated
The one thing I wanted most -- a tormenting love affair
By Azam Nemati

I and thou
On the demise of my mother, the late Batool (Amir) Mazaheri
By Moji Agha

Humiliating. Period.
Divorce procedures -- for women
By Setareh Sabety

Me the virgin
In an Iranian girl's dictionary, there's no definition for "dating for fun"
By Linda Ghassemi

Look at the evidence
Prophet Muhammad and women's rights
By Persia Lover

To be heard
Of hope and despair: Rakhshan Bani Etemad's Our Times
By Naghmeh Sohrabi

Unveiling of women & progress
On the idealized women of the other
By Mohamad Tavakoli-Targhi





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