Big Fuss Over Nothing

Lots of hype around U.S. visa policy change


Big Fuss Over Nothing
by Sohrab_Ferdows

Recently, I noticed an email in my inbox which had the name of Anousheh Ansari on it. Soon after a glance, I realized that, this is something that must have been sent to all Iranian dot com members whose email addresses have been generously given to NIAC and supplied to others to spread their propaganda and present themselves as a real force for making any change in regards with American policies towards Iran. Before I go any further, I need to write a few words about Ms Ansari whose name appeared on an email sent to me without me asking for it. Ms. Ansari is obviously a rich Iranian who, thanks to the land of opportunity, has become rich after a successful business venture which she, along with her husband, initiated in United States. She was able to fulfill a childhood dream of flight to space which is great on a personal level but that really does not merit for any qualification (other than being wealthy) to any space tourist no matter where they are from. Certainly these days people do not get famous if they fly on a plane but if you fly to space even on a tourist ticket then you will be known because that is not something that many people can afford. This fame may very well be accompanied by respect (whether deserved or not) and trust (reasonable or not) by society that may be easily manipulated as a result of abuse of that trust and respect.

I don’t know Ms. Ansari and have no knowledge if she is a member of NIAC or not but she seems to have been convinced that this organization has played a role in making an important change in visa policy of US government so that she was urged to send out emails and ask for donations to support this organization which apparently has her approval. And this is while NIAC receives support from institutions like Rockefeller Brothers and some other organizations and is following an agenda which can only benefit those who are behind them. In recent days, there has been a lot of hype around the story of US visa policy change for Iranian students to show that this has been a great achievement in direction of interests of Iranian people that was made possible through “years of efforts” (as indicated in the email with Ms. Ansari’s name on it) by NIAC. To make this claim real, in one of the articles which NIAC propaganda clique published in Iranian dot com in recent days after so called victorious declaration of change in visa policy, we could even read that an Iranian student had complained that he “could not attend a relative’s funeral who was executed by regime” because of that visa policy!

During the times that people get harassed and killed for attending the funeral of people who died naturally (as it happened to daughter of late Mr. Ezatollah Sahabi) It would be nice if someone could answer a questions about when has there been any "funeral for an executed member" of someone's family in Iran? And where is the evidence that US government made such decision about student's visa out of good heart and based on suggestions by this or that group and not strictly based on their own national interests dictated by powerful financial institutions which need a cheap and easy solution to legitimize having open relations with Iranian government? Since when Islamic regime allows "funeral" for executed people so that some “concerned” relative takes a trip from USA to Iran to attend such event? Where is the EVIDENCE (not just meaningless list of claims) showing that NIAC has done anything worthy for Iranians, like what Nazanin Afshin-Jam has done to raise international awareness about cruelties of Islamic rulers in Iran towards Iranian youths? Running in the hallways of US government offices and begging this or that senator or congressman to vote for letting this or that corporation to open business relations with Iran has never helped Iranian people in general. Why is it that Ms. Anousheh Ansari does not send mass emails to support the “efforts” and cause of Nazanin Afhin-Jam to stop killing children in Iran?

Setting a condition for allowing Iranian people live a normal life in their homeland and linking it to the relation with US corporations, no matter how you look at it, is cruelty against Iranian people as they are held hostage for fulfillment of such condition. If the relation with western world had any effect on the political and social freedoms in Iran then why over 30 years of such relations with every nation in the world except USA has not produced anything positive for Iranians in that direction? What is the difference in having relations with US and American corporations? What is "non-single-entry" visa for a handful of students supposed to do for Iranian people as a nation at this day and age? There is a limited number of Iranians (of certain group of people), which are mostly linked with wealthiest class that owns and operates the bazaar or have hands in ruling the country, who can enter USA for their education. There are thousands and thousands of Iranian students who despite having highest GPA and great talents cannot even enter universities in Iran for lacking the financial requirements let alone going to USA or elsewhere to continue their education.

Almost all Iranian students who have done their studies in United States in the past (maybe since 60 years ago) have done it with single entry by choice because a 3-4 year term living away from family for education would not kill anyone and the cost of traveling and other expenses (which is by the way very significant for most people who do not have a rich bazaari family) would definitely have big effect on whether to go back for a visit. This matter looks more ridiculous considering the vast possibilities for communication through phone, email and video chat in these days. Iranian students do not need visa. They need safety in their homes and freedom in their country. And this, cannot be achieved with help of evil institutions like Rockefellers Brothers (major sponsor of NIAC) which have a hand in all kinds of suspicious activities including building of a mosque by one of their associates in ground zero of 9/11 event under pretext of humanitarianism and philanthropy, which enraged many Americans.


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Isn't anyone concerned

by lissnup on

about email addresses of subscriber being given to third parties, whoever they are?

James D.

More Jealousy

by James D. on

As someone who knows some of the thousands of students who will benefit from this change, I know they would disagree.  You can read a few of their stories here: //

It seems to me that you're jealous of NIAC's success. As Jason said, you should focus on building something -- not tearing down the success of others.

JJ - why are you featuring nonsense like this article claiming the policy wasn't an issue for Iranian students? Wouldn't it be better to feature stories like the ones in the link above instead?


A few response and a couple of points

by Sohrab_Ferdows on

Dear Manam_Babak,
Thank you for your comment and taking the time to measure the length of my article but that was not what I expected of course. What I understand from your comment is that: 1-Money will flow from Iran to US and 2-US will be able to educate young Iranians that mullahs have been lying about you. I appreciate your comment and honesty and certainly learned from it.


Dear jasonrobardas,
Thank you for your comment. I am sorry that I dissapointed you but my job is not to appease people by saying nice things which are not true. If I don't have my own lobbying organization it does not mean that I have to join you or stay silent when I see somene lying or doing things that are wrong in my view. This is called informing some others about something that they "might" be unaware of. Very simple and easy to understand. I totally understand your concern about "belonging" to a group but solidarity does not mean to approve wrongdoings of others.


Dear aziz,

Thank you for your comment.


Dear ComraidsConcubine
Thank you for your contribution but I failed to understand any point from your post.


Dear pendarnik,

Very interesting comment but I do not see any "reasoning". As far as my "erz", I assure you it is where it should be and has no intention of going anywhere. I am sorry for being an annoyance to you but that was not my intention. Hopefully you will get over it.


Dear Full Me Twice,

Thank you for your contribution.


A couple of points that I learned so far: Some people get easily angry and bitter when things are not viewed by others in the same way as they see it or the way that they want others see it. And, defenders of the cause of NIAC prefer to attack anyone who asks any question rather than responding to the points while complaining about others reacting to their behavior.

The arguments and questions which have been brought up in the article are very straight forward. I am sure there are some active proponents of NIAC on this website. It would be nice if they could present a reasonably clear response to the questions and arguments in the same straight forward manner, like "Manam Babak" responded in his post.

Fool Me twice...

It sure is a Rat Race

by Fool Me twice... on

well well well, what do you know? Ba dorood-e faraavaan be tamaamye (baseejeean,moft khoraan, va sarbaazan-e gomnam-e niac). what is wrong with these 'unbelievers? cant they see how niac is working day and night for them (NOT)!? all these "honest' men and women are doing (and continue to do) is to provide the iranian regime w/fair and balance representation in WashingtonDC. and they are paying very well indeed to those whom they employe, so not only they're working to help "Us", they are prepared to pay for it(from our own pockets, of course) if these is not a service I dont know what it is? weeeeell... we all know who and what they are, and what goals they strive toward. here is the best example I could've hoped for to illustrate my point: just by reading the comments of (fadaayaan-e raah-e niac) any one with a half brain could realize that something stinks in Denmark. as soon as anyone starts pointing to the truth they try to steer the conversation to a false path. Each-one tries to over shadow the other to discredit the reality, as if they are paid by word, and i wouldn't be surprise if it isn't so. at the end i would like to announce the start of my own lobby, it is called (niacs: Not-Iranian Aholes ....suckers)

send your guess for the blank to



عرض خود میبری و زحمت ما میداری


NIAC's effort and subsequent success in this matter is doubtlessly admirable.




by ComraidsConcubine on




by aziz on

Interesting logical take on NIAC!


Such futile effort to discredit NIAC

by jasonrobardas on

       This is so Iranian of you Mr. Sohrab_Ferdows to go through the trouble of writing a lengthy composition just to discredit an Iranian organization.   As if we Iranians are so jealous that we can not even stand any success achieved by any group of us .

       Why don't you  set up an organization that works in the interest of the Iranian people the way you deem worthy? 

       We are culturally a nation that is unable to form solidarity with one another . we are not "Team Players" , We can not function in groups or teams .  This is why we iranians of the diaspora lack political clout . Stop bashing any solidarity of the Iranians . All your criticism was totally baseless .   



by Manam_Babak on

After reading your lenghty comment, I just figured out it was about every thing , and nothing. you tried to tie this Visa policy change to every thing , and at the end to nothing. you were right about one thing, and one thing only and that is US does nothing for nobody, except if there is some thing in it for herself. Number one is money that will flow from Iran to US, and just as important US will be able to educate young Iranians that what Mullas have been telling them about US is not true.