27-Feb-2010 (35 comments)
Lows and highs in a divorcing life... >>>
19-Feb-2010 (one comment)
Rushing blood over the wire
Whipped my childhood tear >>>
10-Jan-2010 (7 comments)
Can't get over you! >>>
02-Dec-2009 (14 comments)
The EXTENDED version of Mark Gungor's presentation>>>
25-Nov-2009 (54 comments)
I have nothing to be thankful about. I have planned to work the entire holiday at my cube at work and at least get some work done without constant interruption from other colleagues. >>>
11-Sep-2009 (4 comments)
آيا میدانيد؟ محسن سازگارا جزء افرادی بود که در هواپيمای حامل خمينی از پاريس به تهران، همراه او بوده است. آيا می دانيد که او جزء پایه گذاران سپاه و ارايه دهنده گان طرح خلع سلاح گروهها و احزاب بوده است؟ >>>
17-Feb-2009 (4 comments)
I like to write the story of my life on air,
Maybe because I am now deprived of both, life and the air >>>
Couple of months ago a news title was plastered on all the headlines on major Iranian medias. specifically published many photos of the phenomenon... >>>
02-Mar-2008 (16 comments)

1- His visit was announced month ahead unlike Bush’s visits that are top secret.

2- His visit has been the first visit after fall of Saddam that was regarded with full official reception