Nine years? For what?

Tabarzadi's response to his trial

07-Oct-2010 (8 comments)
I call upon public opinion and educated and impartial human beings to judge the way the laws and trial procedures were implemented in my arrest, detention, interrogation, trial, and sentencing. I wish for that judgment to be placed on a page of the history of this era in order to show the way I have had to endure the present situation, putting my best asset, my life, out of my control like this. If we focus on the fact that everyone’s life is his most valuable asset, we will heed caution in issuing prison sentences or illegal detention orders>>>


Caged Lion

The Sentencing of Heshmat Tabarzadi

04-Oct-2010 (7 comments)
I try to call Tabarzadi’s family every few weeks. There is so little that can be done outside of Iran to help his case. However, what I have realized through this last imprisonment, is that very little is known about him in the English-speaking media. In Iran he has a large following. He is known for his work before and after 18 Tir. This morning when I spoke with his son, Hossein, I asked him what we could do, and he said, let people outside of Iran know about my father>>>


Slaughter in Qarana

Thirty-one years after the tragedy

04-Oct-2010 (8 comments)
Qarana, a Kurdish village in Western Iran, was attacked by armed agents of Gholam-Reza Hasani, the Friday Imam of Urmia on 11 Shahrivar 1358 (September 2, 1979). In the course of this attack, 42 women, men, children, infants, and old peoople from the village were killed. This disaster occurred in the disturbed atmosphere following the revolution when armed Kurdish groups were fighting the government's forces, but according to the existing information and eye-witnesses' explanations, the villagers of Qarana were unarmed>>>


Better Muslim Than Gay

Is it not a greater sin to deny people their basic human and civil rights based on an alleged sin?

01-Oct-2010 (45 comments)
It is from a position of relative privilege that I sense a strong religious and civic obligation to address the most pressing injustices that face our nation today and beseech the rest of my community to do the same. I know that many Muslims, as well as Jews and Christians, may think that homosexuality is wrong based on their readings of their religious texts. And while I wholeheartedly disagree with them, I still appeal to them to follow the greater teachings of our respective faiths>>>


Hard Facts

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s claims vs. truth

Last year, under public pressure, Ahmadinejad outrageously declared that Neda had been killed by protestors rather than the regime’s own security forces. This year, he has outrageously announced that Sakineh was never sentenced to death by stoning. The reason for his absurd claim is not that there is any truth in it but because of the massive international protest movement against stoning and executions in Iran led by the International Committee against Stoning and the International Committee against Execution>>>


Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost

Photo essay: Hossein Derakhshan's last days of freedom

by Jahanshah Javid
27-Sep-2010 (21 comments)



Caught being different

Seven Bahai leaders seek freedom

27-Sep-2010 (5 comments)
More than a year and a half after being arrested and held without charges, a sham trial began in January of this year in which the lawyers defending the seven religious leaders were given barely an hour’s access to their clients. Strung out over half a year, six hasty courtroom sessions were held, each one characterized by a lack of due process. The abbreviated but slow-moving trial came to an abrupt end on June 14 with convictions for all seven prisoners on charges of espionage, propaganda against the Islamic Republic and the establishment of an illegal administration>>>



یا پای دیواری، یا میباس که تعهد عملی‌ تو به نظام نشون بدی

26-Sep-2010 (14 comments)
اولین بار که آمد، برای قرص خواب بود. سی‌ و چند ساله، اما پنجاه می‌‌زد. از آخرین فیزیکالش پرسیدم. با لرزشی عصبی سرش را تکان داد: "تازه اومدم، پناهنده‌ام - همون والیوم کافیه!" دو سالی‌ که ونکوور بود، بیش و بیشتر آمد. برای زخم معده، طپش قلب، اضطراب و افسردگی. گفتم، بد نیست یه روانپزشک خوبم ببینی‌. اما اصرار داشت که، "اینا حرف ما رو نمی‌‌فهمند!">>>


Hossein is one of us

Interview with Hossein Derakhshan’s mother

23-Sep-2010 (3 comments)
Hossein had had some conversations with Press TV about working in their Tehran office. Even during the days before his arrest, he would sometimes go to their office since we didn’t have high speed internet at home. Before his return to Iran, the High Council of Iranian Affairs Abroad promised Hossein that his trip would be without problem. He had cleared his trip with this Council which is governmental and which is in contact with the Intelligence Ministry. That’s why even though Hossein knew that they would call him to be questioned, he did not expect to be arrested>>>


Voices of Bravery

Student movement remains vibrant despite pressure

21-Sep-2010 (5 comments)
Life for students in Iran has not been easy, especially those who seek justice or demand more freedom. Yet some of Iran’s best and brightest come out of Iranian universities and are sought after by American universities. Many have had to leave their homeland to seek more freedom, opportunities or take refuge in exile from harassment and imprisonment. Iran’s brave students continue to resist despite being targeted by IRI officials. They are once again holding the banner of the struggle for democracy, freedom, civil rights and the rule of law whether in prison or outside>>>


Waiting for Sarah

Waiting for Sarah

Photo essay: Visiting the mother of an American held at Evin Prison

by Nazy Kaviani
13-Sep-2010 (34 comments)



Why Do We Hate Them Now?

Inter-religious dialogue would be a testament to the best that America represents

13-Sep-2010 (11 comments)
If Islamist radicals continue to attack America on its own soil, I am very worried about our capacity to withstand the forces of exclusion and hatred. But I also think you need to put the hostility to Islam in context. This is the same year in which we elected a Muslim woman as Miss America, in which there are two Muslims sitting in Congress. There are pockets of hate and intolerance. They are real and dangerous, but there are also millions of cordial, generous and intimate encounters that go on all the time. Hopefully we will be able to build on those>>>


The Greatest Sin

Being a Bahai in Iran

04-Sep-2010 (114 comments)
The Islamic Republic is merciless when it comes to members of the Bahai faith. It is the greatest sin to be a Bahai because in the eyes of Islam the idea of divine revelation after the death of the Prophet Mohammad—the Seal of the Prophets— is unacceptable. The regime's Shi'a leaders consider the Bahai faith dangerous; to them it is the highest form of apostasy. The Bahais are also branded as Zionists. One reason for this is that Mirza Hossein Ali Nouri, aka Bahaollah, who was forced to leave Iran, ended up in Ottoman Iraq and by way of Istanbul went to Palestine where he died in 1892 in the city of Akko, now in Israel>>>


Let her come home

Activist Shiva Nazar-Ahari remains in prison

27-Aug-2010 (4 comments)
Shiva Nazar-Ahari’s family is gravely concerned about the fact that her court date has not yet been scheduled despite the fact that she has been in temporary detention for nearly a year. Shiva is a journalist, human rights defender and women’s rights activist. A court hearing had been scheduled in June but was postponed for unknown reasons. Shiva is currently being held in the women’s ward at Evin prison. This member of the Committee of Human Rights Reporters has spent over 100 days in solitary confinement>>>


بزرگ‌ترین جلاد جهان

در مورد اعدام‌های مخفیانه اخیر در زندان وکیل آباد مشهد چه می‌توان گفت؟

25-Aug-2010 (3 comments)
موج اعدام باز در ایران بالا گرفته است. در چند سال اخیر آمار اعدام‌ها مرتبا رو به افزایش بوده و موارد متعددی از اعدام‌های گروهی گزارش شده است. اکنون خبر می‌رسد که خصوصیت «مخفیانه» نیز به این اعدام‌ها اضافه شده است. تعداد کسانی که در زندان‌های جمهوری اسلامی در خطر مرگ به سر می‌برند عددی چند هزار نفره را تشکیل می‌دهد. جمهوری اسلامی ظاهرا عطش سیری‌ناپذیری برای کشتن دارد و در برابر اعتراضات جامعه جهانی راه‌های تازه-ای برای ادامه کشتار خود پیدا کرده است: قتل مخفی و گروهی>>>