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Culture of human rights cultivates tolerance

The cultural concept of human rights is universal: all human beings, male and female, are born equal with an essential dignity manifested in living freely and responsibly. The universality of human rights is founded on the interdependence of all human beings, so it is historically logical to stress that the principle of human rights belongs neither uniquely to the West, nor the East, but all people everywhere. A fair account of the history of human rights needs to be acknowledged by those aspiring to have theirs recognized>>>


Hands of Ignorance

Ever so victorious in defeating yet another woman

03-Dec-2010 (5 comments)
One would look at Shahla and her bold, brave, manner of defending herself in public court, and would wonder sadly at how her passion was so overtly wasted on the lustful desires of a man. What would Shahla be if not infatuated at age 13 with a grown man who enjoyed celebrity status? Where would she be now if her talents, passion and drive had been exerted towards attainments which would be possible for women in an atmosphere of true equality? >>>


حکومت فرهنگ خشونت

کدامین صحنه فاجعه‌بارتر و تکان‌دهنده‌تر است؟

26-Nov-2010 (6 comments)
واکنش حکومتی که جامعه‌ای چنین خشن آفریده و پلیس‌اش نه فقط برای جلوگیری از جرم و نجات جان یک انسان اقدامی انجام نداده و بلکه با به تماشا ایستادن خود مجرم را عملا تشویق کرده و مرگ مقتول را باعث شده است، برای پاسخگویی و جبران این فاجعه چیست؟ پذیرش مسئولیت قتل از طرف حکومت و پرداخت خسارت برای ارضای خانواده مقتول؟ بازنگری در فرهنگ خشونت که همه ارکان حکومت را در بر گرفته است؟ و ... ابدا>>>


Guilty as Charged

Resolution on Iran’s human rights violations approved

19-Nov-2010 (15 comments)
The Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly’s strong approval of a draft resolution, condemning Iran for grave human right violations, is a welcome step in the continuing effort to put a stoplight on the country’s growing human rights crisis. The General Assembly will formally adopt the resolution in December. UN human rights bodies should put in place mechanisms to hold Iran accountable for its rights abuses and toward implementing the resolution>>>


سرکوب وکلا

سرکوب جامعه مدنی

17-Nov-2010 (5 comments)
آن‌‌‌چه که سرکوب حقوق‌‌‌دانان را از سرکوب سایر فعالان جامعه منی متمایز می‌‌‌کند این است که اینان صرفا به دلیل فعالیت حرفه‌‌‌ای خود به زندان می‌‌‌افتند و سرکوب می‌‌‌شوند. می‌‌‌توان تصور کرد که سایر فعالان جامعه مدنی به اصطلاح سر خود را به زیر بیندازند و کار خود را انجام دهند و از حط قرمزهای شناخته شده و ناشناخته عبور نکنند. مثلا می‌‌‌توان تصور کرد که حتا یک روزنامه‌‌‌نگار/خبرنگار کار خود را در گزارش وقایع انجام دهد، ولی در مورد مسایلی که مقامات نمی‌‌‌پسندند سکوت کند>>>


For Women, Against Women?

Reconsidering IRI's denial of a seat at the UN women's committee

12-Nov-2010 (14 comments)
This notion of seeing isolation as a tool for regime change is not anything new. We saw this when FIFA denied Iranian female young soccer players a place at the world youth Olympics in Singapore because of their outfit, some argued that their government sanctioned outfit is a degrading item, not counting the sad impact on those young players itself who had lived for that dream. A few years ago known activists constantly demonstrated against a Berlin women's soccer club, which was planning to go to Iran and play the Iranian national team>>>


Saving Sakineh

Iranian Regime threatens world with woman’s Death

08-Nov-2010 (one comment)
Throughout the ordeal of human rights activists to clarify Ashtiani’s sentence and attempt to save her life, the Iranian regime authorities have retaliated with denying the facts (E.g. the denial of the stoning sentence for Ashtiani by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other regime authorities). Additionally, the illegal statements made against Ashtiani, the mishandling of her file [E.g. extracting false confessions from Ashtiani and denying lawyers from viewing her file and visiting her], and the arrest of two German journalists, her son and lawyer are urgent reasons why her case requires the full attention of human rights lawyers and activists>>>


Human Rights First

Human Rights First

Photo essay: “Toward a Culture of Civil Liberties, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran”

by Nazy Kaviani
06-Nov-2010 (46 comments)



Looking Forward

Looking Forward

Photo essay: University of Maryland conference on human rights in Iran

by Hasan Sarbakhshian
06-Nov-2010 (4 comments)



کشتار در سکوت

در هفته‌های اخیر که اخبار این اعدام‌ها به بیرون درز کرده، چند سازمان سیاسی و مدنی آن را محکوم کرده‌اند؟

03-Nov-2010 (3 comments)
جمهوری اسلامی باز به یکی از عادت‌های دیرین خود بازگشته است: کشت، کشتار، کشتار مکرر و آن هم در سکوت. بنا به گزارش‌های موثق، در یک سال و نیم گذشته، صدها نفر در زندان وکیل‌آباد مشهد حلق‌آویز شده‌اند. مقامات رژیم وقوع این کشتارها را تلویحا یا تصریحا تأیید کرده‌اند، ولی از ارائه هرگونه رقم و عددی سر باز می‌زنند. این اعدامیان ظاهرا تماما به اتهامات مربوط به مواد مخدر به مرگ محکوم شده بودند. در بسیاری از موارد، بستگان و خانواده‌های آنان از سرنوشت آنان و روز و زمان اعدامشان آگاهی نداشته‌اند>>>


جریان خلق یک هویت سوم

گفتاری در پدیدار شناسی تواب سازی در زندانهای جمهوری اسلامی در دهه ی 60

01-Nov-2010 (one comment)
در پدیدارشناسی زندان تنها دو هویت وجود دارد: زندانی و زندانبان، قربانی و شکنجه گر، محکوم و حاکم. پدیده ی تواب سازی جریان خلق یک هویت سوم است، هویتی که دو هویت بالا را توما در خود دارد. تواب کسی است که با آن که خود زندانی است زندانبان یاران قبلی خود می شود، با آنکه قربانی است شکنجه گر می شود و دیگران را قربانی می کند، با آنکه محکوم است و باید طبق حکمش زندانی بکشد بر دیگر زندانیان که از جنس او نیستند حکم می راند. پس تواب یک موجود دوزیستی است>>>


One by One

A tool for cover up, purge, and intimidation

25-Oct-2010 (3 comments)
In the latter part of September 2010, families of the three anti- government protesters who died in Iran’s Kahrizak prison by beating, have demanded from the Judiciary an “unbending and uncompromising” investigation and punishment of the “Political, Judicial and Security” involved in the deaths, instead of the two convicted of doing the actual beatings. The letter received wide publicity in Iran’s media. The intended parties are Saeed Mortazavi, former Tehran Prosecutor (put on the US blacklist recently), heads of current and former Intelligence Ministry, and head of IRGC>>>


Athens is Frontlines

As autumn creeps in, rain lashes against the red canvas, soaking Neda’s picture

12-Oct-2010 (80 comments)
In Athens, beneath the green rooftop, sit three Iranian college students who have escaped our homeland only one week ago. Around the same table under the asylum seekers’ tent, supporters of Mir Hossein Mousavi are greeted by a veteran Kurd. A hot steaming cup of tea brewed Iranian style is placed in front of each guest. The Kurdish pishmarg of Democratic Party takes the seat next to the leftist Komala member while leaning to whisper an Iranian T'aarof in the ears of a newly arrived Pahlavi loyalist>>>


Scared of Women

Iran steps up assault on female activists

12-Oct-2010 (one comment)
Iran's government recognizes and fears the broader power of the women activists who have been on the front line of reform in Iran for more than a decade. One can roughly draw an analogy between the women's movement in Iran to movements of religious groups in Burma or Tibet, or the labor "solidarity" movements in the former Eastern bloc and associated labor-Roman Catholic solidarity in Poland -- all advocating initially for the freedoms of a specific group but which provoked government fears for their transformative power to promote broader human rights progress>>>


Freedom Pact

Imprisoned activist calls on students to side with the people

10-Oct-2010 (8 comments)
Our people have made a pact with our students and the university. They have signed a pact for freedom of expression to survive, for joy and happiness to enter each household, for violence to be denounced so decisively that it will never again find any opportunity for expression, for the chains binding opinion and thought to be broken forever… for liberty and democracy and human rights and prosperity to be implemented. Our people have a hard pact and you, the students, have a hard task in front of you. But I know that your determination will prevail and dictatorship, even if it once again channels all its power into violence, will be defeated>>>