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٦٦ واحد درسی در ٦ ترم این دوره به پایان میرسد >>>


A bit everywhere

Conversation with emerging Iranian/Kurdish/French artist

"I like very much stories that underline the ability or inability of our human nature to compose with the unexpected; revolutions, any form of violence, a break up, a beautiful encounter, torture sessions, death of a loved one, an illness diagnostic, etc. Any events that lead us to walk aside from the trails that we were planning to take because usually 'we just go with the flow'. What I find fascinating is the way we manage to be and remain in harmony with our moral values—or not">>>

No more fooling


Iran secretly testing missiles that could carry nuclear weapon - Hague

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In fighting terrorism, define what is terrorism

Iran Challenges the West on Terrorism and Regional Order

Middle East Online
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رفیق رویا فروش من  ناصر جهانی

فنون عاشقی را با سختی و مرارت به من بیست ساله آموخت

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اول خیابان آذربایجان انزلی سمت چپ نانوایی جهانی است. مغازه ی پدر ناصر جهانی رفیقی که در سال شصت و هفت اعدام شد. دیشب خواب دیدم برای خریدن نان به در نانوایی رفته ام و ناصر با چشم همیشه شوخش داشت مشتری راه می انداخت. ناصر قد بلند و همیشه با لبخندی بر لب در روزهایی که فضای اتاق مملو از عرق و گرما بود برای من و جاوید "کلیدر" می خواند>>>
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بمناسبت روز بعثت



Pettiness & Paranoia

Chekhov's "The Man in a Case"

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Belikov is a small fellow who feels the morbid need to protect himself from the outside world, and to put order in everything. He creates for himself a carapace, a case based on his limited understanding of duty, conventions and hierarchy. Going out, he always wears his galoshes and carries his big overcoat and umbrella in summer and winter. He goes around only in covered carriages. He has a case for his watch, a case for his eyeglasses and one for his umbrella>>>

Best news for the Middle East and beyond


Scientists grow kebab meat on a sheep

The Daily Mash / Nancy?
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Ali Ohadi
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پرده ها را می کشیدند، پنجره ها باز می شد تا هوای دم کرده ی قلعه تازه شود >>>
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 قرنطینه و محاصرۀ دریایی >>>

Mahasti Baanoo


In memory of Mahasti Baanoo

Doubleh Beh Farsi Studio / Doubleh Beh Farsi
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US 'could withdraw funding from UN if Palestine state is recognised'

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Sahameddin Ghiassi
Describe how you ensure student understanding of taught concepts>>>

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