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27-Jun-2012 (6 comments)
Abbas Milani say’s that Ali Shariati was a mediocre thinker who nevertheless played a major role in the advent of the Islamic Revolution. >>>

20 تا 30 درصد

Death Sentence For Drinking Alcohol

Majid Zahrai

Death Sentence Marks Latest Battle in Iran’s Culture War

The Daily Beast / Omid Memarian
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27-Jun-2012 (one comment)

Iran gets a piece of the auction


Tehran has just hosted a first for the country’s contemporary art scene

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سینمای ایران >>>
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by Hoagy Carmichael >>>
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Bolivar was a Freemason?! >>>

Granddaughter of Habib Elghanyan

Shifteh Ansari

How Iran killed its future

Los Angeles Times / Shahrzad Elghanyan
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27-Jun-2012 (one comment)

10 million Iranians affected by drug addiction

27-Jun-2012 (12 comments)
 international relations, the power of the Shah, and the case of Russia >>>