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The time is now
A new beginning in Iran-U.S. relations
By Hooshang Amirahmadi
December 22, 2000

And the winner is...
... not George W. Bush. But it ain't the end of the world
December 14, 2000

Drawing the line
.. in journalism. How far can you go?
By Termeh Rassi and Jahanshah Javid
December 12, 2000

But still popular
By Mehdi Ardalan
December 6, 2000

Iran should defend itself in U.S. courts
By Babak Movahedi
November 29, 2000

Making a hero
Heroes are neither self-selected nor eternal
By Ali Akbar Mahdi
November 27, 2000

Revolution of youth
Today's Iranian youth are much more liberated
By Khordad
November 23, 2000

Dictators create heroes
Heroes appear when there is no way to stop the oppressor
By Amirali Baniasadi
November 20, 2000

Defiance and regret
Reformists on trial
By Mehdi Ardalan
November 16, 2000

Keep it the way it is
The electoral glue holds us together
By Guive Mirfendereski
November 14, 2000

Religion & freedom
Separation of church and state does not eliminate religion's impact
By Yahya Kamalipour
November 9, 2000

The fourth generation
... of Iranian intellectuals
By Ramin Jahanbegloo
November 9, 2000

Japan can say yes
... to the rest of the world
By Majid Tehranian
November 3, 2000

We, the people
Not the corporations
By Behrouz Vafa
November 2, 2000

The other guy
The third party factor
By Babak Yektafar
November 2, 2000

The best man
I would vote for Gore
By Ramin Tabib
October 30, 2000

Read or watch?
That is the question in the age of computers
By Fereydoun Hoveyda
October 27, 2000

More powerful force
Open letter to Palestinians and Israelis
By Majid Tehranian
October 25, 2000

Bound in the land of the free
Displacement is another form of imprisonment
By Maryam Khosharay
October 25, 2000

Not presidential material
But your votes on November 7 will still be important
By Babak Yektafar
October 18, 2000

Crooked wall
Blind support for Israel undermines U.S. as peace broker
By Guive Mirfendereski
October 16, 2000

The twelve rules
... of surviving Iran & Iranians
By Elaine Sciolino
October 13, 2000

Four more years?
Raised expectations have turned into deep frustrations
By Mehdi Ardalan
October 11, 2000

Uneven crops
Agricultural production & the government
By Mehrdad Valibeigi
October 11, 2000

Go Gore!
Iran is not the main issue
October 4, 2000

Defending our opponent's freedom
By Mohandes
October 3, 2000

Clinton legacy
Clinton & the Iranian-American community
By Guive Mirfendereski
September 22, 2000

An outsider's perspective of the revolution
By Sayed S. Husein
September 20, 2000

The Tonbs
The Haute Couture connection
By Guive Mirfendereski
September 20, 2000

Sag mahi
The theology of caviar
By Guive Mirfendereski
September 13, 2000

New world order
Globalization and its narratives
By Majid Tehranian
September 13, 2000

Empathy & compassion
"Believing in dialogue paves the way for hope"
By Mohammad Khatami
September 8, 2000

Tip-toeing toward reform
... against a powerful conservative minority
By Mehdi Ardalan
August 31, 2000

Nutty tariffs
Iranian pistachio blocked by high tariffs
By Mehrdad Valibeigi
August 25, 2000

Snake island
Great Tonb and the zoological evidence
By Guive Mirfendereski
August 23, 2000

Sea of opportunities
... if large and small states cooperate over the Caspian
By Hooshang Amirahmadi
August 15, 2000

Still an optimist
Despite a general lack of faith in the future
By Fereydoun Hoveyda
August 9, 2000

No brainer
Consequences of blocking peaceful reform
August 7, 2000

Better for business
Republican vice-presidential nominee has opposed unilateral sanctions
By Gary Sick
August 3, 2000

Get real real
Stereotypes & perceptions
By Poopak Taati
August 2, 2000

Come back and be quiet
Iran's conditions for returing expatriates
By Khordad
July 21, 2000

Due process
The Sherman proposal is anemic
By Guive Mirfendereski
July 20, 2000

Just think about it
Iran's irrational judicial system
By Babak Yektafar
July 20, 2000

Dumb and dumber
New sanctions will achieve nothing, but...
July 18, 2000

Naa-gofteh-haaye kou-ye daaneshgaah
Points about the dormitory attack case
By Reza Mirkhani
July 18, 2000

Wall of woes
Divided Cyprus has a become a world center for dialogue
By Majid Tehranian
July 12, 2000

Just like that
How the Mossadegh government was overthrown
By Mark Gasiorowski
May 26, 2000

Tried Baba Karam?
U.S. needs a different strategy to get Iran's attention
By Babak Yektafar
June 30, 2000

Red ink
The battle for freedom of the press
By Azadeh Hamehdoni
June 29, 2000\

Wake-up call
The student protests of July 1999
By Ali Akbar Mahdi
July 3, 2000

Democracy is paramount
Lessons from the aftermath of the '53 coup
By Asghar Massombagi
June 23, 2000

Let's face it
A trial or a circus?
By Pedram Moallemian
June 16, 2000

Things you'll never hear
Interview with Noam Chomsky
By Ramin Jahanbegloo
June 14, 2000

Good luck
The reformists and the new Majlis
Interviews by Jahanshah Javid
June 1, 2000

Paying our dues
Academics need to do more to respond to Iran's democratic movement
By Mehrdad Valibeigi
April 27, 2000

Numbers don't lie
Demography holds Iran's destiny
By Farzaneh Roudi
May 31, 2000

Active peace
Instead of an interlude between wars
By Majid Tehranian
May 16, 2000

Reform in retreat
The movement for change has suffered a set back. But...
By Rasool Nafisi
April 27, 2000

Anger & despair
Possible reactions to the political crisis in Iran
April 24, 2000

For God's sake
Conservatives need more than divine intervention to stop reforms
April 20, 2000

Lost opportunities
Limits of U.S. support for constitutionalism in Iran
By Charles Kurzman
April 19, 2000

Second class
The legal status of Iranian women
By Mehrangiz Kar
April 18, 2000

Troubled waters
Tripple track diplomacy in the Persian
By Majid Tehranian
April 12, 2000

Getting down to business
The future of Iranian assets and claims in the U.S.
By Guive Mirfendereski
March 29, 2000

Deli diplomacy at Purim
Iran, America & Iranian Jews
By Guive Mirfendereski
March 22, 2000

Who to blame
Can Iran be solely responsible for hostage ordeal?
By Bradley J. Hernlem
March 22, 2000

Not so bright
Secretary Albright's olive branch has neither leaves nor olives
By Guive Mirfendereski
March 20, 2000

Ball in Iran's court
Will Iran grasp the opening offered by the U.S.?
From Iranians for International Cooperation
March 20, 2000

Czech respect for human life and passive resistance
Written & photographed by Rasool Nafisi
March 8, 2000

The road to victory
It won't be smooth
By Rasool Nafisi
February 22, 2000

Dethroning Akbar Shah
The genie is out of the bottle -- almost
By Mehdi Ardalan
January 26, 2000

All tied up
Reflections on the Iran-USA ball game & ballistics
By Guive Mirfendereski
January 20, 2000

January 5, 2000
Normalization of U.S.-Iranian relations
By Najmedin Meshkati & Guive Mirfendereski

January 4, 2000
Three men
... who shaped Iran in the 20th century
By Farhad Koohkan

January 3, 2000
Iranian of the century
Internet survey

December 21, 1999
Here to stay
Lamenting our lost roots is unproductive
By Fereydoun Hoveyda

December 14, 1999
Letter from Amman
U.S. is perceived to be playing the old imperial game
By Majid Tehranian

December 9, 1999
Keep it simple
Free thoughts on Iran-U.S. normalization
By Guive Mirfendereski

November 30, 1999
It's over
Conservatives are fighting a losing battle
By Kamran Qezelbash

November 23, 1999
Truth & justice
Interview with Arash Forouhar
By Haleh Vaziri

November 11, 1999
Picking a president
Figuring out the U.S. presidential candidates
By Babak Yektafar

November 5, 1999
Cyrus meets Lincoln
Iranian-American runs for U.S. Senate
By S. Rob Sobhani

November 4, 1999
Time to move on
Twenty years after the hostage crisis
Interview with Bruce Laingen

October 28, 1999
Crossing boundaries
Globalization of American culture does not necessarily mean control
By Hamid Naficy

October 21, 1999
It's time
Mehrangiz Kar's human rights campaign
By J. Javid

October 19, 1999
Instability has undermined our value-systems
By Mehrdad Emadi-Moghadam

October 8, 1999
I love hate you
America's success has resulted in admiration, jealousy, and resentment
By Yahya R. Kamalipour

October 5, 1999
Catching up
The Muslim world at the threshold of the third millennium
By Fereydoun Hoveyda

Sept 28, 1999
Heading where?
Four scenarios for Iran's future direction
By Majid Tehranian

Sept 2 1999
Culture of Karbala
Wondering why we are so uncompromising?
By Asghar Massombagi

August 11, 1999
He won't be missed
Judging Chief Judge Mohammad Yazdi
By Soma in Tehran

August 5, 1999
Changing mindsets
Opening closed societies to democracy
By Fereydoun Hoveyda

July 30, 1999
Iran at the cross-roads
Image, identity, tolerance and freedom
By Yahya R. Kamalipour

July 28, 1999
Who are we kidding
We need more than just mild improvement
By Reza Razavi

July 26, 1999
Widening gap
Reflections on the student uprising
By Rasool Nafisi

July 22, 1999
Harmful favoritism
How NOT to help arrested Jews in Iran
By Ali Akbar Mahdi

July 21, 1999
It's the civil society, stupid
It's ugly and brutal - but true
By Mansoureh Haqshenas & Koorosh Bayat

July 20, 1999
1979 not 1999
Protest movement has no recognized leader
By Fereydoun Hoveyda

July 16, 1999
Deja Vu
20 years after the revolution
By Arash Markazi

July 15, 1999
Now what?
Three possibilities following the student protests
By Mark J. Gasiorowski

June 29, 1999
Not about Khatami
All about the younger citizens who are prepared to take a stand
By Mehrdad Emadi-Moghadam

June 11, 1999
Let's do business
All is fair in love and trade
By Shahriar Afshar

May 26, 1999
Ripple effects of Iranian diplomacy
The view from Washington
By Alidad Mafinezam

May 3, 1999
Travelers on one ship
An in depth interview with Abdolkarim Soroush
By Mahmoud Sadri

April 22, 1999
Cucumbers and tomatoes
Becoming a part of the societal salad bowl
By Guive Mirfendereski

January 15, 1999
No thanks
Changing Persian script would be harmful
By Saba Ghadrboland

December 29, 1998
Far from Utopia
A "select elite" don't represent Iran's youth
By Ataollah Togha

December 16, 1998
Looking forward
"Time to live in the present and for the future"
By Ali Akbar Mahdi

December 9, 1998
Cyber clash
Conversations with Iranians in cyberspace on the clash of civilizations
By Dokhi Fassihian

December 1, 1998
Oil, mean people, dark skin, terrorism
Mental images of the Middle East influence relationships
By Yahya R. Kamalipour

November 18, 1998
Copenhagen conference
Opposition groups meet to express their latest views

November 12, 1998
Giving all a piece of the pie
The political risks of various pipeline routes in the Caspian basin
By Hooshang Amirahmadi

November 9, 1998
If Mahdi doesn't come
A reformer's guide to engagement
By Siamak Namazi

November 4, 1998
After 19 years
Rally in front of former U.S. embassy shows shift toward domestic issues

November 4, 1998
From confrontation to modus vivendi?
Iran-U.S. relations 19 years after the hostage crisis
By Hooshang Amirahmadi

October 26, 1998
Let the occasional chalice break
Abdolkarim Soroush and Islamic liberation theology
By Mahmoud Sadri and Ahmad Sadri

October 1, 1998
Standing against Taliban - together
Afghanistan crisis calls for U.S.-Iran cooperation
By Hooshang Amirahmadi

September 14, 1998
Prepare for the worst
But work for reconciliation
By Siamak Namazi

September 14, 1998
National interests come first
On the Iran-Taleban crisis
By Hooshang Amirahmadi

August 11, 1998
Window of opportunity
Images of Iranians in the U.S. Media
By Yahya Kamalipour

August 7, 1998
Modernity & consumerism
The forces of progress
By Bijan Namvar

June 30, 1998
Attacks on free speech condemned
Statement condemning use of "hezbollahi" tactics to silence those who think differently

June 23, 1998
Time to Move Forward?
The horizon is rife with opportunities for constructive interchange between Iran and the U.S.
By Tagi Sagafi-nejad

June 18, 1998
Here kitty, kitty
U.S. makes an offer to Iran
U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's speech

June 9, 1998
U.S. -Iran trade: Iranian-Americans adrift
On the negative impact of U.S. sanctions
By Shahriar Afshar

June 8, 1998
Farsi: Bittersweet?
An academic debate on the usage of Persian v. Farsi

June 2, 1998
What about MY rights?
Silencing speakers you don't like? Not here.
By Siamak Namazi

May 8, 1998
From populism to pluralism
The Islamic Republic in transition...
By Kazem Alamdari

May 5, 1998
Proceed. With caution.
Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Richard Murphy on Iran-U.S. relations

April 15, 1998
Misguided policies toward expatriates
The Islamic Republic remains extremely myopic in the way it sees and treats its citizens abroad...
By Siamak Namazi

Jan 8, 1998
Time for reconciliation
Normalization of Iran-U.S. relations will normalize Iran's foreign & domestic policies.
By Nayereh Tohidi

Jan 6, 1998
The other peace process
Tips on how Iran and the U.S. should start normalizing their relations.
By Guive Mirfendereski & Najmedin Meshkati

Jan 2, 1998
Nezaarat, nah dekhaalat
Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri's controversial views on velayat-e faqih; speech in Qom, in Persian...

Khaah pand gir, khaah....
Montazeri's response to attacks following his speech, in Persian...

Leadership & legitimacy
The controversy among the clergy over who should lead the Islamic state.
By Maziar Behrooz

Dec 2, 1997
Khaharan va Dokhtaran Ma
Excerpt from a 1944 book (Our Sisters and Daughters) by Ahmad Kasravi, a year before he was assassinated by Islamic militants (Persian).

Nov 5, 1997
Out of breath
On the "crisis" facing the Islamic revolutionary wave.
By Mark N. Katz

Oct 28, 1997
A minimum of good will
American leadership, and Iranian good will are essential to reach a trade-off with respect to Iran.
By Henry Kissinger

Freedom ... for some?
If you believe in freedom, believe in it for all.
By Kristin Aileen Motlagh

Oct 10, 1997
No, No, No
More than 90 percent on THE IRANIAN mailing list oppose U.S. sanctions.

Oct 7, 1997
U.S. Sanctions: The McStick... Hold the carrots?
Reactions to the League of Iranian-American Voters' opposition to the French-Iranian gas deal and a reply.

Sept 19, 1997
Bani Ajam
Not pretty: The image of Arabs in modern Persian literature.
By Joya Blondel Saad

Sept 17, 1997
Mithraism: Jung vs. Freud
On the significance of Mithras slaying the bull.
By Richard Noll

Hello Capitol Hill
A modest lobbying effort against U.S. sanctions imposed on Iran.
By Trita Parsi

... and save the whales
Results of THE IRANIAN survey on expectations from the Khatami government

WANTED: Ambulance chasers
Why should discriminatory treatments at airports and... must stop.
By A. Mollabashy

Hope, again?
Novelist in exile on his hopes for the Khatami presidency.
By Abbas Ma'roufi

Maa mimaanim (Persian) -- (English excerpts)
Why it can be so hard to leave Iran, despite everything.
By Masoud Behnoud

Get over it
A petition to U.S. Congressmen against economic sanctions.
Yaadaavari-ye koochak (Persian)
An editor reminds president-elect Khatami of his responsibilities.
By Ameed Naeeni

Entekhaabaat: Enqelaab mardomi dar baraabar vaz'e mojood (Persian)
Ayatollah Montazeri's advice to President-elect Khatami.

THE IRANIAN Survey : The 1953 coup and the CIA
Nearly 80 percent believe the CIA should be sued to make documents public.
Commets: The 1953 coup and the CIA
What you said about the "destruction" of '53 coup documents.

The new president
* Ping pong president - John Daniszewski, Los Angeles Times
* But can he deliver? - Kenneth Timmerman, Democracy Network of Iran
* Theocracy rejected - Constitutionalist Movement of Iran
* Islamic Republic revived - Hamshahri editorial (Persian), Tehran

Knock knock
Former U.S. national security advisors call for change in U.S. policy.
Zbigniew Brzezinski, Brent Scowcroft and Richard Murphy

Persians: Kind, hospitable, tolerant flattering cheats?
17th century traveler's often unflattering observations
By Sir John Chardin

Basta! (Italian)
The dangers of isolating Iran.
Ramin Rafirasme

OPEC gaazi? (Persian)
Time for a natural gas producers' cartel?
Dr. Fereidoun Barkeshli

The Iranian ambassador (French)
High praise for Abbas Kiarostami's "The Taste of Cherry" -- top winner at Cannes
Jean-Michel Frodon

You're wrong, Mike
Two critical views on Mike Wallace interview with President Rafsanjani. By Gary Sick And Parviz Sayyad

One beautiful Saturday morning
A 10-year-old tells the Oregon governor how worried she is about the environment.
Mandana Ramezani

Meyl-e Hafez beh gonaah(Persian)
What did Iran's greatest poet think about human desire?
Baha'eddin Khorramshahi

Feb/May 1997:

Survey: German ruling against Iran
Members of THE IRANIAN mailing list respond to questions.

Reflections about my hero
What good is a dead hero?
Massud Alemi

Fearing Muslims, specifically Iranian Muslims.
Kamran Rastegar

The boot for the cat
Former U.S. defense secretary's Persian strategy.
William Perry

Eenjoori Beneveeseem?
A debate on whether to change the Persian alphabet.

Silk Road to energy
A review of Shirin Hunter's book on Central Asia.
Alidad Mafinezam

In the Dec96/Jan 1997 issue:

Not what you think
Gary Sick on recent signals between Iran and the U.S.

A new generation?
Discussing women's issues in Iran in the 1990s.
Janet Afary

The Indo-European Legacy
From the discovery of the wheel to nuclear weapons.
J.P. Mallory

Politics 101
Political systems in terms of cows.




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