The bird of paradise

I remember the bride, a girl even prettier than me, if you can imagine that

24-Nov-2012 (5 comments)
Aisha lay in bed looking up at the crack in the plaster. The explosion had woken her up, silly of her to try to turn on the light, there had been no electricity for a week. Without light time flowed like honey. “I'm scared.” Mar was standing in the hall, not coming in after she got mad at him for rummaging through her things. “Ts, ts, come under.” He ran to her mattress on the floor and wriggled under the heavy duvet>>>


ستّـار، ستّـار
24-Nov-2012 (one comment)
بگذار تا بنشینم و تنها بگریم
بر کوه و دشت و جنگل و صحرا بگریم

بگذار تا رعدی شوم در کوهساران
یا همچو ابری تیره بر دنیا بگریم >>>


چندین هزار زن
چندین هزار مرد
از هر شهر و هر دیار
از هر کجا و ناکجا
از هر ده و کنار >>>


راهی‌ که بازگشتی نداشت

راهی‌ که بازگشتی نداشت

اُردوگاه ساشِن هاوسِن

by Red Wine
22-Nov-2012 (6 comments)


انتخابات آزاد

 از ادعا تا عمل

کافی است که افراد به حق خود و دیگران بر اساس «هر فرد یک رأی» به توافق برسند

21-Nov-2012 (5 comments)
امروزه شعار انتخابات آزاد به یکی از این دو معنای فوق (و گاه به هر دو معنا) مقبولیت زیادی در جامعه سیاسی ایران یافته است. در طیف وسیع نیروهای سیاسی، تقریبا همه نیروها امروز از انتخابات آزاد سخن می‌گویند. این توافق ملی در پای این شعار به نوبه خود مغتنم است، ولی در صداقت تعهد بسیاری از این نیروها به حاکمیت صندوق رأی تردیدهای جدی وجود دارد>>>


چشم انداز مذاکرات ایران و امریکا

و پی آمدهای آن، قسمت اول

با انتخاب مجدد آقای اوباما در مقام ریاست جمهوری امریکا و آشکار شدن برخی از ملاقات های غیررسمی بین نمایندگان ایران و امریکا که در چند هفته گذشته در مطبوعات مورد توجه قرار گرفته است، بار دیگر موضوع مذاکره مستقیم میان رهبری ایران و ایالات متحده به یکی از موضوعات جنجالی در رسانه ها مبدل شده است>>>


The abyss of hell

While the Larijani brothers try to save their regime, citizen journalists keep tabs on their crimes

21-Nov-2012 (16 comments)
While some outside observers have offered the metaphor of getting "ready to tango" for this possible scenario, people in positions of power inside Iran have a more graphic simile for what they are willing and perhaps even about to do. "Hard-liner Mohammed Javad Larijani, secretary of Iran's High Council for Human Rights and brother of both the country's parliament speaker and its judiciary head," has recently said, according to a report in Washington Post: "To protect the interests of our system, we would negotiate with the US or anyone else even in the abyss of hell." >>>


مفهوم سازی واژه  گونه (٢-٩)

رویکرد ساخت گرای جامع به مفهوم گونه (Gender)

به باور نگارنده، جامع ترین رویکرد برای مفهوم بخشیدن به واژه "گونه" رویکرد ساخت گرائی اجتماعی جامع (و نه ساختارگرائی) - است. این دیدگاه تنوع را به رسمیت شناخته وکیفیت ها و تجربه های چند بعدی و متنوع مردم را درنظر میگیرد. ساخت گرائی اجتماعی جامع، گونه را به عنوان ویژگی افراد تلقی نمی کند>>>


ببویید نسرین را مردم ایران

دو شعر برای نسرین ستوده و کودکانش مهراوه و نیما

21-Nov-2012 (one comment)
ببویید مردم ایران
نسرین را
گرسنگی را
مردم ایران
فردای ناگزیر خود را


ترانه های فراق ٧
21-Nov-2012 (23 comments)
در کوی تو دیوانه و مست آمده ام
مستی به سر و باده بدست آمده ام

تا روی ترا نبینم از رو نروم
بر خاک درت نشسته بست آمده ام >>>


Part 2: Why I think Reza Shah was an idiot

Not much difference in essence between monarchists and Islamic Republic

18-Nov-2012 (88 comments)
Going back to our beloved self-proclaimed king, no doubt Reza Pahlavi meant well for his country and he chose the method that made most sense to HIM but my argument is that in the process of making major physical infrastructural changes he got in the way of substantially greater evolutionary change in a deeply rooted tradition which Iran is still suffering from. And that tradition is patriarchal rule>>>


Good cinema, bad history

Argo director treads on shaky historical ground

18-Nov-2012 (13 comments)
It is to Ben Affleck’s credit that although we know things will go as planned in the film as they did in reality, we are kept on the edge of our seat as one setback follows another. Where the director treads on more shaky ground is the history behind the story. Is this important? Does it matter? It certainly does, if only to avoid snap judgments and paint historical figures with a simplistic brush>>>


The End of An Era

I urge my words to preserve a slice of that life

18-Nov-2012 (2 comments)
Everyone is dying. Lately I have attended too many funerals, burials and memorial services. “What’s going on?” I asked my husband. “We haven’t seen a wedding in more than a year, but there seems to be a funeral every single month!” My wise man nodded. “You’re right, but there’s a good reason for that. Our generation is at the age when our elders leave us, most of our kids are married or live far away, and with their graduations behind us, there’s little excitement left.”>>>


Oh, how I wish
18-Nov-2012 (one comment)
There were no BORDERS, no FRONTIERS,
No WALLS splitting whole of the Planet....
Oh how I wish
We were all compatriots, arms in arms upon ONE LAND

For Nooshin

18-Nov-2012 (2 comments)
I gained the wind
And you the fire.
So we can dance