Nuclear weapons are anti-Islamic

Possibility that talks may eventually lead to a solution?

21-Apr-2012 (2 comments)
We have to believe, if only occasionally, that things may work out after all. Case in point, the nuclear talks with Iran being held in Turkey. For Iranians, renouncing nuclear weapons in exchange for a) at least a partial lifting of the sanctions that are crippling its economy and causing grumbling in the population—not good for the regime— and b) being allowed to continue enriching uranium for peaceful energy purposes>>>


All Quiet

Chomsky and Galloway on American media’s duplicity

21-Apr-2012 (4 comments)
Checking out the US media recently I have noticed a dramatic downturn in anti-Iran rhetoric. Now that the Israeli leaders got what they wanted from the Obama administration, in terms of more weapons and money and a relief from forced negotiation with Palestinians, the scare tactic about nuclear Iran has died off. Israel was a clear winner and achieved what it wanted without firing a shot. By now more people should come to the point of understanding that all of this brouhaha was about “Mullah’s Blanket”>>>


من راضی ام

در حاشيهء کنفرانس مهرداد مشايخی در واشنگتن

16-Apr-2012 (9 comments)
در اين کنفرانس من توضيح دادم که از نظر ما انحلال طلبان «گذار به دموکراسی» نام ديگری جز برانداختن حکومت اسلامی بهر صورت ممکن، انحلال ساختار آن و لغو قانون اساسی اش ندارد و در مسير مبارزه برای اين هدف ما همهء اصلاح طلبان و اقمارشان را تخته سنگی فرو افتاده در راه خود می دانيم>>>


Time is not on Iran's side

Sanctions are something the regime cannot ignore

13-Apr-2012 (10 comments)
DW: Talks between the so-called 5+1 and Iran in 2011 failed to yield any progress whatsoever. So are this weekend's negotiations just an empty exercise? Meir Javedanfar: I think the talks are important for both sides. President Obama is facing an election in 2012 and needs to show that he gave diplomacy a chance. And on the Iranian side Ayatollah Khamenei is facing the toughest economic sanctions the Islamic Republic has ever been confronted with, which could lead to the collapse of the economy. The regime could not survive that>>>


Raising Their Voices

Campaign against military attack on Iran

12-Apr-2012 (23 comments)


Iran's Last Chance?

Mutual gain in resolving nuclear crisis

12-Apr-2012 (15 comments)
If the upcoming talks between Iran and P5+1 are really Iran's last chance, as Obama put it, then everything should be put on the table and an agreement be reached because the alternative, war, must be prevented. This article is going to be my two cents worth on the upcoming talks between Iran and the "P5+1" powers--the United States, the UK, Russia, China, France, and Germany--reportedly scheduled for April 13 or April 14>>>


Obama and Khamenei Must Compromise

De-escalation of Iranian nuclear activities must be accompanied with a de-escalation of sanctions

09-Apr-2012 (132 comments)
If President Barack Obama and Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei do not compromise at the upcoming nuclear talks next Saturday, the region will -- in the words of a diplomat involved in the matter -- head towards "total war." For the sake of world peace, both sides must compromise. Yet, there are some indications that the next round of talks may differ little from previous failed discussions... the talks have often been about imposing terms of capitulation on the other>>>


Iran Can Be Deterred?

The Cold War is an acceptable outcome

During the Cold War, the West did not have much choice but to pursue a policy of deterrence, because the Soviets already had the bomb. But with Iran, we do have a choice. Iran is on the way to having a bomb, but with enough international pressure, it can still be stopped. Just because the Cold War ended without disaster, does not mean it was destined to end that way. In Brzezinski's own words, "We might have had [a problem]">>>


از ماست که بر ماست

اساسا روشنفکر ايرانى راه برون رفت از هزارتوى شکست تاريخى که گرفتار آنيم را نميداند

07-Apr-2012 (7 comments)
واقعيت اينست که ما بعنوان يک ملت سر هر بزنگاه تاريخى اشتباه کرده ايم و گناهش را به گردن اجنبى انداخته ايم تا از خود سلب مسئوليت کنيم. ما ايرانيان که تمدنى دو هزار و پانصد ساله داريم عاشق سينه چاک گذشته هاى دور هستيم چرا که از زمان حالمان بشدت شرمنده ايم. کافى است نگاهى به تاريخ اخيرخودمان بيندازيم تا روشن شود چرا به دوهزار سال پيش مينازيم و دلمان را به يادها و به بودها خوش ميکنيم >>>


Will Khamenei Compromise?

Not as long as he rules supreme

03-Apr-2012 (2 comments)
The Supreme Leader’s attitude may leave some room for compromise. But it is the United States and its allies that are expected to concede what he seeks: an end to the long conflict with the West on the Islamic Republic’s terms. This translates into recognition of Khamenei’s regime as the legitimate government of Iran and acceptance of its role as the premier power in the Persian Gulf. Khamenei appears to believe that time is on his side>>>


Denial Diplomacy

Iran's strategy at the UN Human Rights Council

01-Apr-2012 (9 comments)
A review of Iran's human rights diplomacy over the past two years indicates that its strategy was based on four main tactics. First, consistently speak of cooperating with the United Nations, but simultaneously prevent UN reporters from achieving their missions in Iran and refuse to answer their questions properly. Second, characterize every effort to discuss the subject of human rights in Iran>>>


What if Israel bombs Iran?

Just about everyone in the world will assume that the U.S. was complicit

30-Mar-2012 (12 comments)
Imagine that you wake up tomorrow morning and discover that during the night. Israeli planes had conducted a bombing raid on Iran. How would your world have changed? Apart from the sensational headlines and breathless reports, the initial change might not be very significant. You would probably want to know whether the United States approved or assisted in the attack on Iran's nuclear sites. In fact, it doesn't really matter>>>


حماسه فراموش شده

آشنائی من با احمد کسروی

30-Mar-2012 (16 comments)
کسروی نشان میداد که پایگاه اجتماعی ارتجاع در ایران همان توده های مردم زحمتکش اند که آن روزها رفقای چپ همه امیدشان را به آنان بسته بودند. و اتفاقا این این تحصیل کرده ها و فرنگ رفته ها بودند که از حقوق بشر و آزادی دفاع می‌کردند، و در مقابل هم این رنجبران و زحمتکشان شهری بودند که به آزادیخواهان هجوم می‌بردند و بر رویشان چاقو و چماق می‌کشیدند>>>


Obama’s “Flexibility” Gaffe

In Tehran it may have a different resonance

28-Mar-2012 (3 comments)
The whole sales pitch behind the U.S.-sponsored European missile defense program in Eastern Europe has been about thwarting the Iranian missile strikes on European targets. If after the election, the U.S. would become “flexible” – meaning, conciliatory and concessionary – with respect to the deployment of missile defense in Eastern Europe, it would be in part because the Iranian threat – actual or perceived – is no longer there or substantially degraded>>>


In defence of nude protest

Dim-witted idiocy or revolutionary?

28-Mar-2012 (8 comments)
Azar Majedi of the Organisation of Women’s Liberation - Iran has attacked the Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar and supporting video of Iranian women as being similar to the tabloids (namely the Sun’s page 3), ‘dim-witted idiocy’ and ‘buffoonery’ and Golshifteh Farahani’s nudity as ‘commercial’ whilst supporting Egyptian blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy’s nudity. Her attack is a masterpiece in dishonesty, hypocrisy, and regressive politics. Let me explain>>>