Get Real

The illusion of attacking Iran

14-Mar-2012 (13 comments)
War is where illusions go to die. This was true of Vietnam and the war in Iraq. It is being ground into us every day in Afghanistan. At this moment, those who want Israel to mount an air attack on Iran's nuclear facilities are counting on mass amnesia. But forgetting the lessons of past wars won't save the next bout of military adventurism. War with Iran is a real possibility, and yet there has been no real debate on its consequences>>>


Lessons From Another War

Inability of journalists to understand the other side

12-Mar-2012 (2 comments)
Nine years after the start of the Iraq war, the scene has shifted to Iran, and Mr. McNulty has a more detached view of events, as co-director of the National Security Journalism Initiative at Northwestern University. Now he cautions journalists against falling again for a kind of siren song: “the narrative of war.” “The narrative of war, or anticipating war, is a much stronger narrative than the doubters have,” he said. “It is an easier story to write than the question of, well, is it really necessary?”>>>


Military Action?

Why Not Rule it Out?

12-Mar-2012 (4 comments)
My opposition to military action against Iran was embedded in the experience of Iraq. To this day I simply will not support a unilateral military campaign. An attack tomorrow would simply be the best recruiting agent for a major war with the West, and the objectives would also be highly unclear. So, with this in mind, can I be opposed to any military action with Iran? To answer this I need to address my overriding key principle; that politicians have the highest moral responsibility above all else to prevent the deaths of innocent people>>>


Let's Get Even

Nuclear free zone is in the long-term interest of both Iran and Israel

10-Mar-2012 (2 comments)
It is high time for a regional security architecture in Western Asia. Both the U.S. and the EU should actively be engaged in assisting such a process, which would require nothing less than a paradigm shift. In order to lay a first foundation stone and at the same time send out de-escalating signals to Tel Aviv and Tehran, active political support from the West will be crucial to make the first UN Middle East WMD-Free Zone Conference a success>>>


The Unacknowledged Anachronism of Iran

Many claim they -- unlike the Shah -- knew Khomeini would come to power

10-Mar-2012 (24 comments)
Abbas Milani is one of the best Iranian historians. He conducts a lot of “primary source” research and has a reasonable approach to facts. I have not seen him to intentionally misrepresent facts. But he is wrong about a critical analysis of Iranian history under the Shah. He is not really wrong about the simple facts but rather misses the larger context. Mr Milani places the primary blame for Iran's Islamic revolution on the Shah.>>>


Israel’s Escalating Rhetoric

By following Israel in lawlessness, the US is sullying its own constitution

08-Mar-2012 (3 comments)
Israel explains the bombing of Iran as a necessity to avert an existential threat. But how can Iran pose an existential threat to Israel? In the worst case scenario, Iran must kick out the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors; shut down cameras that constantly monitor its nuclear operation; then enrich Uranium from 20% to bomb grade, which it hasn’t done yet; and then produce a nuclear bomb, for which it may or not have the technology>>>


تقویم زنان برهنه؟

در حاشیه انتشار کاریکاتوری از مبارزه علیه اسلام سیاسی

08-Mar-2012 (62 comments)
اخیرا بابتکار مریم نمازی تقویمی از «زنان انقلابی برهنه» انتشار یافته و بفروش می رسد که عکس برهنه نمازی نیز در آن بچاپ رسیده است. برخی از اعضای زن این حزب ادعا می کنند که در حمایت از علیا مگدا المهدی، دختر مصری و گلشیفته فراهانی دست به این اقدام زده اند. باید عمق و معنای واقعی اقدام این جریان همیشه هیاهو گر، آکسیونیست و اگزبیشنیست را برملا کرد. >>>


Headed for a Bay of Pigs in Iran?


06-Mar-2012 (3 comments)
About 15 years ago, when the United States was first experimenting with wide-ranging sanctions against Iran, an Iranian acquaintance remarked to me, "I certainly hope Iran doesn't become another Cuba."... The cases are not at all the same. Yet today, Cuba has been under U.S. embargo for 50 years, and Iran has passed the 16-year mark. Cuba experienced a U.S.-sponsored invasion before the sanctions began. Iran is still waiting for its Bay of Pigs>>>


I'm against Jahad

It's ultimately pointless and totally unnecessary

04-Mar-2012 (3 comments)
Yes, it's Jahad, not Jihad. And it's Moslem, not Muslim (mis-pronounced as Moose-lim). It's also Eslam not Islam. The corrections I just made are how the words are pronounced in Arabic. You need to know what it is and how it is pronounced properly, if you want to comment on it. It deserves that respect at least. That out of the way, onto Jahad and why I'm against it>>>


بچه زرنگش خوبه!‌

شاید این فیلم بزرگترین انتقاد از خود در سطح ملی باشد

04-Mar-2012 (one comment)
همین مدت کوتاه در دست گرفتن جایزه اسکار هم افتخار بزرگی است. حالا دیگر کلکسیون جوایز جهانی فیلم جدائی تکمیل شده است. به امید تماشای فیلم های دیگری از فرهادی در آینده. یاد شعر کودکانه ای افتادم: گل همه رنگش خوبه! بچه زرنگش خوبه! همه شواهد نشان دهنده آن است که گلهای رنگارنگی را از این بچه زرنگ (فرهادی) در آینده شاهد خواهیم بود>>>


A mûrtad, and proud of it

A response to Imam Al-Haddad in Amsterdam

28-Feb-2012 (26 comments)
There are a lot of people who consider you as a charlatan. I, however, think you are a brave man too for being here tonight. You are an example for many men with beards and women with headscarves sitting here in the audience while slobber run out of their mouths as they watch you, smoothly moving in your Jelaba. To those Dutch Taliban warriors, European Jihadists and Al-Shabaab combatants whose ideas do not differ much from yours, especially you are an example>>>


 ایرانی‌ ها در بافالو و همه جا

فکر نکردی که تا آمدی یک خر را آدم کنی‌ خودت ممکن است خر بشی؟!

27-Feb-2012 (3 comments)
چرا این طوری فکر میکنند؟ چرا این رفتار را دارند؟ چرا دزدی، دروغ گوی، تقلب، مزدوری، خود فروشی، بردگی، بی‌ همه چیزی را سر مشق زندگی‌ خود قرار داده ا‌ند و این طوری بودن برایشان دلیل هیچ سوال یا مساله اخلاقی‌، دینی، یا وجدانی تولید نمیکند؟ چرا از دیدن خود در آینه وحشت دارند؟ چرا بوی از روا داری و قبول و تحمل دیگران در وجودشان نیست؟ چرا از واقعیت فرار میکنند و حاضر نیستند که مسئولیت کثافتی را که درست کرده ا‌ند قبول کنند؟ >>>


Thou Shall Not Attack Nuclear Sites

Is an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities legally defensible?

25-Feb-2012 (23 comments)
In 1977, a French company built for Iraq an above-ground light-water nuclear materials testing research reactor at Al Tuwaitha (“Osirak facility”), some eleven miles southeast of Baghdad. During the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988), in September 1980, two Iranian warplanes attacked and damaged the facility. This constituted the world’s first attack on a nuclear site; it was also the first instance of a “preemptive” attack on a nuclear site>>>


Right on Rights

Review of "A Single Roll of the Dice"

25-Feb-2012 (21 comments)
On one side we have war advocates attacking the book because the minimalism of their populist message is threatened by the political complexity described in Parsi’s writing, and on the other side we have anti-war advocates attempting to discredit the information and analysis contained in the book out of concern that it could muddy the anti-war narrative, making it less convincing in elite policy circles>>>


مردان، زنان تحصیلکرده می‌خواهند

برای مردان آمریکایی، تحصیلات دانشگاهی زنان، جذابیت بیشتری نسبت به زیبایی آن‌ها دارد

25-Feb-2012 (3 comments)
در طی ۳۰ سال گذشته همزمان با رشد موقعیت زنان تحصیلکرده، دو مشخصه «خانه‌داری» و «آشپزی» که اصل مهمی برای انتخاب همسر از سوی مرد‌ها بود به رتبه ۱۴ و بعد به پایین فهرست و مرتبه ۱۸ تنزل یافت تحقیقات پژوهشگری به نام کریستین ویلان برای نخستین‌بار نشان داد که خصلت‌هایی چون علاقه‌های مشترک، شخصیت مستقل، آرامش روحی و تحصیلات عالی در صدر جدول آرزوهای مردان در پیدا کردن زوج مشترک قرار گرفته است>>>