When Google fails to google!

Let’s see how this intellectual insult is finally amended

09-May-2012 (38 comments)
Google’s claim that it didn’t intend to take a stance with regards to correctly naming the Persian Gulf in its maps is a big fabrication, to say the least. A decision with the risk of inflaming the feelings of millions of people in Iran and around the world is not made without forethought and deliberation. Google has been well aware of the rogue and in my view evil effort of changing a historic name – the Persian Gulf>>>


Conceptualizing Gender (3)

Body Practice and Gender Performance

Bryan Turner, who has developed the sociology of the body, examines bodies as “objects over which we labour: eating, sleeping, cleaning, dieting, exercising”. He puts forward the concept of “individual and collective body practices”, which refers to the ways in which the body is tackled by social labour and activity. Body practices, which, to a great extent, could be done in social institutions, are related to the creation of gender>>>


Too Big To Bomb

Striking Iran gamble for Netanyahu

05-May-2012 (5 comments)
For quite some time Israel, Iran and the West have been playing a poker game whose stakes have been growing daily. Now, however, we seem to be approaching the "call hand" or end game. Aside from also destroying three countries surrounding Israel, it would certainly receive all destroying retaliation. But Israel usually operates from a worst-case scenario; this being that the crazies in Tehran will rationalise collateral annihilation as being the price for the greater good>>>


حق حذف؟

به سانسور رسانه های خارج از ایران پایان دهیم!

05-May-2012 (11 comments)
به تدريج بر تعداد کسانی که پس از انتشار مطلب شان خواستار آن می شوند که مطلب از سایت ها برداشته شود، افزوده می شود و، در نتيجه، گستره ی سانسور حکومت اسلامی در خارج کشور نيز وسیع تر می شود. ما البته نمی توانیم به کسی بگوییم که مطلب بنویسد یا ننویسد یا چگونه بنویسد اما این حق را داریم که اگر کسی خودش مطلبی را برای انتشار به ما سپرد و مطلب منتشر شد تن به سانسور حکومت اسلامی ندهیم>>>


What could Israel gain?

The alternative to Bibism

03-May-2012 (29 comments)
In the last few months, Israel’s security and strategic options have changed dramatically. Against the backdrop of the Arab uprisings, Netanyahu’s campaign to force Obama’s hand on Iran has failed. Obama made it clear in March that he would not go to war with Iran over uranium enrichment, as Bibi had requested. Instead, he would reinvest in diplomacy and opt for a solution based on limiting and inspecting—not eliminating—Iran’s enrichment program>>>


Surprising Commonalities

I keep wondering why there are so much unresolved animosities between them

03-May-2012 (one comment)
As a foreign student in the United States, in spite of thorough indoctrination by the communist propaganda in Iran on young people like me to abhor America, the spirit of some features of the American constitution gradually seeped through the dark crevasses of my mind and turned on a few lights of enlightenment. I gradually and subconsciously developed some sort of ambiguous, at first, love and hate, and later a warm affection for America>>>


Conceptualizing Gender (2)

Post-structural theories

For a deeper understanding of the concept of gender, we need to get acquainted with theories that focus on the social and cultural construction of gender. These theories include Structuralism, Post-structural Theories and Semiotics of Gender, Gender as Performance and Performativity, Psychoanalysis, and psychological anthropology>>>


Tavalod, Tavalod, Tavalodet Mobarak NIAC!

Happy birthday to us!

01-May-2012 (20 comments)
Ten years ago today, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) was born. While I technically wasn’t there as a staffer to see it for myself, I’d like to say I was there in spirit. The reason being, as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted an organization that fights for the rights of the Iranian-American community. And, as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted our community to have a voice and be more than what the media and others define us to be>>>


از امیرپرویز و مسعود تا نرگس و نسرین

نگاهی به رشد مبارزاتی مردم ایران

30-Apr-2012 (4 comments)
بیایید نگاهی به نیم سده گذشته بیاندازیم. شیوه های مبارزه مورد پذیرش روشنفکران و اپوزیسیون را در نظر بگیریم، آنگاه خواهیم دید که در همین نیم سده گذشته چه رشد مبارزاتی چشمگیری داشته ایم. نگرش عمومی مردم نسبت به خواسته های سیاسی شان و شیوه های مبارزه بشدت دگرگون شده و رشد یافته است. نیم سده پیش، امیرپرویز پویان و مسعود احمدزاده برجسته ترین پیشگامان مبارزه برعلیه رژیم دیکتاتوری شمرده می شدند>>>


Window of Opportunity?

Testing Iran's willingness to change course

30-Apr-2012 (2 comments)
While a permanent uranium enrichment halt would be beneficial and very welcome, it is not necessary to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran. Furthermore, a permanent halt is not realistic given the strong support for enrichment across the political spectrum in Iran. Tying enrichment amounts and levels to the actual needs of Iran's nuclear power plants might provide an acceptable compromise>>>


The Death of a Superpower

Is America bound for disintegration?

29-Apr-2012 (12 comments)
Scores of books have been written in response to the Great Recession of 2007, but none is more provocative than "Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?" by Patrick J. Buchanan, a renowned conservative politician and one-time presidential candidate. Understandably, all such books have wrestled with providing answers to inevitable questions such as: What went wrong? Why is a country that has come out triumphantly from many challenging historical events pushed to the brink of downfall?>>>


We sincerely thank all those who supported and encouraged us

29-Apr-2012 (one comment)
In the near future, we will terminate our site and you will not be able to communicate with us; but more fiercely than ever, we will continue putting all our efforts on networks in different parts of our beloved Iran. We are more resolute than ever to continue our struggle till Freedom, Democracy and Justice are finally prevailed in our country! For us, regardless of our individual beliefs, Iran in its totality and freedom for all Iranians come before any political system, party, "ism", "Leader", religion or ethnicity>>>


Saying No to Netayahu

Israeli prime minister's Iran policies rejected by increasing numbers

27-Apr-2012 (3 comments)
Criticism to which the Netanyahu Iran policy has been subjected recently is unprecedented in Israel. This is especially true with regard to the opinion that a nuclear-armed Iran could bring a new Holocaust upon the people of Israel. Netanyahu constantly threatens to attack Iran, which according to his government is not within the coming months but is also not “years away.” There have also been numerous hints that Israel under Netanyahu may not wait for the United States and attack Iran single-handedly>>>


The Ayatollah Under the Bed(sheets)

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, all politics may not be sexual, but all sex is political

23-Apr-2012 (15 comments)
Perhaps it's not entirely surprising that Iran's Shiite fundamentalists -- not unlike their evangelical Christian, Catholic, Orthodox Jewish, and Sunni Muslim counterparts -- spend an inordinate amount of time pondering sexuality. They are human, after all. But the sexual manias of Iran's religious fundamentalists are worthy of greater scrutiny, all the more so because they control a state with nuclear ambitions, vast oil wealth, and a young, dynamic, stifled population>>>


ترسی بدتر از مرگ

از من پرسيده شد که «شما چگونه می خواهيد مملکت را منحل کنيد؟»

23-Apr-2012 (4 comments)
در کنفرانس مهرداد مشايخی برايم آشکار شد که، در واقع، موضع گيری «انقلابيون سابق» بر اين استدلال استوار است که در فقدان يک «رهبری کاريزماتيک» و يک «دولت مرکزی مقتدر»، هر نوع دست زدن به «ترکيب حاکميت کنونی» شيرازهء کل مملکت را از هم می پاشد و اقوام (يا به زبان خود اقوام، مليت ها) سر به شورش بر می دارند و مملکت را تکه تکه می کنند>>>