Behind the Bluster

Diverting attention from thousands of political prisoners

30-Dec-2011 (25 comments)
The clerical regime that misrules Iran is imploding in slow-motion while intensifying its repression at home and threatening behavior abroad. But is the international community doing all it can to support the Iranian people and hold the regime to account? It's clear that the leadership in Tehran is wracked by internal strife, with divisions deepening between Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his allies>>>


Around the corner

Without diplomacy military confrontation looms

30-Dec-2011 (25 comments)
As the Obama Administration - pushed by domestic political forces - continues to ratchet up pressure on Iran in the elusive hope that the government in Tehran will cry uncle and give up its nuclear program, the Iranians will respond to escalation with escalation. If the name of the game is to harm the other side, then both countries can clearly play this game. Initially, threats of closing the Straits of Hormuz were made by mid-ranking members of the Iranian parliament>>>


چرا ما بی‌نهایت احمق هستیم؟

قابلیت فرهنگی بشر مهم‌ترین اتفاق واقعه روی کره زمین

30-Dec-2011 (6 comments)
ما خیال می‌کنیم موجودات باهوش و مستعدی هستیم ولی قابلیت یادگیری از دیگران عمومی‌ترین خصیصه ما شده است و لازم نیست که خودمان انگیزه و انرژی لازم برای مبتکر بودن را داشته باشیم. اصلاً این سئوال هم ممکن است مطرح شود که چراخودمان نمی‌خواهیم مبتکر باشیم؟ پاسخ آن روشن است: برای اینکه اختراع و ابتکار کار سختی است و زمان زیادی می‌گیرد>>>


Nothing wrong with war!

Why it is good for us

28-Dec-2011 (74 comments)
It is a known fact that our country Iran has a large surplus of retards. Unlike real retards, these people do not suffer from impairment of cognitive functions. In fact, these cousin-fuckin’, rosewater splashing, Sandis drinking, hygienic challenged individuals seem to get around effortlessly. The problem with these retards is not medical … it’s ethical. These retards suffer from impairment of humility for a small amount of cash and a chance to leave the village>>>


A gift to you

Give a little and keep guilt at bay

28-Dec-2011 (2 comments)
Christmas morning is gone, the tree has lost its lure and somehow its glittery skirt fails to cover the nudity. We’re all a bit richer in material, a bit less hopeful, and glad it’s over. A plastic bag holds crumpled shell of anticipation and boxes no longer hold mysteries. There’s a soothing lull in my kitchen and the mere thought of leftovers is soothing. Looking back, I realize how nothing has changed over the decades>>>


Dripping with sentimentality

Keeping our ears peeled for that flutter of wings

Don’t misunderstand me, I love Christmas as I do all celebrations–it’s the saccharine surfeit that bothers me. Otherwise, it’s the best thing in the world to be with our closest and dearest and to remember the message of Christmas. I enjoy hearing from friends and thinking about them and I care for expressions of love and good will. It’s good for children to hear those sleigh bells and the flutter of the wings of angels>>>


Red Lines

Let us be thankful of Obama's smart policy on Iran

26-Dec-2011 (9 comments)
The warmongers are back, and this time they're training their gun sights on Iran. Just check out the Republican presidential debates, where almost all of the candidates cavalierly call for war with Iran as a standard talking point. Yet, while the Iranian nuclear program is a major challenge for American interests in the Middle East, not to mention the security of Israel and for global security altogether, we must resist the temptation to seek easy, quick fixes to this problem>>>


آنجا که آقای پهلوی باید نور بتابانند

اینکه نتیجه سوم چیست بر من مکشوف نیست

26-Dec-2011 (18 comments)
نتیجه اقامه دعوا علیه آقای خامنه ای‌‌ توسط آقای پهلوی در عرصه بین المللی به هر حال یا مثبت است يا منفي است. حال بايد ديد دست آورد هر يک از اين نتايج چيست. مسلما آقای پهلوی با علم به این دوپیامد احتمالی حرکت خود را آغاز کرده اند و در نتیجه مطمئنا نتیجه سومی هم از دید ایشان قابل تصور است. این دقیقا همان جایی است که باید به آن نور تابانیده شود>>>


No Oil, No Bomb

For an effective U.S. policy to halt its nuclear ambitions

23-Dec-2011 (9 comments)
The greatest impact can be realized by crippling Iran's oil revenues through a worldwide and effective embargo on its oil exports, Iran's main source of income, reaping more than $73 billion in 2010 alone and covering more than 50% of its national budget. Combining such an embargo along with extensive sanctions would render a crippling blow to the ability of the Iranian regime to keep their largely restive populace under their tyrannical control>>>


Forceful Measures

... to avoid an attack On Iran

21-Dec-2011 (2 comments)
Unfortunately, Iran and much of the world remain unconvinced that the United States is able or even willing to institute those sanctions necessary to end Iran's burgeoning nuclear program and do not believe at this point that a strike against Iran by the U.S. is a credible possibility. What can then be done to stop Iran's nuclear program and avoid the military option (which is the most desirable outcome)? There are six options already taken but which have not yet proven to be effective, yet each can be substantially improved upon>>>


Get me an Obama

Who will I vote for?

21-Dec-2011 (3 comments)
Obama rid the world of that ugly hatemonger Bin Laden. He is ending a war that should not have been waged and bringing home what remains of our mauled and scarred troops. Now he navigates the shoals between Bibi Netanyahu’s lies, Ahmadinejad’s threats, Putin’s death grip on an exhausted Russia and the European Union’s helpless moves and yet can’t achieve much on any front. All he gets is the choir on one side howling at him for American meddling and on the other side howling at him for America not intervening>>>


From Dictatorship to Democracy

From Dictatorship to Democracy

Lessons from Chile

by Jahanshah Javid
19-Dec-2011 (21 comments)



باور به شکست ناپذیری حکومت دینی

موافقت و مخالفت با جنگ به موافقت و مخالفت با دمکراسی و آزادی تقلیل داده شده است

19-Dec-2011 (9 comments)
عده ای تلاش می کنند تقسیم بندی جدیدی در میان ایرانیان بوجود آورده و چنین وانمود کنند که در میان ما ایرانیان کسانی که طرفدار جنگ و یا تحریم اقتصادی همه جانبه بر علیه ایران هستند طرفداران دمکراسی و دوستان آمریکا و غرب بوده و در مقابل آنها گروهی که مخالف جنگ و یا تحریم های همه جانبه اقتصادی است طرفداران جمهوری اسلامی ایران، مخالفین غرب، ضد امپریالیست، استالینیست، نوکر شوروی>>>


واسلاو هاول و کافکا

متن سخنرانی هاول در دانشگاه عبری بیت المقدّس

19-Dec-2011 (7 comments)
گاهی احساس می کنم که برای تاکید هویّتم نیاز دارم که بر دیگران بانگ برزنم و حقّم را طلب کنم. البتّه چنین طغیانهائی کاملا غیر ضروریست و پاسخ به آن نیاز هیچ گاه گوش شنوائی نمی یابد و برای همیشه در حفرۀ سیاهی که دور و بر مرا فراگرفته است، محو می شود. به هرچه برخورد می کنم ابتدا جنبۀ پوچیش را به من می نمایاند. چنین احساس می کنم که همواره از مردان قوی و متّکی به خویش عقب هستم و هرگزبه آنها نخواهم رسید چه برسد که با آنها رقابت کنم>>>


Learn From Iran

Advice to women in Arab world

17-Dec-2011 (2 comments)
The emergence of Islamic identity is just one of the potential threats to women's status in the wake of the Arab Spring according to Iranian-born Sussan Tahmasebi who is working to pass on the lessons learnt by the women's movement in her native Iran. The strengthening of Islam, division among secular and Islamic women and a widespread belief that the quest for women's rights should be put on hold until after the revolution all could pose a threat to women's status in countries like Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, says Tahmasebi>>>