Insanity, not logic

Israel's mens' men who are threatening Iran are the real cowards' cowards

06-Nov-2011 (26 comments)
If Iran dares mount a nuclear attack against Israel, Iran will be committing public, painful, mass suicide. Israel will respond, and the world will not be silent. Jerusalem knows that and, more importantly, so does Tehran. But in Tehran, so we are told from morning to evening, the "crazy" leadership could shuffle the deck. And so Israel is threatening to bomb Tehran before it is too late, making one suspect that it is actually here, in Israel, that lunacy prevails>>>


Israeli Roulette

Is Netanyahu serious about bombing Iran?

06-Nov-2011 (98 comments)
Should the latest episode of Israeli calls for bombing Iran be taken seriously, or is it – like the many cases prior to it – yet another (politically motivated) false alarm? Like clockwork, Israeli alarm bells have gone off in the past fifteen years with predictable regularity. Bellicose statements by Israeli officials have been followed by alarmist analyses describing military measures as both necessary and inevitable. And then, without any explanation, the bellicosity recedes and Iran and Israel return to their more normal levels of animosity>>>


Why Contain Iran?

... when its own aims will do just that?

02-Nov-2011 (48 comments)
Iran is once again in America’s cross hairs. Even before the allegations of an Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, concerns about Iran were high, with an impending U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq possibly leading to increased Iranian influence there. U.S. opinion and decision makers are expanding their estimate of Iran’s adventurousness and calling for new containment measures. In both exercises, there is room for misjudgment>>>


The Iranian Gambit

Efforts to isolate Iran will refocus Washington and Europe's attention on Beijing

02-Nov-2011 (2 comments)
The elections in Tunisia and the dramatic demise of former Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi have pushed the allegations of an Iran-sponsored plot to assassinate the Saudi envoy to Washington on U.S. soil from the headlines. But countering Iran's efforts to develop a nuclear weapon and exploit the tumult in the Arab world for its own gain is vital to securing U.S. interests in a rapidly changing Middle East, and remains an urgent priority of U.S. diplomacy around the world>>>


The Last President

Ahmadinejad wants Mashaie as next president. Khamenei does not.

24-Oct-2011 (2 comments)
Ahmadinejad isn’t eligible to run for president again when his term expires in June 2013, as Iran’s Constitution is clear a president can run for only two consecutive terms. To ensure his legacy, then, Ahmadinejad seems to be backing his right hand man Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei as a presidential candidate. Ahmadinejad likely hopes that with Mashaei as president, he will be able to retain a powerful cabinet position – think an Iranian twist on what Vladimir Putin has done in Dmitry Medvedev’s government. This concerns Khamenei, and rightly so>>>


What is actually wrong?

Khamenei and Ahmadinejad

24-Oct-2011 (11 comments)
President Ahmadinejad double speak in the CNN interview gives me a hideous sensation of a onset of new-fangled impetus to the confrontation that is so evidently unsettling for the presentSupreme Leader. Mr Ahmadinejad on CNN is refining a restrained image to make his final assault to wrest control on the nucleus and hub of the Iranian present orthodox regime. For months there is increasing bad blood between the ruling theocracy that has been piling pressure on Ahmadinejad>>>


بازنگری، خونسردی

مردم ایران چون قادر به سازش با همدیگر نیستند نه در برابر قدرتهای خارجی وزنی می‌یابند و نه به ثبات اجتماعی می‌رسند

24-Oct-2011 (2 comments)
دوست داریم فکر کنیم کشوری با یک صدم جمعیت جهان و اقتصادی کوچک‌تر از این مقدار می‌تواند بین قدرتهای بزرگ شکاف بیندازد چون چاه نفت دارد و حق با اوست، و باقی همه باطل‌اند. نتیجهٔ رقت‌انگیز چنین اوهامی را می‌توان در داستان نیروگاه اتمی بوشهر دید که حتی از اعلام دوساعتهٔ نتیجهٔ انتخابات هم بدتر است>>>


Bad excuse, worst outcome

Washington plans to impose even tougher sanctions on Iran

22-Oct-2011 (20 comments)
Since news of an alleged Iranian assassination plot in Washington rocked the international scene, public details remain scant. The Obama administration - including the president himself - has spoken with unequivocal certitude regarding the Iranian government’s intentions and involvement. But until he uses the same level of candour to publicly disclose detailed evidence, we will not know anything beyond allegations. Pundits will continue speculating with whodunnit analysis that constructs an incomplete puzzle, but engaging in hypotheticals does not paint a clearer picture>>>


Tilted scales or skewed vision?

Israelis, Palestinians, Steve Jobs & Gaddafi

22-Oct-2011 (one comment)
Reactions to several events last week got me thinking about our perception of what is fair and balanced and what isn’t. The web was filled with comments, none of them particularly friendly, about the fact that for Hamas to return Gilad Shalit, the Israelis agreed to liberate a contingent of 1027 Palestinian prisoners. Vox populi – populi in this case myriad analysts and commentators – was raised, there were howls about the insulting imbalance in the swap. What, they said, one Israeli equals more than a thousand Palestinians? Is that what we’re hearing?>>>


تورنتو بهشت خاوری‌ ها

بسیجی‌های به‌تازگی میلیونر شده محیط امنی برای خود یافته‌اند

19-Oct-2011 (3 comments)
داستان‌های محیرالعقول از خرید خانه‌ها و آپارتمان‌های تورنتو توسط هم‌ترازان آقای خاوری با آب و تاب توسط هموطنان ایرانی نقل می‌شود. مدتی پیش یکی از آشنایان که در دفتر معالات ملکی کار می‌کند، می‌گفت که خود شاهد بوده است که ظرف یک ساعت یکی دیگر از همکارانش، ١٧ فقره آپارتمان برای یک ایرانی خریده است.خدا رحم کند به سرمایه‌های با خون و جفا انباشته شده ایران کهنسال که به خارج آورده شده است! >>>


Isalmic State Rising From Arab Spring

Arab youth want freedom and dignity without abandoning Islamic roots

17-Oct-2011 (5 comments)
The Arab Spring exposed both the hypocrisy of the established religious authorities, who issued fatwas against the pro-democracy protests in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Yemen, and the bankruptcy of the radical militants' ideology. Arabs who protested in the streets across religious, age, and gender divisions were motivated by aspiration for the universal values of freedom and human rights- a consensus even the staunchest of Islamists cannot ignore>>>


فمینیسم از نگاه من

اگر روشنگری و روشنفکری به فحش و بد و بیراه گفتن باشد، لات‌های خیابان جمشید «باید» از همه‌ی‌ این «فحاشان» روشنفکرتر و روشنگرتر باشند

17-Oct-2011 (11 comments)
مضحکه این که چندی است هر ننه‌قمر و باباشملی که از ننه‌جانش قهر می‌کند، شروع می‌کند به توهین و فحاشی به «اسلام» و خیال می‌کند با این‌گونه «بی‌ادبی‌ها» روشنفکر تلقی می‌شود. عده‌ای هم که نه مسئولیتی می‌پذیرند و نه سواد و مطالعه‌ای دارند، دنبال این‌ها راه می‌افتند، به «به به و چه چه» گفتن و آقایون را به اشتباه می‌اندازند که انگاری چیزی بارشان است>>>


A Set Up?

Or was Khamenei reckless?

14-Oct-2011 (17 comments)
For a start, it could mean that Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the ultimate authority for permitting attacks of this nature, is willing to go further than simply hurting US and Saudi interests through proxies in Iraq and Lebanon. This would set a new precedent, as Iran previously shied from launching operations against US and Saudi interests on their own soil. Yet there’s another, somewhat intriguing possibility. Could elements within the Iranian government or security establishment have planned this attack, without Khamenei's knowledge in order to hurt him and his regime?>>>


Spiraling Out of Control

It takes greater courage to stand for restraint than to opt for war

12-Oct-2011 (26 comments)
Simply put, U.S.-Iran tensions have long been a powder keg, overflowing with nuclear programs, human rights abuses, Stuxnet and secret assassinations. And the alleged terror plot against the Saudi Ambassador shows how easily a single incident can spark a wider conflict. Without serious efforts to defuse a crisis that is steadily spiraling out of control, we are on the precipice of a major war in the region. This is why a containment policy can turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy>>>


Wait... War?

No legal ground to attack Iran

12-Oct-2011 (9 comments)
Despite what many pundits assert, even if it were established through irrefutable evidence that Iran was indeed behind the foiled plot to assassinate the Saudi’s ambassador to Washington, International law would still not grant the U.S or Saudi Arabia a right to armed reprisal. In fact, even if the assassination attempt had been carried out successfully, it would still have been quite difficult for the State Department’s Legal Adviser to assert ground for a lawful use of force against Iran>>>