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Rubbin' it in
Recommendations for fairer conditions in Esteqlal-Persepolis matches
By Mohammad Dilmagani
September 27, 1999

June 30, 1999
On the ball
Comparing the Iranian and U.S. soccer teams
By Amir Aras

January 21, 1999
So lucky
... to have seen Our Boys play in World Cup 98
By xAle

June 26, 1998
World Cup Lessons
Looking back at the whole experience
By Hamid Taghavi

June 23, 1998
On Football, Philosophy, and Joy
Watching the Iran-U.S. match in New York
By Laleh Khalili

June 25, 1998
Not a total loss
A sequal to Casablanca as German and Iranian fans go at it
By J. Javid

1978 World Cup
Photo gallery

June 25, 1998
Just Iran
Your favorite team, even if you are an Iranian-American
By Maryam Shargh

June 22, 1998
The good kind... before, during and after the Iran-U.S. soccer match
By Maryam Aslani

June 22, 1998
The room with a tube
Photos of the Iran-U.S. World Cup match taken from the TV
By J. Javid

June 15, 1998
Better than expected
Iran 0 -Yugoslavia 1: Blame this loss on Iran's Football Federation.
By Hamid Taghavi

June 12, 1998
A bucket of sand
On becoming a soccer fan and a reaction to an unkind LA Times comment
By Ramin Tabib

May 15, 1998
* Let's play: On Iran, U.S. sports exchanges
* The Berkeley meeting: Photos of a soccer conference
* Iranian soccer: Freedom aborted: Opinion, By Hooshyar Naraghi

March 26, 1998
Road to victory! World Cup 98 predictions - with a twist.
By Bruce Bahmani

December 2, 1997
For the record
A detailed report on the Iran-Australia match. By Hamid Taghavi

December 1, 1997
We were here
Listening to the Iran-Australia match: From despair to ecstasy. By J. Javid

December 1, 1997
Merci Hamshahri (In Persian)
Mahdiyeh Javid describes her brief meeting with football sensation, Khodadad Azizi

November 28, 1997
The boys are in Melbourne
The national soccer team arrives for Saturday's fateful game against Australia. A report from Melbourne...

November 18, 1997
Room-full of fans
Japan scored the winning goal in over time, sudden death. Are we finished? Are we out? By Hamid Rafi

October 22, 1997
Children of booq-o-shaypoor
Soccer and Iranian national identity in an Irish pub. By By Ali Diba

October 6, 1997
What a wonderful life
World Cup soccer fever: "Ali-e Daie... Jam-e Jahani..." By Hooshyar Naraghi

October 6, 1997
Might have, could have
Mansoor Bahrami is a tennis genius, ten years too late. By Robert Phillip

January 1996
Tough Times for Persepolis
Football team looking for old glory.

November 1995
Whatever Happened to Ali Parvin?
By M. Qolamzadeh

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* Sportsmen of the Year, 1998
* Sportsmen of the Year, 1997

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Tamashagaran features

March 11, 1998
Persepolis or Piroozi?(In Persian)

March 9, 1998
We owe him, big time
Shameful mistreatment of a coach who rescused our soccer team. From Tamashagaran

March 9, 1998
Interview with Vierra(In Persian)
From Tamashagaran

March 9, 1998
Editorial on how Vierra was fired(In Persian)
From Tamashagaran

March 9, 1998
Vierra's resume(In Persian)
From Tamashagaran



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