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June 2005
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omid djalili
Anglo-Iranian stand-up was a guest on BBC Scotland on Sunday

iranians of the day
* Hajj Ali Vedadi Pour: Marhum
* Ali Sajassi: Cisco inovator
* Homa Sarshar: Hillary Clinton

Fair but alarming: Foreign Policy article on AIDS in Iran and the Muslim World (pdf)
-- SJH

pulp music
salam aziz. ma ye rap dorost kardim baraye iran. esmeh guruh mosafer. esmeh ahang "Azadi"
-- Kian-Z

* Enameh
* Jastaar
* Malakut
* Amir Hessam
-- Thanks to Massood

New Leonardo picture discovered

iranians of the day
* Mojtaba Akbarzadeh, Ali Dabiri, Shahri Estakhry and Mohamad Navab: New NIAC board members
* Hessamaddin Arfaei: String theory

music news
Remember the rock band Kiosk? Their debut album has been reviewed in Brazil

abbas milani
NY Times: The Silver Lining in Iran

* Yek kalaagh, 40 akhoond
* New species of fish
* Khandidan beh rish-e mardom
* Ey pedar sookhteh: Ahmadinejad
* Heads of governments: Ahmadinejad
* Lebaas-e haamelegi
* WMD Bush: Worm of the World
* Kayhan headlines
* Ahmadinejad's shoes

protest music
Booye dood
(esme goroohe maa hast DEEZ)

he's in trouble
* U.S. probing Ahmadinejad 'hostage role'
* What hostage-takers say
* What ex-hostages say

can't wait
Deep Dish (Ali & Sharam) will have a new album July 12th. See their video "Say Hello" which has been A-listed on the BBC

* Ahmadinejad on Khomeini
* Mexican black cartoon character stamps
* Prince Charles animated stamp
* If NASA needs money
* Tiger Nike Woods
* Johnny Cochran's tombstone
* Chinese watermelon carving
* Is she Iranian?

who needs men?
NY Times: In Iran, women are taking up the pen

donna jo napoli
Eleven days in Iran

ahamadinejad denial
Three Iranians involved in the 1979 seizure of hostages at the US embassy in Tehran have denied allegations that the new president took part

A quarter-century after they were taken captive in
Iran, five former American hostages say they got an unexpected reminder of their 444-day ordeal in the bearded face of Iran's new president-elect
Padide-ye Ahmadinejad (pdf)

reliable source
In a dialogue I had with Mr. [Abbas] Abdi, he pointed out that Mr. Ahmadinejad was not involved in the process of hostage-taking, and also after hostage-taking he was not among the students
-- Alireza H.

say cheese!
* Ahmadinejad hostage photo? Maybe not
* The Times: Photo claimed to show Ahmadinejad with American hostage

very nice

sign on
We are deeply concerned about the condition of Akbar Ganji who is currently in 17th day of a hunger strike in prison

* Condi Rice's Qazvini love affair
* Somebody kill me
* Sexual harassment policy
* Painful job
* The internet under President Ahmadinejad
* Kiran Azam: Wonderful novelist
* What happens if... (pdf)
* Ronald McDonald's favorite fast food
* Drink Coke
* Day schedule
* Video: Catching a mouse, in the wrong place
* Video: Cat & parrot (1)
* Video: Cat & parrot (2)
* Flip flop
* Running shadow
* Levi's: Man & woman

* Hard-liners call for social freedoms clampdown
* Bush issues WMD order on N.Korea, Iran, Syria
* Ahmadinejad looks to export 'new Islamic revolution
* Ahmadinejad faces tough wish-list from poor supporters

war on iran
Top cartoonists

no turning back
The European Commission says Turkish membership talks should start in October with accession as the objective

end of an era
Saudi's Washington envoy resigns

* Rafsanjani: Couldn't play that trick again

Iranian presdential election in Washington, DC (10 pix)
-- Sasan Afsoosi

Participate in study: Iranian-American mothers and their children

Music video: "Live Tomorrow"

* Sow my socks woman, or I'll go become president
* Ahmadinejad & Condi Rice
* Ahmadinejad & Rafsanjani
* Iran: One big prison

this might work
N.I.A. writes: if is blocked via blocking programsin Iran, try accessing it a redirect web address such as //

loose censorship
Message from Tehran:
I am writing this letter from Iran, I have been able to access your site here with no problem at all. The Internet connection sucks but I just checked this morning and I was able to access it.

in pictures
Iranians react to the hardline victory in the presidential election

* Record oil revenues give Ahmadinejad comfy start
* Don't judge Ahmadinejad too early, Iran warns
* Khamenei defends 'reputable' Rafsanjani
* US renews threat to take Iran nuclear row to UN
Iranian writers in exile

Interview with Ahmadinejad's cultural adviser

Monthly magazine about homosexuals and their rights in Iran


* Kayhan headline: Ahmadinejad victory
* Khatami's khaayeh
* Reed... Big time!
* Rice: Isn't democracy wonderful?
* Hekaayat-e pandaangiz
* Ahmadinejad's horns
* And justice for all
* Marsieh Khun Attacks
Arash Z
* Ahmadinejad: Prince of Persia

save a life
Bone marrow drive for Shagah

amir arsalan afkhami

Farshid Faraji, an independent Iranian cameraman, who was arrested by the American military forces in Iraq, is missing

iranians of the day
* Shaherezade "Shari" Mowlavi: Don Giovanni
* Sima & Amir Talai: Egyptian camel (3 pix)
* Mehran Anvari: Dr. Robot
* Tara and Eva Khosravi: Loving sisters in Chile (3 pix)
* Mahnaz Afkhami and Ray Takeyh: PBS interview (12 pix)
* Akbar & Mahmoud: Twins named after election rivals
* Sina Nafas Mohebbi: My son, Norway (3 pix)
* Mohammad's friends: United Kingdom (5 pix)
* Leila & Cyrus Mirsafian: Joy of my life (3 pix)
* Soheil Ayari: Le Mans race
* Behbod Jamalipour: 3-year-old colleague
* Arssam Ashrafi: Love from Las Vegas
* Catherine Zadeh: Fashion
* Vladimir Bezrookove: Cancer researcher

supreme court
* Good: Ban on Ten Commandments
* Terrible: File-sharing suffers major defeat
* Terrible: Journalists' face prison for not revealing sources

u.s. census
NIAC Urges Iranian Americans to Write in “Iranian” for Ancestry and Race

welcome to reality, president ahmadinejad
* Bush firm on Iranian nuclear program
* Europe Urges Iran to Freeze Nuclear Plans

* Comment: Ali Shah's last stand
* Editorial: Wing and a prayer
* Nukes: We won't give up nuclear effort, says Iranian leader

new president
* AFP: Ahmadinejad pledges 'moderation', more nuclear talks
* Reuters: Ahmadinejad says no need for U.S. ties

ookhey... mooshi
Bitter Rafsanjani faces wilderness after gamble backfires

goodbye iran
A message from Tehran
I thought I would let you know that it's been 24 hours since the election and is now blocked on every single Internet provider I have tried. The last "free" service provider mysteriously went down today, so I can't even see your site : (

sore looser
Rafsanjani blasts 'illegal' poll

high on power
Ahmadinejad hails poll victory

maa baakhteem
Webnevesht: Outgoing vice president Abtahi on Ahmadinejad's victory


* Ahmadinejad as Batman: Nek-bat Begins
* Cheh haali az soosool eslaahaatihaa gerefteem

You don't know who you're dealing with, kid

abbas maroofi
Maraasem-e pooz-zani

President-elect Ahmadinejad urged Iranians to put aside their differences

CS Monitor: Rise of hardliner baffles Iran's political elite

president ahmadinejad
* AFP: Iran's fundamentalist 'street sweeper'
* BBC: Iran elects hardline new leader
* AP: Hardline mayor wins presidential race
* Reuters: Hardliner Ahamdinejad wins presidential vote

know your new president
Ahmadinejad's bio
* Persian
* English

jon stewart
* Video: U.S. House votes in favor of a flag-burning amendment, thus taking care of the Iraqi insurgency


* Bewitched, starring Nicole Ahmadinejad & William Iranians
* George & Condi: Iran election
* Bolton: Cooking the books
* Election: Shahr-e farang-e, az ham-e rangeh
* New game: Khaayeh maalee
* Guess who's coming for dinner

ahmadinejad's artwork on sale in london :o)
Radio Farda: Mahdiyeh Javid reports

wide open
Iran's high-stakes presidential run-off nears end

vote tampering
Iran officials see marred vote in tense election

widespread filtering
* BBC: Iran targets dissent on the net
* Citizen Lab's full report: Internet Filtering in Iran  (pdf)

here we go...
* Iran votes in leadership showdown
* Polls Open in Iran's Presidential Runoff

NY Times: Iran Vote: Dark Horse Rises

shir to shir
New Statesman: Welcome to Iran... You're arrested

CS Monitor: Rafsanjani's carefully crafted TV ads

masoud behnoud
Rooz: Dangers of the extreme right

lesser evil
Khabgard: Kiarostami sides with Rafsanjani

my kinda guy
Michel Houellebecq’s Weekend in L.A.

haraaj... haraaj... haraaj!


* Ahmadinejad: Planet of the Apes
* Interview with Ahmadinejad's wife
* Ahmadinejad interview (1)
* Ahmadinejad interview (2)
Arash Z
* Choices in Iranian election
* Seh Nokhaaleh
* Last super stars
* Khamenei's miracle
Mashty Hamid
* Ahmadinejad: Tribal warrior
* Ahmadinejad: Malijak
* Ahmadinejad: Humiliating
* Sisters & mothers always on Khamenei's mind

Eshtebaah-e estraategic

Election arrests ahead of Iran presidential poll, including at least one military figure

... would give "every Iranian family 100m rials (around $11,000) in shares of state companies to be privatised"

Iran's hardline favourite, could upset election predictions

new york times
Upstart in Iran Election Campaigns as Champion of Poor

get ready for president ahmadinejad
Message from Tehran, June 22, 2005: Pishaapish khabar-e badi daaram. Ahmadinejad is miles ahead of Rafsanjani to win. It seems that we will face a U-turn.

Ahmadinejad 46% Rafsanjani 39%

in a nut shell
Ahmadinejad's views (pdf)

Video: Dancing with myself

* 1970s: Sweet Aref & Leila Forouhar
* 1960s: First "Youth Festival"
* 1960s: Boys throw paper at girls
* 1950s: Delkash kojaast?
* 1960s: Jamileh Yekkeh Savaar
* 1950s: Beautiful Delkash
* 1970s: Fight between Haideh, Mahasti and Homeira
* 1970s: Dinamic in the U.S.
* 1970s: Not Googoosh's best hairdo
* 1970s: Pop singers
* 1970s: Aref & the gang
* 1950s: Mr. Maraa Beboos
* 1970s: Javad Yasari
* 1950s: Dariush Rafiee
* 1970s: Parviz Khosravi: "Soori Soori"
* 1970s: Kooros: "Leila Mano Koshti"

farid zakaria
How To Change Ugly Regimes

washington post
Iranian security officials confiscated more than half a million cards and posters endorsing Rafsanjani

push for reform
U.S. Secretary of State's message may embolden increasingly impatient - and vocal - democracy movement

new york times
Rafsanjani Finds Students to Be a Tough Audience

karrubi backs rafsanjani
Bitter Iran Leadership Dispute Intensifies

Publication of Ali Shariati's personal photos (1) (2)
* Mehdi Jami's review

ebrahim nabavi
Ahmadinejad satire contest (pdf file)

free speech
U.S. organization suspends ban on Iranian authors

campaign poster
Ahmadinejad, defender of the poor

Eqbal newspaper shut down
-- Nader Davoodi

his side of the story
Interview with Ahmadinejad

promises, promises
Rafsanjani pledges reforms if he wins Iran poll

* Ahmadinejad on cover of TIME
* Ahmadinejad's education plan
* Ahmadinejad's same-sex ban
* Vazir-e Ershad
* Shamsolvaezin & Rafsanjani
* Press conference
* Khamenei's magic Genie
* Karrubi & Ahmadinejad
* Ahmadinejad attacks Tehran
* Mini Me: Rafsanjani's & son Mohsen
* The only vote that counts

Rafsanjani or Ahmadinejad?

the guardian
Hardline Iran hails Ahmadinejad -- a devout working class hero

go ahmadinejad!
* Voter manipulation a threat in Iran vote - ministry
* Ahmadinejad can win if moderates fail to mobilise
* Khatami gives implicit backing to Rafsanjani
* Spectre of Ahmadinejad victory haunts Tehran women

new york times
* Editorial: Cliffhanger in Iran
* Iran's Leaders Warn Candidate Who Charged Vote Fraud
* Rice Urges Egyptians and Saudis to Democratize

guardians of fraud
* Council of Guardians dismisses election fraud complaints
* 2nd round presidential race heating up

Raah-e sevom

* Ansar Worms present: Eftezoh III, Revenge of Basij
* Akbar better than Antar
* Al-Brezident Ahmadinejad's al-blans for al-Iran
* Larijani's post-defeat message
Arash Z
* Ahmadinejad's cabinet
* Ahmadinejad: Axis Alliance
* Ahmadinejad's evolution (or lack thereof)
* 10 reasons to vote for Antarinejad
* Terminator 3
* Khamenei brain x-ray

coalition against ahmadinejad
Rooz: Etelaa'f bozorg alay'h faashizm

look who's talking
Rafsanjani chides "reactionary" clerics

Shirin Ebadi to boycott election despite hardline danger

* Roo ro beram...: Rafsanjani & Ganji
* Akbar Ganji is "feeling better than me"
* Which is harder?
* Beautiful Iranian woman seeking marriage
* No clothes? no problem!
* Video: The perils of flirting
* Video: Copy machine accident
* Video: Excuse me... your ass is on my face

dastetoon dard nakoneh, baraadar
Masoud Raouf: Beaten in by IRI embassy staff in Ottawa (4 pix)

... must always be conquered
-- Bruno Bozzetto

round 2
* Iran reformists back Rafsanjani in stark election choice
* Rice: Iran vote goes against democracy

life or death
Petition calling for unconditional freedom for Dr. Nasser Zarafshan

mahmoud darwish
Palestinian poem translated by Leila Farjami

* President Antarinejad, aka Ahmadinejad
* Ahmadinejad: Antari az jens-e mardom
* Monsters Inc
* Akbar Uber Berlin: Rafsanjani
Arazsh Z
* President Ahmadinejad: Choice for president
* The man who would be a lion
* Blood of the sun

good people just do it A site where, instead of talking about good intentions, people can do something about them >>> Read

laugh & cry
Official vote count
* Total
* Tehran

one ugly cinderella
Ahmadinejad & other election news

she voted
Voting in Iranian presidential elections in Emeryville, northern California
* Video
* Photos

Karoubi alleges the vote "rigged" by supporters of Mayor Mahmood Ahmadinejad

what a joke
The ultra-conservative mayor of Tehran does unexpectedly well in Iran's presidential poll, which goes to a run-off

mehdi jami
Bloggers cast critical eye on election

shaking hands
A sign of Iranians' wish for political change

moin is out
Rafsanjani is ahead with 21 percent, Ahmadinejad second with 20 percent and Karoubi third with 17 percent

count down
Iran presidency vote count begins

iranians of the day
* Fariba Garmani: Kaftar-baaz of the day!
* Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani: Price of Persia

look familiar?
* That protest woman
* That Angelina Jolie

chicago tribune
Iran youth may decide president by skipping vote

White ex-cons chosen over Blacks


* "Coming" with Raph Saint-Johnny
* Tehran's 8 with Catherine Rafsanjani
* Post-election crackdown

they mean business
UN agency sets up special committee to handle nuclear verification

Note from Tehran
This is amazing. Tehran Mayor Ahmadinejad is going to be our next president!

ending of medieval era
Abbas Milani: Iran dar paayaan-e qoroon-e vostaa

new york times
Editorial: Iran's Sham Democracy

cs monitor
As reformer exits, who will lead Iran?

Iranians electing new president

the downing street memo
* The document
* The news
* The Nation

* Bush criticizes the presidential election in Iran as ignoring the demands of democracy
* Close vote expected as Iran chooses new president

new york times
Iran Said to Admit Tests on Path to Atom Arms

reporters without borders
Best Iranian blogger defending freedom of expression: Mojtaba Saminejad


* The Charlatan & the Pistachio Factory
* Men in Black: June 17th
* Madonna with Sean Penn in Tehran
* Rafsanjani's bloody T-shirt

* Campaign ends in Iran's presidential race
* Khatami warns of warns of dirty tricks
* Turnout holds the key in finely-poised Iran vote

wooing the young
CS Monitor: Unorthodox tactics seek to sway young voters, but disillusionment may yet triumph

evin protest
Police disperse protesters outside Tehran prison

Mohsen Rezaie drops out of election

Iran changes story on plutonium experiments - U.N.

Video: What Sean Penn heard

letter from tehran
In Washington's Cross-Hairs
-- Norman Solomon


* Khers-haa baayad biyamoozand

* You've got to be kidding me. I want an explanation!

free them now
The Iranian judiciary should immediately release prisoners of conscience: Joined by Nobel Peace prize winner Shirin Ebadi, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the International Federation for Human Rights and Reporters Without Borders today expressed concerns for the health and safety of jailed dissidents

human rights watch
Jailed Iran dissidents denied medical care

rafsanjani poll numbers drop
Iran vote wide-open as presidential campaign winds up

* Iran wants credit for providing nuke intelligence
* Iranian official hints no inspections at suspect nuclear site

* Dobaareh meechaapamat vatan!
* Shahanshah-e maa zendeh baadaa...
* Rafsanjani's autobiography
* Flash: Presidential shoot out
* Iranian people: Concubine
* Heaven: No vacancy
* Sardar Carpetus Qalibaf
* Lord of the Wrongs

iranians of the day
* Sean Penn: Hangining out in Tehran (5 pix)

Enqelaab-e zanaan

mostafa moin
Guardian: Reformist challenger threatens to pull out over Iranian poll violence

god knows
CS Monitor: Accurate polls are hard to come by in Iran's atmosphere of skepticism, leaving Friday's vote up in the air

Raah-e boroon shodan az vaziyat konooni
-- Mohammad Maleki

laa habibi
Saudi king to face divorce case in UK

* Iranians speak what? Doh!
* Video: Star Wars to poop on
* Types of women
* Video: Khomeini blows
* Video: World's smallest

Internet boom alters political process in Iran

made in usa
Iran defender of trademarks?

minoo moallem in berkeley
Islamic Fundamentalism and the Politics of Patriarchy in Iran

history in pictures Syma Sayyah's photos from women's demonstration in front of Tehran Universityman

One of my best friends and his wife, both 100% Iranian, are having their first baby today. What can I get them that would be a traditional gift for a baby girl? I would like to get some kind of keepsake that they will always have.
-- Mark

* Reuters: Run-off likely in close Iran presidential election
* Guardian: Women hold the key
* NY Times: Iran's Giant Question Mark: To Vote or Not?

no hijab -- for now
Loose headscarves distract Iran's youth from reform

mixed signals
CS Monitor: Amid signs of compliance with UN demands, a leading presidential candidate says Iran will not give up its efforts

uncle sam
US sends condolences after Iran bombings

* Sean Penn in Tehran
* Sean Penn & Rafsanjani
* Rafsanjani in moSHREK
* Rafsanjani in The Incredibles
* Qalibaf a la Abu Ghraib
* Elections (1)
* Elections (2)
* Naneh can dance

Reza 007

* Election cat dance
* Wrestling for the presidentcy (3 pix)
* Rafsanjani & Saddam

* Iran links spate of bombing to protests
* Iranian women demand right to run

back to neverland
Michael Jackson has been found not guilty on all charges.

breaking silence
Listen to women's slogans at Sunday's Tehran University protest gaterhing

goli ameri
“We need European and U.S. solidarity, not occupation or war, but rather support for the Iranian people.”

racial discrmination
In response to the brutal attack on an Iranian-American student at Hercules High School in Hercules, California, NIAC has sent a letter calling for a zero-tolerance policy against racially motivated discrimination and insults

* Iran, India sign 22-billion-dollar LNG deal
* Iran makes arrests, vows trouble-free election after deadly blasts
* UN not ready to end Iran nuke probe -ElBaradei

playing reporter
Sean Penn in Tehran

iranians of the day
* I'm not scared of you: Woman stands up to officer
* Damien Dristig: Half & half (4 pix)
* Niyaz Hinze: Maui (2 pix)
* South Florida Iranian Professionals (5 pix)
* Mohammad Hadi Shafiei: Auto show

Iran, shaken by bombs, prepares for close vote

Notq-haaye entekhaabaati

The Guardian: What will the outcome mean for Iran and its troubled relations with the west?

* NY Times: Bombings Shatter Iran's Pre-Election Calm
* BBC: Bomb blasts strike Iran
* Tehran photos: (1) (2)
* Ahvaz photos: (1) (2)

weblogs on women's demonstration
* Kosoof
* Farnaz
* Women in Iran: (1) (2) (3) / Resolution
* Ali GH

sean penn in tehran
Latest photos, including with Rafsanjani

hope battles apathy
Presidential candidates struggle to convince disillusioned voters to go to the polls on Friday

undemocratic elections
Human Rights Watch: Iran’s election laws make meaningful participation of all Iranians in the political process impossible
>>> Press release
>>> Full report in English / Persian

san francisco chronicle
Iranian artists explore a culture in the crosshairs

new york times
Jordan Is Preparing to Tone Down the Islamic Bombast in Textbooks

hossein derakhshan
Going home, finally

poverty bites
An Iranian woman's struggle to feed her large family

who are you?
Rafsanjani or... Sean Penn?

walking back into jail
Akbar Ganji back in jail, resumes hunger strike

protest art
Demonstration for women's rights, Sunday June 12

* Video: All fall down
* Video: Background action

worthy cause
Petition signed by hundreds of individuals, including five Nobel Peace Laureates, in support of a peaceful demonstration in front of Tehran U. against violations of women's rights this Sunday

mamlekato beram...
Reformist presidential hopeful attacked in Iran

american of the day
Sean Penn in Tehran (5 pix)

slide show
Presidential election campaign in pictures

Mostafa Moin: Avamfaribi

on the run
* Akbar Ganji on the run, says judiciary
* Ganji at risk of being put back in prison

iranians of the day
* Niv Rassi Amani: Little lady's man (7pix)
* Bache Naneh: Faal-e Hafez
* Mehrdad Razmpoosh: Venice
* Ali Reza: Graduation
* Alireza Doostdar: Harvard Mideast studies
* Mansur Forutan: Columnist in Turkey

very interesting
Official: Probe Backs Iran on Nuke Claims

* Chossangelesi

A project to pipe gas to India from Iran via Pakistan could begin next year

Iranian Feminist Tribune

Iranian Rock & Roll

fast times in tehran
TIME: Iran's once restive youth is more interested in making money than in politics. An intimate look at how the regime bought off a generation

seventh heaven
Women who were allowed to watch the Iran-Bahrain match at Azadi stadium take group pictures

orkut movement
Many Iranians on have changed their personal photo to declare their boycott of the presidential elections. See screen photo

Iran's missiles on a solid footing

royal diet
Reza Pahlavi hunger strike in support of political prisoners

money talks
Tehran bazaar seeks president to cushion reforms

you go girl
Mountains to climb for Afghanistan's first woman governor

Rooz: More photos of celebrations in Tehran

arrested in front of evin
Rooz: Wife of human rights lawyer Nasser Zarafshan arrested in front of Evin Prison while protesting his imprisonment

good luck
Despite arrests and closures, Iran's new press says it's here to stay

go home mo
Mohammad Khatami bows out after term he didn't want

women for azadi
Photos of women demanding entry at Azadi stadium

southern california
Iranians in Irvine celebrate football victories

* Video: Protect the boys
* Video: Parrot with a big mouth
* Video: Don't mess with a bull
* PowerPoint: Women's Driving Olympics

dumb and dumber
Former US presidential hopeful John Kerry did no better at university than his rival George Bush, records show

caspian oil
Iran downplays significance of US-backed Caspian pipeline

tehran university this sunday
In Support of the Peaceful Demonstration Against Violations of Women's Rights

zahra kazemi "pro-palestinian"
An exhibition of work by slain Canadian photographer Zahra Kazemi has been shut down in Montreal
>>> Video
>>> News

Video: Watch the goal that qualified Iran for the 2006 World Cup

Iran through to Germany 2006

germany here we come
FIFA news: Iran defeats Bahrain 1-0 to gain entry to 2006 World Cup. Read play by play

ya abalfazl
Ubiquitous search engine Google overtakes Time Warner to become the world's biggest media company by stock market value

akbar ganji
Dissident Iranian journalist re-arrested whist on prison leave

writing award
Iranian Writers Awarded Hellman/ Hammett Grants

salman rushdie assassin
Londin Times: A simple grey slab in Tehran's Behesht Zahra cemetery holds the clue to a conundrum

* Disillusioned Iran students turn backs on election
* Conservative hard-liners seek consensus to beat Rafsanjani

who do you love?
Send a gift to Iran

public art
Kouross Esmaeli's “Two Years, Two Months” is a public art poject is an exhibition of life-size photographs of Iraqis installedinstalled in various public spaces in the US


france's top art award
Photographer Reza Deghati receives Legion d’Honneur

iranians of the day
* Ali Bahadori & Christine Papadopoulou: Wedding
* Ramin Kamran: Political analyst
* Nikmard Mahdi: Honor stundent
* Tehran Collier: Iranian?

no surprise
GM Plans to Cut 25,000 U.S. Jobs by 2008

* Poor poor Rafsanjani
* Rafsanjani & soosools
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Julien H
* Rafsanjani: Episode III
* Hawaiian dance

national hunger strike day
Friday June 17: Presidential election day protest in front of the Iranian diplomatic mission in Washington DC -- Iranian Mothers Committee for Freedom

good tool
ClockWork: A time management solution that allows you to easily track what you do during your day
-- Ben

Iranian reformist warns against vote boycott

* Lawyer: Mojtaba Samienejad sentenced to two years in jail
* Site: Free Mojtaba Samienejad
* Abtahi: Will publish letter if...

* Video: Breast feeding - upside down
* Watch your step
* Video: Dangerous sport
* Free mammogram

qom journal
NY Times: Where the Austerity of Islam Yields to a Yen for Chic

India interested in three gas pipelines from Iran via Pakistan

Iranian reformists form radical alliance ahead of polls

Rooz: Women to gather at Tehran University this Sunday to demand rights

more women
The Guardian: Iranian women kick out against football ban

Iran says it arrested, deported al-Qaida

* Syrian vice-president steps down
* Hezbollah ticket sweeps South Lebanon

akbar shah
Campaigning for Rafsanjani (17 pix)

boston globe
Withdraw from Iraq
-- George McGovern and Jim McGovern
Animated cartoon: Democracy Light

helping dreams (except Iranian ones) take flight
Another U.S. organization bans publication by Iranian authors
Message to fans from Abbas Atrvash: Iran Air's most successful years

out of the closet
Rafsanjani: I wanted to kiss the Imam's dry, shriveled lips

new hairdo and everything
Googoosh's new album: "Manifest"

mohsen sazegara
As this month's presidential election campaign gets underway in Iran, the Iranian government is emphasizing that the country enjoys the rule of law and elected government. In fact, both statements are false.

* 1889: Nasser-ed-Din Shah's last visit to Britain (13 illustrations)
* Pahlavi: The Persian Prince (13 pix)
* TIME: Mossadegh 1951
>>> And more

world cup fever
Iran waits for the big result, and it's not politics

Iran's main reformist party counting on second round comeback

Iran Extends Freeze on Uranium Enrichment

regime change
Pettion: We do not believe that the rhetoric of “regime change” through U.S. support for “dissident” groups and individuals will benefit the development of democracy in Iran

love, armenian style
LA Weekly: Feeling that click with culture


marhoom john paul
Pope's 1997 address to Iranian ambassador to Vatican on condition of Catholics in Iran
-- Farhad S

Un-American by Any Name

washington post
Iranian Clerics Urge Big Turnout in Leadership Vote

ali gedaa
Khamenei begs for high turnout in elections

Akbar Shah :o)

herald tribune
The most extraordinary exhibition of Iranian manuscript painting ever held

los angeles filmfest
A Decade of Iranian Animation-The 70s

Fake Bin Laden e-mail hides virus

art bay area
Oakland, Saturday June 4
* Iranian-American art show at California College of the Arts
* Ali Dadgar's "Resting Place" & open studio

Anti-Syria opposition triumph in Beirut poll

let us in!
Petition: Iranian women should be allowed into stadiums

Radio Farda interview with Nader Davoodi about his photo exhibit "Breaking the Rules" in Toronto

information architecture

as tag for ella
The US military gives details of how copies of the Koran were mishandled at Guantanamo Bay

iranian of the day
Sheila Vossough: Beer break

* Video: Bush's draft
* Video: Office dance
* Video: Deep throat
* Video: Don't judge
* Video: Head games
* Flash: The beat

axis of football
Iran 1 -NKorea 0
Play by play

say no
Petition: Election boycott

persian mythology
Let's get "Simorq-anized"

be careful what you ask for
Iran on road to WTO membership and difficult economic reforms

Regional loyalty wins votes for Rafsanjani

muslims not monkeys
Hashem Aghajari, defiant dissident who faced the hangman

hard facts
NY Times: The State of Iraq: An Update

CS Monitor: As prosperous superpower, what does US owe the world?

repo man
US opposes proposals to write off the debts owed by African countries

Journalist's murder rattles Beirut

* Khamenei: Olympic jumper
* Ahmadinejad's plan
* Rafsanjani or Keith Richards?

presidential candidates
* Ahmadinejad :o)
* Ghalibaf
* Karroubi
* Larijani
* Mehralizadeh
* Moeen
* Rafsanjani
* Rezaie

lee lee lee...
Mitra & Pedram's wedding portraits

so many iranians (lawyers)
Santa Clara University Law School graduates (19 pix)
-- Talieh Shahrokhi

iranians of the day
* Iman & Layla Niakan: More Iranian than Korean
* Mamani: Grandma in Sweden
* Shirin Ebadi: Northwestern U (3 pix)

season of discontent
CS Monitor: Widespread intent not to vote in Iran's presidential election

prisoners of conscience
* Interview: Emad Baghi
* Interview: Sadr Haj Seyyed Javadi and Habibollah Payman

Iran Swiss meeshavad!

Rooz: Women protest rejection of women candidates

English words of Persian origin

Guardian: Painting unearthed in Tehran vault

hejab bee hejab
Behind the veil it's lipstick, powder and paint

MKO shows video of public hangings

NY Times: Departing Israeli Army Chief Is Gloomy on Peace Prospects

NY Times: Hundreds in Cairo Protest Assaults on Women

Pornographic websites could get xxx internet addresses

Music videos

* Neli's "Man o toh"
* Pari Zangeneh's "Leyla Bavenam"

* Neli: "Tassvir-e yek fassl" with Sattar & more
* Mahvash: "Dokhtar-e Shab" & "Gol-e Ziba"
* Molouk Zarrabi: "Sokhani baa del" & four more
* Monir Vakili: "Mandali Shirali Mardan"
* Ravanbakhsh: "Beh man nagoo dooset daaram" & ...


* Khomeini's will
* Karrubi's dream

iranians of the day
* Fatemeh Khatami: President's brother's daughter
* Lost friends: Razi school 1974
* Eghlimeh Taheri: Loving grandmother
* Mansour Zadvan: Volleyball captain
* Homa Shabahang: La Verne University

* Puffy dress: Delkash
* 1957: Know your celebrities
* Tonight at 8: Shahin
* Quit radio: Shahin
* Music & literature: Bina & Moshiri
* Neli: Chopper and O la la
* Blondie: Alice
* Piano man: Farhad & Shamaizadeh
* 1957s: Elahe and Bozorg Lashkari

cyber clerics and e-ayatollahs have the answers

* Reformist candidate launches radical agenda
* Candidates challenge taboos as campaign heats up

etehaad-e chap
Leftist critique of Akbar Ganji's world view

IAPAC: Know Your Rights Campaign

here & there
* Kaboom!: Fireworkds (10 pix)
-- Salim Madjd
* Streets of San Francisco (15 pix)
-- J. Javid

graffiti in north london:
Be warned: the future doesn't need us.
-- Vida Kashizadeh

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