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Rosie T.
by Rosie T.

The Iranian of the Day thread is always exciting. But last night, I noticed it was even more fascinating and abusive than usual. The Iranian of the Day was Pejman Mokhtari, a 20 year old Iranican gay disco party guy. Party GIRL, my favorite reporter here, had submitted a video of him in his gay disco millieu to jj. JJ made him Iranian of the Day and even hopped on board the thread once.


The comments on the thread seemed to be more vitriolic than your usual garden variety homophobia. And so I thought about it and thought about it, until finally I figured out that the real problem was that most of these posters were jealous, because they want to be Iranian of the Day too. So I decided to write a little primer to tell them how. But first, I want to address the individual posters briefly, their hopes, their dreams, their  fears. Kind of like Dear Abby.                                       

                                     *     *      *

Mooshmooshak writes:  I got to say that I am a little disappointed Party Girl! So what??? what qualifies him as Iranian of the day???

Rosie replies: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. That is the whole point of Iranian of the Day. Your dog can be Iranian of the Day if it is an Iranian dog.  P.S. Moosh. Don't you know it's Gay Pride Month?  Where have you been, hiding in a closet?

Ananamuss:  It's pretty childish of him to say "I'm gay, what are you going to do about it?"

Rosie:  What do you want him to say? "I'm gay, do something about it?"  That doesn't make any sense at all.

ye-irani:  Iranian of the day?  This is very sad!

Rosie: It is not sad. Death and taxes are sad. Please don't be sad. It upsets me when you're sad.

Ali Reza:  Stay in the closet.

Rosie: It is very difficult to dance in a closet. Especially a broom closet.

Anonymous:  What is the purpose of showing scenes of him kissing his boyfriend?

Rosie: It is because jj cannot show scenes of him kissing his girlfriend. He is gay.

Anonymous123456; Come on Jahanshah What the hell are you turning this website into? Are you gonna applaud every little perversion just because of the "liberal" element it contains?  I'm outta here.

Rosie: No, he is not. I have never seen any material on this site about fetish bondage. But hope springs eternal. Please come back. We need people like you who are good with numbers to do the captcha quizzes.

ye-irani again:  okay then, jj.  Please put up Ahmadinejad as Iranian of the day...after all, "it's for any Iranian, no matter what they do or who they are"...

Rosie: That is an excellent idea. I am going to upload a good photo of Mahmood now.

faryarm:  Pejman sounds like a sincere young man...who is looking for attention in all the wrong places.

Rosie: You are very sweet. We are all looking for attention in the wrong places. That is why we post on this website.

Azadeh:  Party Girl, Aziz.  In all honesty this video has no value what so ever!  I believe having the power to post material at our fingertips comes with responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

Rosie: How should it be taken? Heavily? This is It is not the website for Stop Child Executions. Or for a trucking company.

Gol-dust:  What is so Iranian about the guy who doesn't even know Persian? Iranian of the day! My foot!

Rosie: That is why I am going to submit Ahmadinejad for Iranian of the Day. He speaks Persian. My foot, too. Would you like to play footsie? I am a woman. Don't care what you are, though. Where do you live?

Shabnam:  Disgusting. You have an identity problem for whatever reason, be it hormonal, psychological, or whatever else. The video was repulsive and abhorrent. Please keep that to yourself and do not pollute the society with it.

Rosie: Why did you click on it? The title is "I'm gay" and the photo on the homepage is of two men kissing.

Shabnam again:  P.S. And please take this off this site. I have a teenage son who has this page as his homepage. This is porn material.  What were you thinking?

Rosie: This is not porn material. If you want porn material, go to google and key in the most explicit, smutty words you can think of for body parts and sex acts, and do a websearch. Then you will know what porn is, and you will be very happy that your teenage son still has this as his homepage. P.S. Be careful not to get computer viruses. It happened to me.

Peyman: sheesh what's next? an rapist being iranian of the day? wtf!

Rosie: If it is an Iranian rapist, he or she can be Iranian of the Day. Please don't curse, not even in abbreviated form. This is a respectable website. Shabnam's teen-age son uses it as his homepage.

Galled Mother: Stop the hate.

Rosie: You are very sweet. They do not hate. They just want to express themselves because this website was founded on the principles of free speech. You have to understand they never had it in the time of the Shah or IRI. Also, they are jealous because they all want to be Iranian of the Day too. So now I am going to explain to them how:

                                          *    *    *

Yes. it's true. You too can be Iranian of the Day.  All you have to do is get someone, a family member, a friend, a neighbor, to take a  photo of you. Then have them write something short about something you do well, anything at all. It can be gardening, cooking excellent kebobs, or fetish bondage. They can even make it up. Then have them send it in. You can even do it all yourself if you don't have any friends. Sooner or later, when he gets around to it, jj will post it and you will be Iranian of the Day. And then you will get to have people say terrible things about you on your very own thread.  P.S. I have noticed that to get posted faster, it helps to be newly born.

And that's all there is to it!  Best of luck. May the force be with you.


Rosie   :o)


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Rosie T.

No of COURSE it wasn't too harsh. It's your opinon. This is

by Rosie T. on

just one case,,  a very RARE case, where we disagree.

I don't give an f- about the kids.  This site has NO obligatioin WHATSOEVER to be kid-friendly.  IMHO. 

And anyway you know your kids see worse things than what's on this site on Calvin Klein underwear ads. 

Your children are not cyour hildren/they are the sons and daughters of life reaching out for itself. -Kali Gibran

LIFE IN 2008, N. REAL life.  THIS life.  NOW. In the Internet Age. The way it IS, not the way it could be or should be. The way it IS. That is the life that reaches out for them.

But I don't WANT you to change your opinion if you believe in it.  OR your tone.  You are a mother.  I am barren. You are an actor in the play, I have a front row seat in the audience. BOTH perspectives are EQUALLY and CRUCIALLY valid because without both, there would be no PLAY.  However, they are FUNDAMENTALLY different perspectives.  That is a given.  There is no way out.

Don't worry. Be happy.


Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez


by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

Do you think my last posted comment might have been to harsh? I just wanted to make sure that those on the thread had a clear idea of what children on this web site, would encounter.

Solh va Doosti


Disclaimer: The author of this comment does not at this time support any specific poltical group or ideology.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Here are some perfect examples of why........

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

 children should not be on this web site. They were filed under photos and then Anyway.

There is nothing in the way that they are stored on this web site to warn parents or children of what they are about to come across, that is before they are already on the Anyway section.

Now, will a child (especially a teenager), still click on it? Very good question. I think most will.

I am sure that there are many more of the following types of videos stored in other content areas, just waiting for an unsuspecting child to access.

Not a pretty thought at all.


Bare dance

Naked man walking

Anaar Anaar!

Muscle man


K Nassery

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

Straight or gay, there is a difference between adult content and outright pornography. The fact of the matter is, I don't have a problem with gays, I have a problem with pornography on this website. However, I hear what you're saying about my kids, I'll ease up on them.

K Nassery

as Parents of Children...

by K Nassery on

Gays are adopting in most states.  They adopt children in need.  Children of mixed racial background, older children with emotional problems, and children who just want to be loved by any parent that will love them.  This is a postive trend and i hope it continues.

What a wonderful gift it must be for a child to have the love of a parent hope you don't isolate those kids because their dads or moms are gay.  If you child isn't allowed to know about that behavior.......your child might become....something worse...a bully...or....a judgemental...bully ....

 It just worried me that you are making a mistake in rearing you children....I know...non of my business and I accept that...but you are judging you opened Pandora's box on yourself.



K Nassery

Parents of Children

by K Nassery on

I have read that 10% of the Human population is gay.  I know that Iranian leaders dispute that number.  I believe that there are genes involved in this behavior and that it it biological in nature.  Religions, Christian and Islamic, have rules against the behavior.  All the rules in the world can't make homosexuality disappear.  The gay people aren't making the decision to violate "the rules."  They can no more make that decision as you can change your skin color or eye color.

 The young man had the right to be the Iranian of the Day.  Your child could be gay just as the son of my best friend and one of  my beloved first cousins.  What are you going to do if you child is gay?  The days of keeping them locked in the closet are over.  Please be kind and accept people for the good things that they can contribute to the world. 

BTW....  I am conservative...very conservative... I just see that gays are Human beings and they have value as Human beings.

 If your child is growing up in the West, don't let them watch any Home and Gargen Television..... or the BBC.  There are decorating shows that feature the homes of gays and your child might copy their designs.....  Somehow...I'm pretty sure that would be a violation of some rule....some where.


Rosie T.

No I'm not missing the point. This is an adult site. I didn't

by Rosie T. on

address the issue of children because here because it isn't FUNNY.

I know it's a problem but unfortunately the answer's simple:

This isn't a children's site.  And it's not a teenagers' sute,  It;s an adult site.  An adult site with EXTREMELY moderate erotic content in comparison to what's on the Net. I strongly encourage you to take my advice about googling the smut words with a good anti-virus.  This site is NOTHING in comparison to what your kids have access to every day.

As it has a mild erotic content it also has a mild violence component, It has shown executiions for example.  I'm sorry, jj is under no obligation to you to give this site a rating of G.  And bel8ieve it or not, the rating right now is PG13.  It isn't the R or X some of you think it is.  It's NOT.

 This very BLOG under which we write is an adult blog.

I have been coming here for exactly four years.  The first time I came was when an Iranina friend of mine recommended I read an article about a man called Vali Khan.  Vali Khan was a Qajar prince and he wrote memoirs about his sexual exploits whch were AS frequent as he could manage and extremely inordinately promiscous and involved penetrating mostly boys butr sometimes girls, Qajar princesses, anally,  He CLAIMED it was to protect their virginity for marriage.  The author was a gay academic who was analyzing gender identity and sexual preference though the memoirs of Vali Khan.  His question: was he gay?  Does the term gay EVEN apply in cases such as these?  He was very fair-minded.

THAT IS THE FIRST THING I EVER READ ON THIS SITE.  ANd just because the video isf Pejam is a graphic does NOT make it more "pornographic."  In poin of fact this video is NOTHING in comparison to that article.

I'm SORRY.  I'm sure he'd LOVE to help if he could, but he can't.  It is what it is.

And quite honestly with everything that's out there do you REALLY REALLY think that this is going to make a difference in your children's "innocence" or lack thereof? Other than Pejam being gay there is nothing more explicit here than you find on many underwear articles.

It is 2008 in a global post-industrial economy.  It is not 1979 anywhere much less in the Shah's censored Iran.  What it accessible to your childen is beyond your imagination and you can't stop the deluge just by wishing on a star that jj would make this a kid-friendly site.

Sorry, but that's the way it is. The world is crumbling around you, it is decadent, it will have to be re-shaped and made anew.  In the meantime jj will document whatever there is to document.  As long as it isn't x-rated and you should be grateful to him for that, because that's not his obligation either.

Party Girl

Very funny!

by Party Girl on


You made me laugh!  Thank you.  And thank you for your continued support, too. 



by NewsFlash (not verified) on

Are you new to this web site?

Obviously, you are not aware of the many, many..........articles...blogs and videos on sexuality whether same gender or opposite gender. Do you honestly think that sooner or later you child will not come across one of them. Many are featured on the front page.

They may have already come across one or several and simply never told you.

I still recall when the Persian version of KamaSutra was featured on this web site. They were ancient drawings depicting many sexual positions.

Do you recall the Haji cartoons? What about Omid Hast drawings on sexuality whether gay or straight?

You are the parent. It is up to you to use your common sense when allowing your children to access a web site. It is not this web sites responsiblity to monitor your children.



by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

but see here, that there IS NO AGE FOR JOINING IT! ive seen 10 year old's blogging on here and he knows that they are here, so if he's gunna post this obcene video, he should do it where there are not children.



by NewsFlash (not verified) on

In case you have not noticed. This is not a children's web site. Never was and never will be. It is a web site that caters to adults, not children. Hence, the dating advertisements among other adult advertisements.


Rosie u are missing the point dear

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

some of us who disagreed with the video are parents! one of my kids is a member and the other reads and writes comments all the time. i do not care about iranian of the day, i am concerned with obscenity! go back and please read my last comment, that is if it's not deleted!

Rosie T.

I do! I second! Kourouah, you've been

by Rosie T. on

you are Iranian of the Day.  Join the club.  You must supply us with a photo IMMEDIATELY.

Azarin Sadegh

Sorry...I guess I have missed the "phone" part...

by Azarin Sadegh on

Please send me that email again...I  might have missed the one about phoning you...but I have your phone number.



I will nominate Kouroush......

by Nomination (not verified) on

Who will second the nomination of Koroush for Iranian of the Day?! The man has the soul of a Poet.


To: Kourosh Sassanian

by the real Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

Who nominated you anyway? Or should I ask why would anyone nominate you after having this gay guy as the Iranian of the day?


we are beautiful

by Beautiful (not verified) on

Rosie T.

Why not Azarin Azizam? Because of the same reason I asked you to

by Rosie T. on

to phone me.  I wanted to discussprecisely this with you. But don't worry that you didn't.  So many cyber-friends here, one is over-extended.  It is hard to keep up.  But isn't it delicious to try? 

I will send you a private e-mail.


Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

I loved it...Excellent piece! I was laughing so loud in my cube at work that I am sure now my colleagues think I should be a bit crazy!

Why didn't you send it to be featured as an article on the first page! Azarin


Rosie that was hilarious

by niki not logged in (not verified) on

Hamin. :)

Rosie T.

Well I'll accept you Koroush

by Rosie T. on

you can belong to the Vermillion Source Club, where we all are both accepted and unaccepted at the same time, naked and clothed, dead and alive, and we fishes...unto...

"the sea...that is death" (Jorge Manrique, Medieval Spanish poet)

It's quite a club you know...quite a club....


Kouroush is right

by Mazloom on

I have also decided not to belong to this club, if they accept me.

Meanwhile, I’ll work on my writings.

Kouroush Sassanian

I don't want to . . .

by Kouroush Sassanian on

belong to the Iranian of the Day Club that is willing to accept me.

Rosie T.

Excellent point, Extraordinary! Mazzie,

by Rosie T. on

To nisti.  Mazerat mikhaham.

Keep writing.  When you marry one of those nurses you can have your wedding photo as Iranians of the Day,  I will be the flower girl.


Rosie T.

Mazzie: Absolutely. Your nasty is just nice in disguise.

by Rosie T. on

And when you do the nasty you will be even nicer!  Me too! ;oD

Just keep getting ill. You're sure to score with one of those nurses sooner or later.  It is the law of probability.

Mazzie you will always be my Iranian of the Century.  No doubt about it.

Btw, did you notice I'm FEATURED! I went through to...or maybe you do...

Life is good.


Mazloom Nist

by Ordinary Iranian of the Day (not verified) on

Thank you for your reply, Rosie. Yes, I agree that the reason there is so much venom in anonymous comments is because we are not experienced in free discourse and dialogue and we think disagreeing with something or someone, especially when our faces are covered, must include a degree of meanness atypical of ordinary Iranians. We must practice and this site is a good place to start.

I don't think Mazloom would be a good Iranian of the Day, unless there is something else about him we haven't already read! We know too much about his bodily functions and health already. He should just keep on blogging for us!


Me too

by Mazloom on


This blog is hilarious.  I didn’t know it was going to be a satire or I would have not read it at work where my colleagues noticed me laughing out load and wanted to know why I was laughing so hard.  Of course once I started reading it I had to finish it, no matter what.

I’d like to be Iranian of the Day, Iranian Angel of the Day.  Do you think I’d qualify, with all the nasty things I’ve written lately?  Is my avatar picture good enough?

Rosie T.

Dear Extraordinary Ordinary,

by Rosie T. on

Hohoheeheehee!  That is a fantastic idea, to profile the little fishies. Actually some of the fishies are the best and brightest, politest and most dedicated posters on this website.  These fishies tend to stick to one name.  I am a huge proponent of registration and I have asked these people to register but they explain to me that although they generally trust jj, they don't trust his ability to keep the site foolproof from monitoring, either by the US govt. or the IRI, or both, and they have things in their backgound or current situation which make them very wary of that.  I have to respect that although personally I think a little risk-taking is good, it is also a way to stand up to these f-ers, and well, united we stand divided we fall.

Check it out:


The point being that since the best and brightest fishies are anonymous for a REASON, it is highly unlikely they would allow themselves to be photographed for the home page.  But anonymous INTERVIEWS, now THAT sounds like a winner!

I do agree with you though that there are more fishies whose anonymity brings out the worst in them.  But thanks to jj's moderation system of screening all the anonymous post (except for the few that slip through) that is calming down.

And no I don't think these people are jealous.  I think they are holding onto antiquated and rigid beliefs which have no relevance in the 21st century.  It may seem like hate, it may feel like hate, but believe me if a beloved friend or family member colleage came out, it would all dissolve like vapor. So no, I don't think they're jealous, I was just kidding.  And I don't think it's hatred either.  It is what yogis and Buddhists call "ignorance" of the truth.  That's all.  One can learn. :D


Iranians of the day

by Ordinary Iranian of the Day (not verified) on

Ha Ha! Thanks Rosie! I could never be interesting enough to be an Iranian of the Day, but that's O.K. From rocket scientists (literally) to prosecuted criminals to homosexuals getting married or going out to partaaaayyy, there are infinitely more interesting Iranians than me. I do enjoy reading about them on the site, though. I can't believe some people complain about JJ's featured individuals, because they didn't contribute to arts or sciences! We should celebrate our diversity and differences, not try to whip everybody into acting and talking and doing the same as everybody else. I am partial to the outrageous! Well, O.K., the babies melt my heart, too. What I don't get is the venomous comments on Iranians of the Day. So, you think it's jealousy?

I think someday a perfect Iranian of the Day could be to profile the Anonymous goldfish on Iranians are taught manners and politeness and particular instructions for safeguarding their family name as children. This anonymous business brings out the worst in some Iranians, I'm afraid, where they don't have to be nice while being contradictory. The venom comes out when family names and real social characters are not threatened through people's real identities. This is something we must overcome.