Pro-Zionist Ads on

Pro-Zionist Ads on
by Sargord Pirouz

There's been some astonishing revelations here at, recently, related to an Israeli connection involving AIPAC.

First and foremost is the banner ad currently being run for Stand for Israel, a pro-Zionist group (the image to the linked site is provided above). I'm assuming this a paid advertisement, and seeing how the publisher of is constantly posting photos from his gallivanting around Europe. I assume that's how he is spending the money he receives from such. Any comment, JJ?

Then today, there's the YouTube embed on Menashe Amir, a broadcaster on Isreal Radio International.It appears that, as some have suggested, has become pro-Zionist. 

Initially, I had resisted the idea, but the ad, the editorial coverage, the AIPAC/WINEP articles unconventionally posted on the main page, it all now adds up.

This isn't unusual. The pro-Isreal groups have a lot of money and influence. That it commands the American mainstream media the way it does, it's a speck in the ocean to take hold of a mere Iranian social forum. 

Pretty sad situation. But hey, JJ, be sure to post those pics from your next European location...


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Sargord Pirouz

Folks, let's be clear about

by Sargord Pirouz on

Folks, let's be clear about something here:

1) I am anti-war, period.

2) I oppose anti-Iran efforts, such as economic warfare directed against the people of Iran.

3) I am against supporting anti-Iran groups.

4) I am against receiving money from pro-war, anti-Iran groups (such as Stand with Israel), in exchange for services rendered.

Sound unreasonable to you? Sound lacking in credibility?

Shame of it all... Shame of it all.


Doctor X Jaan - I was shocked to find out that they are right

by Onlyiran on

and I found that out when I came across a picture of an infant JJ.  take a look for yourself and you will be convinced too:


That's where it all began.... 



by Doctor X on

Take a chill pill there sister.

He is not responding so what? Get used to it. Deal with it. Live with it. No need to tear yourself a new one and making a huge, unnecessarily big deal of it. Maybe you should take a step back and stay away for a while if you are having such a bad and hard time being treated UNETHICALLY. Ever thought about that? he has no OBLIGATION in doing and meeting and responding to your never-ending demands. You have changed the whole topic now and Look, you are even giving Sargord More ammunition To literally Trash iranians who live abroad.

Sargord: Two-faced Hypocrite: YOURSELF.

I am not Defending anything nor am I ignoring things, All i am getting at is respect the man and his rights . he ain't a servant of yours to be at your beck and call 24/7. You have made a huge Nothing, a hoopla out of a simple request and in the process you have managed to recruit some haters of the iranian diaspora community.

It is not Unethical at all for JJ not to reply, he is within his rightsbut it is So highly unethical for you to keep pounding on this and pressuring him to do or say something, Know your boundries and respect that. That is all you have to do, 



by Shepesh on


Anahid Hojjati

Mehrdad, is this really about JJ's credibility?

by Anahid Hojjati on

You have got one of the least credible people on the site taking the flag for this and he is being supported by someone with personal agenda (who has been doing her best to intimidate me to silence me) and you want us to buy that the issue is JJ's credibility?

No dear, the issue is the credibiity of those who are wasting readers' time with this issue while IRI kills, jails and rapes Iranians.

Sargord Pirouz

Rosie, it's like this: JJ is

by Sargord Pirouz on

Rosie, it's like this: JJ is paid for the ads that are placed on The Stand with Israel group pays into the pool that pays for these ads, wherever they occur. Thus, by accepting money from the pool for these ads, ultimately that money is coming from this group.

There's no getting around this fact. JJ is accepting money from a group advocating death and destruction against the people of Iran. Period.

Now folks like Shepesh would like to see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil. But facts are facts, the evil is here at 


i know. shepesh,

by Rosie. on

i was going to say i've said everything for now and i'll blog on it later. the problem was there were posts to me, but mostly that people kept turning it around or going back to the zionism issue which hides the real one. and readers come and only read what's on top. but i have said everything i have to say unless the real issue gets buried again.  


Rosie, I agree with Shepesh here

by Bavafa on

The points have been made and we also need to give JJ time to reflect on this. Maybe he is sightseeing in Barcelona and has not had time to respond :)



Let's assume Mr Sargord Pirooz is right.

by yousef on

So What?

Has Israel ever attacked Iran and killed a single Iranian in the process? NO

Has Israel threthened to wipe Iran off the map of world? NO

Do I or any other average Iranian Give a toss about Israel/Arab issue? NO

Do I or any other average Iranian  jump up howling like a crazed individual each time words like "Jew", "Israel" "zionist" mentioned ? NO

Sargord Khan, baba jamesh kon. Gandesh ro dar ovordi........



by Shepesh on

If you keep repeating yourself you may trivialise any valid points that you have made and make poeple think you are angry with JJ. The facts have been presented and people can make up their own minds.

If you have any issues perhaps you can write a blog and people will contribute to that. Hope fully they can be addressed and resolved there.


sargord, it's quite a bit different imho (corrected)

by Rosie. on

first of all, he didn't 'accept money' for running these ads. he didn't not accept money for not running them. that IS a distinction. second, we're probably talking peanuts here, which makes it third, for me it's not the ad content per se and yada yada, for me this has NOTHING to do with 'treason'. his lack of response, (and that's what really concerns me right now) and any silence and/or defense of HARDLY 'treason', but it's unethical. and self-serving. and worst of all, it's so petty. 




by Shepesh on




by Bavafa on

It is good to know you support and celebrate Israel hostility to Iran and iranians.  Judging by your other posts, I am hardly surprised.

Revor: As Rosie and I have tried to say SO MANY TIMES, this is not about the ads or SP any more.  It is about JJ credibility.


Sargord Pirouz

Rosie, JJ did respond, in

by Sargord Pirouz on

Rosie, JJ did respond, in his blog on Professor Frye accepting a home in Iran.

JJ said that maybe he is a jerk for accepting money from a group advocating war against Iran. That was it: maybe he is a jerk.

That should tell you right there you're not dealing with a towering intellect, nor are you dealing with a firmness of character. 

Quite typical. 


There is a beautiful thing about forums and the host.

by revor on

If you don't like the content or the advertisments th ehost uses to pay fo rthe site....... You can leave...



no, dr. x,

by Rosie. on

we DON'T have CONCLUSIVE evidence of lying. but we DO have CONCLUSIVE evidence that there very well MAY have been a lie.

and we have conclusive evidence that Jahanshah refuses to address this. there could be extenuating circumstances--maybe somehow he didn't KNOW about the filtering option (god knows how), or a couple of others. but not responding is UNETHICAL and anyone who keeps ratonalizing it is also being unethical.


ps whether it's because you 'like' him, or you want to thank him for providing this (ethical) 'free speech' forum, or because it's too painful to deal with, or because it's sargord's blog, or because he has control over your writing materials, it's still unethical to defend or ignore this.


bad faith

by Rosie. on

Khaleh, he wrote a whole blog and sat on it and answered it and went around commenting on the art blogs, business as usual, while repeatedly being asked here, IMPLORED, to comment on the fact that google says any administrator can filter out individual ads.

several people are concerned about this. the issue is NOT RESPONDING. whether he lied or not. this is bad faith.

this is not my opinion. this is a fact.

khaleh mosheh

Good faith

by khaleh mosheh on

Im sure JJ said what he said in good faith based on the available information to him at the time.

Sargord Pirouz

Well, Rosie, welcome to the

by Sargord Pirouz on

Well, Rosie, welcome to the two-faced hypocrisy that is the Iranian exile community.

Consider this, most of these exiles cut and ran back in '79 with a fair amount of loot from the mother country. That it's now a big surprise that this character of people would be silent in the face of a publisher accepting money from a group advocating war against the motherland?

Come on, Rosie, this is what you're dealing with.

Here's the thing, now we know where everybody stands. The anti-Iran element of the site has been exposed for what it is.

Makes you realize how much better the country is, without this treasonous element- don't it. 


This has gone way too far

by Doctor X on

Thanks to the likes of Sargord Pirouz. You guys have already done all the hard work and have all the evidence that JJ is up to no good ha?

This is absolutely rediculous and totally out of line. Look, In this coutry one has the Freedom to choose. do you understand the implications of that? How has it become CLEAR that it is indeed JJ's intentions and he is really doing this? how? Just because Oh it seems, or looks that way to you, or other owners have done it and he has not , so there it is right there??? Accepting ads on a website does not mean Enabling anyone's cause.

The iranian Disapora has a choice to either click or even pay any attention to those adds or just ignore them. Something you guys are apparently not doing. The image that the diaspora projects has become tainted with far worse elements and factors than anything that JJ has at his diposal.

But no. To you what comes out of iran is acceptable since this is how you yourself accept things the way they are, But here on this website any move that is made, anything that is said that does not go with your ideas and beliefs all of a sudden qualifies as Treason and enabling the act of war againts a nation. Pick up a dictionary and then take a  cold shower.

Thank god those who are in charge and their decision  is the final say in this matter , and those who have the last word on this have more decency and wisdom to know better.


ps sorry, i cross-posted with bavafa and shepesh, and

by Rosie. on

so i didn't acknowledge their last posts.  i know jahanshah and i know he tries his damndest to run the site ethically. but he's human and humans make mistakes and we grow as we go along. and this would be a relatively small one, so as long as he responds, it's all good. (imho). not responding is a whole 'nother kettle of fish.

some things ARE sacred.


  While I think benefiting

by Escape on

  While I think benefiting from Israel hostility towards one' home land it is a very lousy way of making a buck, it is well within JJ's right

You've got no problem creating it do you? I mean you have no problem creating hostility for Isreal.Then why should you have a problem recieving it back from Isreal?

I have a problem with people who create hostility for Iran then complain about it.I think thats a dumb thing to do.

And thanks VPK for standing up for sanity,I'm sure if your interest is persian rugs that puts you in the persian rug category doesn't it?If you hated persian rugs and could not stop obessioning your hate for them,you would still be in the persian rug category wouldn't you?







MK, the serious issue (free speech and ethics)

by Rosie. on

is that Jahanshah came on the thread early on and said he has no control over which ads appear but google says ads are shown to the website administrators for approval before they appear. as i said (and said and said) below, i don't give a damn about the content of the ads. or even so much whether there was a lie. the serious issue is Jahanshah's not responding  (which only increases the perception that he lied, btw, for anyone who's not kidding themselves), and now the community at large's not responding to his lack of response. for me the last has now become the most serious issue.

i didn't want this or expect this. i asked sargord to find out from google because i thought he'd be proved wrong  and i'm not happy. but it's my responsibility because i was the one who encouraged sargord. and also, people are not only shrugging it off, but ridiculing him. just because he's him. if ari or vpk had written this blog they wouldn't do that, and jahanshah would've been back here long ago.


this is the same  community that has lived in the 'free' world for a long time. many for three decades, the one that sings the praises of this site for giving them the 'free speech' they were unethically deprived of--as though it's the first time they ever had it. that sings the praises of being  'free' to ethically bludgeon each other on the heads with words and then cries foul to the leader on ethical grounds of free speech if a post gets deleted.  the community that blames the 'others'  on the 'other' side for trashing the country because they were unethical, and they still are, so now the country's not free. 

but now they're silent. it's not about putting jahanshah on trial. if he lied, it's forgivable. as long as he shows up to answer the question.  and if he didn't, lie where is he? he doesn't have to bother showing up because it's sargord? and that's okay? 

a community screaming free speech/ethics, both leader and members, but screaming silence in the most basic case of ethics on the part of the leader (who just happens to give them free rent). you know something, marhoum? the question has arisen here from time to time as to whether iran is 'ready' for democracy.  if--i said IF--this thread (and jahanshah's new one where the issue re-emerged) is representative of this community, and this community is representative of iran, i'm sorry, but the answer is 'no'.

well, people will hrug me of too. after all, who am i? i'm not even iranian.




by Shepesh on



"This is what's generally

by Bavafa on

"This is what's generally considered treasonous behavior towards one's own people"

While I think benefiting from Israel hostility towards one' home land it is a very lousy way of making a buck, it is well within JJ's right. So I think such statement and accusation is way over blown and design to get attention only. But I would apply it to those who are working directly or indirectly to advance the cause of war against Iran, folks such as Fred.

However my issue and rather disgust has been about the lying and the attempted cover up. JJ credibility is certainly on the line here. I no longer feel that my personal information would be safeguarded by JJ, nor have any faith he would resist any cooperation with FBI or other groups in protecting our identity.


marhoum Kharmagas

Not a serious issue

by marhoum Kharmagas on

I believe more Israeli propaganda on this site not only does not benefit them but also it may have the opposite impact, as long as JJ is keeping this site more or less as free as he has kept it (heck, he even tolerates me, although he hates my guts).....take it easy with him, Abodanis are known to be a bit chokhaan, but they don't lie more than the rest of us Iranians.



by AMIR1973 on

This is what's generally considered treasonous behavior towards one's own people. 

Advocating, while living in the U.S., on behalf of a regime that has promoted the killing of Americans (and about 20,000 Iranians--a conservative estimate) and taking them hostage is a perfect definition of treasonous behavior towards one's own people. But then again, what else would you expect from West-residing IRI Groupies? Cheers  :-) 

Sargord Pirouz

Y'know, No Fear, this is

by Sargord Pirouz on

Y'know, No Fear, this is actually much more than just "looking bad". This is enabling the cause of war to be directed against the people of Iran and getting paid for it!

We're talking about much more than mere image. This is what's generally considered treasonous behavior towards one's own people. 

This represents one of those signal moments for this social forum. It's become quite clear that the owner of the site is willing to accept money from Iran's enemies, by allowing pro-war, pro-Zionist ads on You either think this is acceptable, or you don't. It's that simple.

Setting aside the worst aspects of this, though, and turning inwards, yes it does make look bad. It makes the diaspora look bad, for that matter, as if it could look any worse these days. But it's all the work of one man: the site owner of IC, JJ. 


Indeed, it is a serious issue

by AMIR1973 on

It looks really bad that folks on are propagandizing on behalf of an anti-Western terrorist regime while they are living in the West and enjoying its freedoms and inventions (like the Internet). For West-residing IRI Groupies to spout the regime's propaganda is the height of treachery to their countries of residence, don't you think?

No Fear

This is a serious issue

by No Fear on

If our country comes under attack from Israel, this would look really bad on IC that this site receives financial help from our enemy.

This is more than just bad taste.