Pro-Zionist Ads on

Pro-Zionist Ads on
by Sargord Pirouz

There's been some astonishing revelations here at, recently, related to an Israeli connection involving AIPAC.

First and foremost is the banner ad currently being run for Stand for Israel, a pro-Zionist group (the image to the linked site is provided above). I'm assuming this a paid advertisement, and seeing how the publisher of is constantly posting photos from his gallivanting around Europe. I assume that's how he is spending the money he receives from such. Any comment, JJ?

Then today, there's the YouTube embed on Menashe Amir, a broadcaster on Isreal Radio International.It appears that, as some have suggested, has become pro-Zionist. 

Initially, I had resisted the idea, but the ad, the editorial coverage, the AIPAC/WINEP articles unconventionally posted on the main page, it all now adds up.

This isn't unusual. The pro-Isreal groups have a lot of money and influence. That it commands the American mainstream media the way it does, it's a speck in the ocean to take hold of a mere Iranian social forum. 

Pretty sad situation. But hey, JJ, be sure to post those pics from your next European location...


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Q, the ads are still there.

by Rosie. on

They're just of the more generic type, I don't know why. But the link to the anti-settlements petition was here yesterday, although not on Sargord's page. Don't know why not either. 

Sargord Pirouz

No, Amir. Just like in the

by Sargord Pirouz on

No, Amir. Just like in the case of those anti-British Iranian nationalists, it takes a special kind of rottenness for this kind of Iranian to promote Zionism in the region. Actually, it's even worse because in the former case, the sympathies were for a nation that wasn't advocating war against Iran.

And Amir, keep in mind that this is symptomatic among a minority of the more extreme exiles living outside Iran.


Sargord Pirouz

Well Dingo, apparently you

by Sargord Pirouz on

Well Dingo, apparently you fit into the first category. Congratulations.

Escape, check out the following image and tell me if YOU still have a sense of humor:


(That's from a F-16 strike on Gaza) 



by amirkabear4u on

This so called 'astonishing revelations' you mentioned is inherent in Iranian society.

Have a look at this link;



Fairness and Equality in Justice



by Escape on

After all this,you still don't much of a sense of humour

dingo daddy En passant

this is freedom of speech!

by dingo daddy En passant on


IRI can advertise too, what's the problem why get your panties in a bunch over some advertisement. Don't like it, don't click on it.

Ari Siletz

Contextual advertizing

by Ari Siletz on

Google provides software that webmasters can put in their websites so that their site can display ads relevant to the content. In this way the ads are more targeted to the reader. The website has no control over what ads the software decides is relevant. Sometimes its really relevant, sometimes...well it's just dumb software. For example, I wrote a blog which talked about dominoes. You will see an ad there about "ultimate dominoes." Wikipedia says, "A large part of Google's earnings is from its share of the contextual
advertisements served on the millions of webpages running the AdSense

Sargord Pirouz

There's a couple of takes on

by Sargord Pirouz on

There's a couple of takes on this:

The first is an association based on mutual dislike. Now we know that JJ is an exile and holds a grudge against Iran. Apparently that grudge makes him amenable to foreign interest groups that are anti-Iran. There's actually a historical precedent for this kind of behavior, I'm sorry to say. And that harkens back to 1940, when certain Iranians became so anti-British, that they aligned themselves with the interests of Nazi-Germany. Thus, just like back then, when these Iranian nationalists overlooked Nazi crimes such as the subjugation of Czechoslovakia and the bombing of Warsaw, so too today someone like JJ can overlook Israeli crimes such as the Gaza siege, the attack on the Turkish aid convoy and Operation Cast Lead.

Another way of looking at this, I can provide by means of personal experience. You see, for ten years I too was in the publishing business. And we were faced with certain decisions on which ads we would take, and which ones we wouldn't. On the question of cigarette advertisements, we wrestled with the choice of whether to accept the highest price 4-color ad spot from a cigarette company, or to decline it based on public safety, that is to say on moral grounds. I'm happy to say, we took a moral stand and turned down many thousands of dollars. Well, in JJ's case, apparently it appears he's willing to sell out for just about anything- including Zionist expansion in the Middle East at the point of a gun (see the ad with the Israeli soldier, gun in hand).

Bottom line: Pro-Zionist ads on make all Iranians look bad.


It's like holding a cross to Dracula

by Escape on




I have to go vomit now..


Thanks Rosie for providing the link, just signed it.

by Bavafa on



Just an observation

by Q on

I can't see the ads anymore. They were very common yesterday, on this page and on my own blog.

Has the site done something?


Sargord , it is called business

by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

The guy has a name that is politicaly in demand, iranian. Hehas worked on it for years now it is time to bear fruit. I, like you, think here in this site one would get too much of Israel and its croonies. JJ, however, is a business man and this site is his place of business. He would not care who is who!!!


In that way, he,jj, is pretty biase free.

good job Sargord

ram jams

hamsade ghadimi

unbiased tahgord

by hamsade ghadimi on

it's no secret tahgord has a uniform fetish.  and from the picture of this blog, i can tell his fetish transcends over uniforms of all nationalities. :)


Paranoia, paranoia, everybody's coming to get me...

by Onlyiran on

what a great line form this song:


Enjoy Sargord.  Another great lines from the song:

"I'm not sick, but I'm not well."  Applies to your kind.

I guess this one is a good one too:


Do you always feel like somebody is watching you?!! 

Make sure to forward the video to all your other paranoid conspiracy theorist friends.  

BTW--Why is it that I don't see these ads?  I only got the Liz Cheney one.  I get the ad for "Zoosk" online dating, something called "" (sells "dombak" and other Middle Easterns musical instruments) and my local sushi restaurants.  Has Google saved my searches?  I guess at some point I did a Google search trying to date Liz Cheney and entertain her with Arabic music and Sushi. :-))  


Maybe Hamas and Hezbollah should make google ads

by Escape on

 For the Islamic Neocons preference.I'm sure they would love to see instructions on how to shove a bomb up your behind and blow up Zionist occupier pigs.Maybe Amy Goodman can give more lessons on how to be a dumbsh*t and stand in front of bulldozers.Nothing like a little piece of land to start off a Good War!! Allah Ackbar,Happy fricken Jihad...


Sign the Petition. Israel Must End House Demolitions Now/admin

by Rosie. on

Sargord, here is the petition:


It is in an ad on the upper right hand corner of this page as I type. It was automatically generated by google.

Sargord's inquiry is normal and legitimate. How do the ads get here? In the beginning when the google ads first appeared, I didn't understand it either.

On the other hand, Sargord, you're being a bt silly and also unfair because you are equating the ads to the editorial content. Why can't people just understand that this is a free speech forum and it is above board? Since the uprising the political demographic of the ste has changed a LOT. It has become more conservatve. At the time of the invasion of Gaza the left-leaning pro-Palestinian people were the large majority and the more 'conservative' faction with almost ANY views sympathetic to Israel was a minority and were painfully aware of it.

I have my theory as to why the demographic has taken the particular shape it has since the uprising and I've written about it elsewhere onsite. But I won't write about it now unless someone wants me to.

Sargord, if you want more like-minded people to post and submit here, you should ask your acquaintances who have a viewpoint similar to yours to hop on board. And you too. Submit more editorial content, the political orientation of the content will change. Just look, you are featured today!

Sad afarin!


ADMIN: On a related note, ever since the archive was removed recently, there is effectively no way for a person to go back and view the content of a particular time. So Sargord or anyone else can't take just go back and take a look at, say, the Gaza period. On the other hand, the archive was not effective because t was not visible so hardly anyone knew it was there. I only knew because Foaad told me. It did  seem a bit incomplete too, but it was a helluva lt better than nothing.

The archive was easily navigable because you could click on the year and month you wanted to go to. (Not sure about day). Then you got to see ALL content at once. Now if you want to go back, you have to sit there FOREVER going back page by page (well ,a few pages at once. but still...), and you can only do it by section: articles, blogs, news, etc. It has zero navigability really.

I have made these observations to admin before. I have told Foaad that navigability is my major concern in terms of site functioning. A couple of my suggestions were implemented but not the three above: make the archive more visible, and more recently, restore the archive. And the issue of navigating through through the sections as well.


this is the money out of the

by benross on

this is the money out of the warmongers pocket

I didn't know you put ads too. 


aghaye sargord...

by shushtari on

the fact that you, a proven akhoond-worshiper has the opportunity to spew his guts on this site proves that everyone has free access to say what they want.....


In all fairness,

by jasonrobardas on

   I have read articles on this web site that condemned the israelee brutality . So far , there has been a faire balance of ideas . Right now , as I am writing this , there is an ad by google on this site : " sign petition to end israel demolition now " .

    We do need to be consicous though . some friends of Israel  love israel unconditionaly . No matter what it does .


Sargord your computer is now infected with Israeli cookies!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


Ads, What ads? Should I pay more attention to ads, Now.

by عموجان on

Thank you for the good work, you are doing. I like your site, this is a great outlet for us to express our opinions. I hope you make allot money for whatever reason.

Please Jenab Sargord take it easy, take a bus. You yourself use this site to prompt your buddies IRGC and put up your propaganda videos I haven’t seen any body stop you. You just can’t stand the responds. May be you should put a request for a bigger budget and start your own web site. I come visit you just don't expect me to be nice. 

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

It's disturbing to see ads that seek Iranians' support to bomb their mother land. It's shameful. I wonder if Israeli Americans let this happen to Israel? Everything is for sale here even your own people. 



by Bavafa on

Lets just click on those ads and make money for JJ.

Each time those ads are clicked, JJ and Google make $$$, this is the money out of the warmongers pocket. If I can drain their pocket, I sure will. And of course all they get out of those ads from me, is my middle finger.



These ads are automatically

by benross on

These ads are automatically generated by google depending on the content on the page. Just like John McCain and Sarah Palin ads during the elections.

Nice try JJ. But I just got an ad on this same page for a video game called 'space war'. Obviously this is a training tool for zionists to attack Iran. And when I refreshed the page, the zionists noticed that they couldn't fool me that way, so they put an ad about 'Canada premier online personals service'. That's for engaging me with a pretty woman. Obviously a zionist woman and to use my weakness to lure me to the service of their diabolic agenda. They even knew exactly which town I live. How about that JJ? You think I'm stupid? You think I don't know what you are doing?

pastor bill rennick

God bless Israel!

by pastor bill rennick on

May Israel get the testicular fortitude to bomb the hell out of the mullahs & company!



like to see more of these ads

by mahmoudg on

this is a free country and anything is possible "nothing is sacred", heck i will even tolerate ads on worthless arabs and palestinians popping up here.  Can't say much for the Islamic Rapist Republic banning any add that is not favorable to shiites.  NOW THAT IS TOLERNCE, dont you think???????



"majority's voice is drowned by the loud mouthed minority."

by yousef on

You said it pal, LOUD and clear!


You are going too far Sargord

by MOOSIRvaPIAZ on is anything but zionist. It's just that, like all other avenues of communication these days, the silent majority's voice is drowned by the loud mouthed minority.

afshinazad, you too are going way over your head. Iranian by definition is anti-zionist/anti-racism. Of course many people have varying definitions in their mind when it comes to Zionism. The Zionism I'm talking about is the idea of a religion exclusive (in this case Judaism) state.


now he's telling us about "" and cookies....

by yousef on

Why not earlier, before some of us were found out by the ex wife/gf visiting ****.com!

But we'd still love to know how to get rid of the hard coded, HW embeded traces of our journies through cyber space! Precisely which chip contains it and what is the replacement part number for it? Any special soldering instructions/ESD precautions would be most appreciated.....

hamsade ghadimi

the topic of this thread

by hamsade ghadimi on

the topic of this thread will certainly increase the israeli/jewish dating ads.  well done tahgord, you must've been at the top of your class. 

jj, enjoy the rest of your travels.  with all the different pictures you use for your avatar, i see that you're a master of disguise.  you israelis are really smart.  you've gotten tahgord hooked on ic just as you've hooked mousavi on opium.  :D