Pro-Zionist Ads on

Pro-Zionist Ads on
by Sargord Pirouz

There's been some astonishing revelations here at, recently, related to an Israeli connection involving AIPAC.

First and foremost is the banner ad currently being run for Stand for Israel, a pro-Zionist group (the image to the linked site is provided above). I'm assuming this a paid advertisement, and seeing how the publisher of is constantly posting photos from his gallivanting around Europe. I assume that's how he is spending the money he receives from such. Any comment, JJ?

Then today, there's the YouTube embed on Menashe Amir, a broadcaster on Isreal Radio International.It appears that, as some have suggested, has become pro-Zionist. 

Initially, I had resisted the idea, but the ad, the editorial coverage, the AIPAC/WINEP articles unconventionally posted on the main page, it all now adds up.

This isn't unusual. The pro-Isreal groups have a lot of money and influence. That it commands the American mainstream media the way it does, it's a speck in the ocean to take hold of a mere Iranian social forum. 

Pretty sad situation. But hey, JJ, be sure to post those pics from your next European location...


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by AntiMozakhraf on

No need for legwork. Here is the simple answer to it all regardless of category.


You can pick and choose to your heart's desire. The last paragraph is what the conveniently Sphinxified one must have taken note of.


Thanks, AM.

by Rosie. on

Actually I dd try to find the information at google at the beginning but I couldn't find the part about filtering.

I think these two categories are relevant, the first deinitely, the second maaaybe. 

  • Politics: Includes politics or controversial social issues; does not include ads for news organizations that are not generally associated with a partisan viewpoint on issues.
  • Religion: Includes religious ads and ads advocating for or against religious views; does not include astrology or non-denominational spirituality.
  • However, I have a feeling it doesn't get more specific than that. So in politics we've had ads about stopping some program or other of Obama's, others I can't remember. And again, along with the pro-Israel ads came the petition against settllements.

    As far as religion goes, well, that doesn't REALLY apply. There was one I linked below about a Jewish Studies program. And we have lots of ads for the Bahai.

    So...the next step would be to find out if it's possible to narrow it down. If you're curious you're better at this than me. Otherwise, u n who can do that 'legwork'. lol

    Mardom Mazloom


    by Mardom Mazloom on

    Tashakor. It's SP's blog effect which raises a bunch of exclamations - e!e!e! or extra "e"s everywhere - that are hard to hide :)


    Rosie and others

    by AntiMozakhraf on


    Well, AM, fair point

    by Rosie. on

    But I don't think he would take money for a cause he hates. But that's just me. He has become a sphinx here on this thread. That's his business, because I can't change it. And nobody else could here either.

    We're talking here about SP's accusations, and now IMF's. If they want to prove their accusations, they have to take the first step. If there isn't any way to filter these types of ads, case closed. Then your question is interesting but it's another matter for a somewhat different discussion and it's academic.

    If the ads can be filtered SP and IMF still won't have proof thtat he allows them to be posted for a fee, but at least there will be grounds to pursue the issue more aggresively on a new blog.That's the sole point I'm focussing on now. If it turns out that we know he's paid for posting those ads then your point is very relevant. 

    Well, IMF, will you do the legwork?


    'he wouldn't take a penny from anyone to contaminate that dream'

    by AntiMozakhraf on

    What is the difference between taking money from the Zionists offsite with ads and taking money from Zionists onsite when he has a fundraising drive??


    IMF, I'm not being evasive. I've been very clear. Very concrete.

    by Rosie. on

    Read all my posts carefully up the thread, please. We all already know the  ads are there. I also posted the anti-settlement petition which was also there from google.

    If Jahanshah has absconded from the blog I can['t change that and neither can Sargord. When something like that happens you have to do your own muckraking, provide concrete evidence.

    I provided a couple of concrete things and I asked Sargord to do the same and he showed me one link to an article, which proves nothing much on a free speech forum.

    I'm not going to draw conclusions without evidence and I'm not going to do the legwork to find it either. Because they're not my accusations. Whatever you may think of him, or I as well at times, one thing I can tell you about Jahanshah  is that he's his own person. He built this, it's his dream. He set up his life so he could be his own person and he never would sell that person to anyone and he wouldn't take a penny from anyone to contaminate that dream, especially for a cause he loathes.

    Don't believe me? Prove me wrong.

    Hours upon hours ago Sargord absconded too. Unless he is in hospital in traction he should've at least told us he's coming back. He is the one who's being evasive. Not me.

    You do the legwork if Sargord won't. Someone has to contact  Google and find out if individual types of ads can be filtered out (at a cost that won't break the site's back.

    You do the legwork Cuz honey chile, it ain't gonna be me.


    Agha velesh koneed in JJ bichareh ro

    by AntiMozakhraf on

    Each Zionist ad probably pays a nickle to be here on the site. Have you forgotten who you are dealing with??? Joon beh ezra'eel nemidan ina. So JJ has been collecting his nickles and dimes so he can go stay at 5 star hoStels in Europe. Velesh koneed digeh az damaghesh dar oomad bichareh. Nasheh paronee nakonid khodaro khosh nemiyad.



    by on

    Can you once for all address the point that sargord is trying to get across and stop being evassive! He keeps repeating that there are pro Zionists ads and you keep talking about news and blogs during barbarian Gaza massacare that are totally different than paid advertisements, no?

    As a matter of fact, there was an ad run at the same time by Zionists here at IC titled someting like "Get the true facts about Gaza" with a flashing banner. I am sure IC can dig out such traces and/or their contracts, NO?




    Can We All Get Just Along?

    by Faramarz on

    People, let's try to get along like in Indian movies!


    Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

    Madrom Mazloom

    by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


    Yes, you basically got it right.

    Well stated. Just one nit: makes SP mad not made :-)


    Comrade, honestly, love it

    by Rea on

    It just surprised me, that's all.


    But as it seems, everybody is spying on everybody here. So, you might be just another zionist with that avatar.  ;o)

    Late here, nite. 




    I said below that I went through all this for 5 reasons (edited)

    by Rosie. on

    They're all related imho to the welfare of the site. I won't elaborate on them unless somene asks me to, but this I'll say:

    Sargord, I spent a good deal of time and effort here. I did the legwork to cough up the news pages from the time of Gaza to show you what I consider testimony that this not a Zionist site. (No, it doesn't TOTALLY prove your allegations wrong about accepting MONEY willingly for specific Zionist ads NOW, but it's something). I also asked you to give me the link to the part of the website you said you found that said this site had some relationship to Zionism.

    Sargord if you had to go somewhere you should've told us. Not just me Us. If your allegations prove wrong you could still keep credibility by cooperating in a reasonable way. But you really haven't. So you're losing credibility fast.

    I'm going to wait til tomorrow morning to see if you answer even just ONE of my questions here. And if you don't I'm done and not only is your credibility about your allegations shot, but your credibility in general, that is to say, for me. Because for most other people here, rightly or wrongly, you had little credibility anyway. 


    Rea. Off topc

    by comrade on

    Relax lady, soon I'll change it for you.

    Sorry Sargord. I've a soft spot.

    “The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people.”




    by Rea on

    Off topic.

    Where the hell did you get that avatar from ? I'd just about had a heart attack believing it was exYu on IC. 

    Are you spying on me using ads and avatars ?  ;o)  



    Unless He Is One Of Those Lefty Jews!

    by comrade on

    This is the first time I am seeing this top photo. If the image has been manipulated to make the soldier look foolish by saluting with his left hand, it has instead given him the advantage of holding his rifle in his right hand, which is generally an advantage in a shootout in defence of his homeland.  

    “The production of too many useful things results in too many useless people.”




    by Escape on

    There's no humour in war so don't start them.Tell that to your Hamas/Hezi buddies.Tell that to the preachers who preach war in Palestine every day.Tell that to the poster makers who make martyrs out of suicide bombers and post them all over Palestine.Tell that to the brainwashers who brainwash Palestine children to war.Tell that to the people who hide bombs and rockets in Palestineans houses and gas station's.

    It only takes the common sense even a jungle animal has.I mean,even FISH have the brains to know stay away from the bigger fish,they will eat you..If you shot rockets at me,I will kill you.I'm just as serious about defense as you are.I was minding my own business once when a 'friend' shot a BB gun at me at a party,it whizzed by my ear..I jumped my 210 lbs on top of him and bashed his head off a cement sidewalk about 5 times.My hands around his throat,I was seriously going to kill him.I would have continued on if they had not pulled me off him.You don't shoot gun's at me..I got that message thru to his skull directly.

    I don't start fights,I have the brains enough to know people fight back.When I start a fight,I expect one back.Don't think you are fooling anyone,don't expect the Isreali's to sit and get rocketed over and over by some Hamas fricken itiot's and do nothing about it.Then when they do,act like it's all the Isreali's fault.This is what you are doing.And you are supporting the fight by arming Hamas and Hezbollah so don't be ridiculous by showing the victims of a fight YOU SUPPORT.




    When Natalia and I were in constant communication (VPK, SP)

    by Rosie. on

    we got the same ads. She got Houston when she wrote about Houston where she lives, I got it too. I have nothing to do with Houston. Are these ads really personalized? I thought you people were joking. I just got something about food. I never search about food.

    Sargord, did you check out the news link and the last ten pages of articles?

    Sargord Pirouz

    Hey, don't blame me, I'm not

    by Sargord Pirouz on

    Hey, don't blame me, I'm not the only one who gets the pro-Zionist ads here at

    I've never gotten pro-Zionist ads anywhere else I've visited.

    And I can't remember visiting pro-Zionist sites at any time other than checking the link from the ad here at

    Now I have heard of ads popping up on sites I've visited where the site owner has been informed of such, and has taken action to make sure offensive ads are not repeated, and an apology has been offered. But that sure doesn't seem to be the case here at

    So don't shoot the messenger! The sad fact is that pro-Zionist ads appear to be supported on this site. And that pretty well speaks for itself. 


    that's a religious text

    by SecularDemocraticIran on

    it looks like a quote from some Jewish religious book, that's just a religious text with a soldier and their flag in the background, I don't see anything zionist there

    A large percentage of Iranians in the US are Jewish and they consider Israel as the country of all Jews as all Muslims  pray to Mecca. When you people want to leave racism and hate aside and put your feet in other people's shoes? 

    Just because there is a dispute over  land between Arabs and Israel they are all evil?

    I actually think Zionists  are more open minded than the religious fanatic Jews because they are secular and many are even atheists. 

     Saddam's Baath party tout the same about us Persians and racist Arab  nationalists also believe that Khuzestan is an Arab land and occupied by the Persians. 

     این طرز فکر نژادپرستانه ای را که جمهوری اسلامی در طی سالها در مغزتان فرو کرده اند را دور بریزید و با فکر باز و منطقانه به مسایل نگاه کنید.

    مرگ بر جمهوری اسلامی و هر چه خرافاتی، به هر دین و مرامی


    Mardom Mazloom

    What I've learned from this blog and the comments I read:

    by Mardom Mazloom on

    1- Sargord use to click on Israeli websites more than other stuff on the net - that's why he gets zionist cookies which make him made.

    2- Unlike millions of Iranian youths, Sargord doesn't know what filters like
    are good for?

    3- Sargord doesn't read Farsi - so the question is why does he think that he's more Iranian than others who are born in Iran, and speak Farsi like Fred who comes to be an AIPAC lover?

    3 bis- Sargord jan I mean that in my view, Fred is more Iranian than you, though he has a bunch of zionist ideas which are diametrically opposite from mine. 


    سرگرد و صهیونیسم چقدر قشنگن! ایشالا مبارکش باد!


    Everything is sacred



    by Rosie. on

    I just gogled what you asked me to. In various orders.

    First I got your original blog here and in a couple of minutes I got your actual post with those words.

    Please send me a link to what you came up with.

    Sargord, I am getting very tired and I have things to do. I have five reasons for putting myself through all this. But I would like to call it a wrap soon.


    commie mullah...YUK

    by Cost-of-Progress on

    how could you even think that. I think I'll go throw up.





    Ufff !

    by Rea on

    "Google ads are tailored on an individual basis." 

    @VPK, you got me there.  From what I remember, you are a computer expert (in fact, one of your bloggs, few months ago, had helped me solve a problem).  Shall I get worried then, considering I'm still getting the same dating agency site ?  En+, at my age. ;o)

    @khaleh m., by the same token, ask yourself why you're getting that debt advice site?  ;o)


    Please just do as I asked you to

    by Rosie. on

    in my last two posts, wiould you please?

    First look at the news section from the time of the invasion.

    (The Pat Buchanan article is posted as a CRITICISM of his viewpoint...).

    Sargord Pirouz

    Sheesh Rosie. I' haven't

    by Sargord Pirouz on

    Sheesh Rosie. I' haven't been pointing this out this long, here at IC.

    But do this, google the following keywords: warning: source is pro-zionist 

    You'll find two recent articles placed by the management of on the main page that are sourced from AIPAC/WINEP. And that's just two recent examples. There's more, but I haven't been pointing them out until recently.

    Like I said, I wasn't willing to subscrive to the notion that was supportive of Zionism until the ad appeared. Up until that point, I was merely advocating that disclaimers be placed on such content not posted by independent forum members upon the main page. But now that the premium pro-Zionist ad has appeared on, there can be no doubt whatsoever as to the sympathies of the site's publisher. It's all out in the open now!



    by Rosie. on

    (i.e. Pumpkinhead),

    The blog is not in the Hot Today box because it is yesterday's blog. It is however in the most discussed and still featured.

    Now you are really starting to get ridiculous. Why don't you do something reasonable and do what I asked you to do in my last post?

    I have done something reasonable. I have produced a link for you to the news section from the time of the invasion of Gaza. Please feel free to browse. You can see the draconian pro-Israeli focus of the readership. As a paid AIPAC agent, you can see how at that time Javid made sure the place was wallpapered with Zionist propaganda  (And this doesn't even TELL you what was FEATURED...)



    Sargord Pirouz

    Not HOT TODAY!

    by Sargord Pirouz on

    This is amusing, too: this thread has had the most comments posted on it today, yet it isn't listed on the "HOT TODAY" section on the main page of

    Whatever. Just another way of telling us that the management at is pro-Zionist. No need for guesswork, anymore. 


    Okay, Sargord,

    by Rosie. on

    here's the Pepsi challenge.

    Would you mind going back the past ten pages of articles and cite the ones you feel are pro-Israel and the ones you think are anti-Israel?