Pro-Zionist Ads on

Pro-Zionist Ads on
by Sargord Pirouz

There's been some astonishing revelations here at, recently, related to an Israeli connection involving AIPAC.

First and foremost is the banner ad currently being run for Stand for Israel, a pro-Zionist group (the image to the linked site is provided above). I'm assuming this a paid advertisement, and seeing how the publisher of is constantly posting photos from his gallivanting around Europe. I assume that's how he is spending the money he receives from such. Any comment, JJ?

Then today, there's the YouTube embed on Menashe Amir, a broadcaster on Isreal Radio International.It appears that, as some have suggested, has become pro-Zionist. 

Initially, I had resisted the idea, but the ad, the editorial coverage, the AIPAC/WINEP articles unconventionally posted on the main page, it all now adds up.

This isn't unusual. The pro-Isreal groups have a lot of money and influence. That it commands the American mainstream media the way it does, it's a speck in the ocean to take hold of a mere Iranian social forum. 

Pretty sad situation. But hey, JJ, be sure to post those pics from your next European location...


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Ads are related to cookies embedded in computer

by i_support_khamenie on

so when I recently visited the website, I noticed that on this page as well as pages there are ads for  

 That is the genius behind the google ad revenue generating machine.  The target the ads towards the cookies in one's computer.

That is not to say that AIPAC is not involved.  Infact, in late 2009/early 2010 there was a major conference for supporters of Israel in which over 1000 of online savvy individuals participated on way to propogate the Israeli view point.

The best example of their campaign is the doubt they have cast over the shooting of 9 yr mohammad al durra whom was killed by IDF while being held by his father.

As you recall, the Israeli media machine tried to quickly divert attention from the shooting by  casting doubt on the French cameraman.  Then two days later, they video taped what they called a mob of Palestinians who killed two Israeli soldiers in a yellow concrete building.


Maryam Hojjat

Thanks JJ for

by Maryam Hojjat on

explaining to this moron SP whom make me sick of his blog and his comments as being pro-IRI/IRR and anti-zionist.  Shame on you Sargord Pirouz. What are you doing in the land of freedom? BTW: Here is infedel land!

Jahanshah Javid

Israel Ads

by Jahanshah Javid on

These ads are automatically generated by google depending on the content on the page. Just like John McCain and Sarah Palin ads during the elections.

The ads have nothing to do with

Javadagha is used to spread lies& promote terrorist activities

by Javadagha on

According to USA State Dept. if someone such as Fred makes threat(s) and advocates bombing(s), he is a terrorist.

No one wants to cover up IRI atrocities, but it is NOT upto neo-con's to get involved. is used to spread lies and promote terrorist activities.


Bigger Fish...much bigger

by Cost-of-Progress on


Quick....Hop on a plane NOW and go join your fellow criminals-in-charge in Iran.

If you are too chicken shit to do this, then STFU. You keep up your blind support for the anti Iran regime in Iran, you're no better than any other half witted moron - AN-tellectual or not - supporting this criminal enterprise.

Except for the regime's nonsensical propaganda, Iranians, both inside and outside Iran, could careless about Israel and its affairs.

---- As I'm sure you're aware, Iranians have a much bigger fish to fry. ---- 

Over and out.