Discrediting observers

Why U.S. media turned on Arab League this time

01-Jan-2012 (26 comments)
Once again, we see the frightening collusion of the U.S. Imperial government with their war partner British colonialists, but this time not in Iraq but in Syria. Immediately upon the arrival of the UN sponsored Arab League Delegation (AL) into the Syrian capital and cities, the American media antagonists wasted not a second in discounting the AL's initial reporting, fearful that the 150+ observers in the delegation weren't going the way of their interventionist plans, and not siding with the opposition's claims>>>


Good acting, good filming, awful story

Farhadi's "A Separation"

01-Jan-2012 (17 comments)
We are apparently condemned to films that express reality and then we are forced to sit in the dark and watch as our reality once again tears off the barely damp scabs, to open the wound anew. A wound that doesn't even bleed anymore. It just stings. A lot. This is honestly how I felt watching "A Separation". A film that is reaping award after award as it soars across Europe on it's way to Hollywood, where the Oscar buzz is most certainly buzzing>>>


درگیری «فیزیکی» مجلسیان

درگیری یک نماینده مجلس با یک نماینده دولت تنها نمودی از یک اختلاف عمیق‌تر است

28-Dec-2011 (6 comments)
واقعه‌ای که سه شنبه در مجلس شورای اسلامی اتفاق افتاد به خودی خود مسئله مهمی نبود. یک نماینده مجلس با یک مقام دولتی به صورت لفظی و فیزیکی درگیر شدند، دومی به صورت اولی سیلی زد و به دنبال آن به دستور رییس مجلس از صحن مجلس اخراج شد. برخورد اخیر بیش از آن چه که یک کشمکش دو جانبه بین نماینده فریمان در مجلس و رئیس سازمان هدفمندی یارانه‌ها باشد نمودی از یک انشقاق و برخورد عمیق‌تر در ارکان حکومتی است>>>


نمایش انتخابات

اصلاح‌طلبان چه نقشی خواهند داشت؟

آن چه که تا کنون اصلاح‌طلبان انجام داده‌اند از عدم شرکت در انتخابات - به معنای نامزد نشدن - فراتر نرفته است. آنان هنوز حتا از عدم شرکت به معنای رأی ندادن صریحاً سخن نگفته‌اند. ولی اگر این هم گفته شود، مسئله از یک تحریم منفعلانه پیش‌تر نخواهد رفت. آن چه که لازم است یک تحریم فعال است. فعالان تحول‌خواه جنبش سبز از مدت‌ها پیش نغمه تحریم را سر داده‌اند و در این مورد تأملی ندارند>>>


Cracking IRI's Curtain

Interview with VOA Persian's Ramin Asgard

19-Dec-2011 (13 comments)
Essentially, VOA Persian and Radio Farda serve as the U.S. government’s primary communication channel and lifeline to the people of Iran, and because VOA Persian produces television, and is in Washington, it comes under far more scrutiny. Because of this de facto role as a conduit to Iran, and operating within the politically-charged arenas of U.S.-Iran tensions, Washington politics, and buffeted by the complex motivations and input from the large Iranian diaspora, PNN often finds itself under intense scrutiny>>>


Diplomacy, regime change, or war?

Results of national survey of Iranian Americans

11-Dec-2011 (43 comments)
Thirty eight percent (38%) of Iranian Americans believe that diplomatic negotiations or establishing diplomatic relations (each received 19%) are the best foreign policy approaches vis-à-vis Iran that would also be in the best interests of the United States. In contrast, thirty-two percent (32%) believe that the promotion of regime change would be in the best interest of the United States. Only three percent (3%) of Iranian Americans favor a military option against Iran>>>


یک فاجعه انسانی در حال وقوع

وظیفه داریم به دفاع از حقوق انسانی ساکنان اردوگاه اشرف برخیزیم

08-Dec-2011 (66 comments)
هر چه به ضرب الاجل آخر دسامبر نزدیک می‌شویم خطر فاجعه بیشتر می‌شود. اگر عراق به تقاضای جامعه جهانی برای تمدید ضرب الاجل پاسخ مثبت ندهد، فاجعه حتمی است. نیروهای عراقی به صدد تصرف اردوگاه اشرف بر می‌آیند و مجاهدین با احساس خطر این که ممکن است عراق بخواهد برخی از آنان را به رژیم ایران تحویل دهد طبیّعتاً به سادگی تسلیم نمی‌شوند و با دست‌های خالی خود به مقاومت بر خواهند خاست>>>


WMD Free Zone

Avoiding a collision over nuclear monopoly and deterrence

08-Dec-2011 (4 comments)
The seemingly never-ending spectacle around the so-called Iran nuclear conflict, which is more often tilting towards war than a peaceful resolution, has again produced heated debates on its whereabouts. With the bulk of the policy debates endlessly vacillating between a rock (war) and a hard place (sanctions), it is clear that both options will not alleviate concerns for both nuclear proliferation and the Iranian civil society’s well-being>>>


Haji Yadet Nist

Stinging satire on Rafsanjani from Kiosk's new album

05-Dec-2011 (32 comments)


Dubious Win

Iran's growing isolation

04-Dec-2011 (2 comments)
The Islamic Republic of Iran is now more isolated than it has been since the 1980s, but it also has a greater capacity to respond in ways that could disrupt the world economy - affecting the price and supply of oil, for example. Iran has more mature asymmetric capabilities to carry out acts of violence abroad through groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas. And it has more missiles that could attack Saudi oil fields, as well as a steadily growing stockpile of partially enriched uranium that could be turned into nuclear weapons if Iran so chose>>>


The Hoopla, The Hope

The Hoopla, The Hope

Panel discussion on Iran's nuclear crisis

by Nazy Kaviani
02-Dec-2011 (38 comments)



بریتانیا در صدر فهرست «دشمنان» جمهوری اسلامی

خشم رژیم علیه کاربرد سلاح نرم از سوی بریتانیا

30-Nov-2011 (6 comments)
اقدام رژیم ایران برای تقلیل روابط سیاسی با بریتانیا و در پی آن، حمله خرابکارانه عوامل رژیم به سفارت‌خانه این کشور در تهران که در روز سه‌شنبه اتفاق افتاد، یکی از واکنش‌های تند جمهوری اسلامی در برابر فشارهای بین‌الملللی و انزوای روزافزون رژیم در سطح جهان بشمار می‌رود. هم اکنون طیف جدیدی از تحریم‌های مالی و بانکی و نفتی علیه ایران در دستور کار کشورهای غربی قرار گرفته است>>>


Naz or Kotak?

Iran is a pomegranate that has rotted from the inside

30-Nov-2011 (4 comments)
Well this is awesome. It looks like we are finally getting somewhere! With the lines now drawn clearly, and less confusion coming from a rapidly winding down Iraq, and a soon to be quietly chirping with crickets Afghanistan, the US can rest up a bit, get some decent grub for a change, do some Christmas shopping and ring in the new year by turning it's attention to a much deprived Iran. Uh, Yeah Right! Not so fast!>>>


WoW! Trita Parsi Makes Sense!

Brilliant. Bloody Brilliant.

28-Nov-2011 (51 comments)
Personally, I have met Trita many times and found him to be genuine, polite, caring, and just an all around nice guy to talk to. When he does, he has a warm smile. Intellectually, I think he's a genius. I think the correct technical term would be "Freaking Genius". I've read all his books and listened to him speak, and there is little doubt in my mind that this is anything other than a great man and mind, trapped in a little body, in a bad suit, with a bad choice of hairstyle>>>


Al Jazeera Ambush of Parazit

None of these brats really gets the reality of the situation Parazit is in

26-Nov-2011 (23 comments)
The Al Jazeera show the "Stream" hosted Kambiz Hosseini and Saman Arbabi the co-creators of the top anti-government TV show Parazit in a seemingly harmless interview. Or so that's how it started. Within a few minutes of the introduction though the real motives of the "Fox News of Arabia" came to the surface and the slick turdiness of sensationalist back-stabbing, jealousy-lined and Hannity-Limbaugh-Murdoch pick a subtle point and ambush it style of journalism that AJ is only known for, came through>>>