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Haft Khaan
Esmaal Aghaa's Matrimonial Guide
By Esmaal Aaghaa

Press the button
One cannot have a dialogue with uncivilized nations
By Arya Abedin

1, 2, 3... testing
The demands of the people of Iran

You asked for it
Cartoons: Religion & politics
By Saman

A little magic
Wish you all a Very Merry Christmas
By Shappi Khorsandi

Hell. A.
"Amigo, are you OK?"
By Siamack Baniameri

Freezing cold
All we need now is an airport strike...
By Siamack Salari

Notes from the edge
Blair's nemesis?
By Peyvand Khorsandi

Truth shall triumph
Notice of Resignation from Three Kings of Orient
By Fatema Soudavar Farmanfarmaian

Three Persian kings
A Christmas tale
By Marjaneh Zahed - Khorassani - Kindersley

Hell of a day
Fasting on Ramadan
By Siamack Baniameri

Audio: Zabooneh roozeh
Talking about fasting and Ramadan on Bern's Persian radio
By dAyi Hamid

Thanksgiving on Ramadan
Time to go on a "regime"
By Niki Tehranchi

Blessed by bademjan
Damn! She would be scarfing down my khoresht!
By Heather-ley Peckham

Conference Berlin
Cross between eggplants and bananas
By Cyrous Moradi

Bahs dar foroodgaah
Airport arguments
By Cyrous Moradi

Make it your bible, bubba
How to woo a middle-aged Iranian woman
By Azam Nemati

Me and my iron
The possibilities are endless
By Marjaneh Zahed-

Abjo-ye Shams
Short story
By Cyrous Moradi

Sarbaz imam zaman
We are pass this training, and they are send us for fight and war with Iraqi
By Hossein Hajiagha

Saying hello to Iranians
Friends in Paris, strangers in Madrid
By Siamack Salari

My brain
The big head vs. the little head
By Siamack Baniameri

Death of a close friend
The demise of Gol Agha magazine
By Shahin Milani

Eenhaa tamaaroz meekonand
Short story
By Cyrous Moradi

Chenin konand bozorgaan (2)
Teymour Lang (Tamerlane)
By Khodadad Rezakhani

It's real ruff out there
Campaign to save Iranian dogs from persecution
By Niki Tehranchi

Right in Madrid
People have yet to regard communism with the same horror they rightly do Nazism
By Alidad Vassigh

Eyewitenss screws
Media exaggerations
By Farrokh A. Ashtiani

Chenin konand bozorgaan
Shah Abbas
By Khodadad Rezakhani

Talk some sense
Hating the Americans or the Iraqi government is not a starting point
By Siamack Salari

Taking to the streets
Peace rally in London
By Shappi Khorsandi

Healthy society
Junkies and prostitutes contribute more to our society than you and I ever could
By Siamack Baniameri

I hate Sony
And I hate myself because I still buy things like a 7-year-old
By Siamack Salari

Az saayeye khod betarseed!
Fear your own shadow
By Saeed Tavakkol

The sacrificial lamb
A bloody Sunday that ended happily. Nobody got arrested.
By Farrokh A. Ashtiani

The sacrificial lamb
A bloody Sunday that ended happily. Nobody got arrested.
By Farrokh A. Ashtiani

The Big Three O
The glorious things about reaching 30
By Shappi Khorsandi

Zan zalil
Most Iranian women like to keep their man on a short leash
By Siamack Baniameri

The kiss
By Hossein Nushazar

(Fat) lost brother
Half-Libyan construction workers AND food lovers
By Siamack Salari

How about 'God Bless the Whole World'?
Three times as many civilians have been killed in Afghanistan than died in the WTC
By Shappi Khorsandi

Conference call
Tony, Mohammad and George
By Arash Z

Business as usual
Iranian ads in Los Angeles
By Jahanshah Javid

Moral dilemma
To give them an Iranian recipe or not to give them an Iranian recipe?
By Shappi Khorsandi

Docharkheh dozdee shoghle sharifist
Bicycle thief
English text
By Saeed Tavakkol

Enshaay Mohsen
Returning my cousin's favor
By Shahriar Zahedi

Bridal imports
We are dealing with a generation that is a bit shaky upstairs
By Siamack Baniameri

By Hossein Nushazar

He's half-Iranian, you know
At last we have our own version of Ricky Martin
By Shappi Khorsandi

Doaaye "Green Card" yaa...
Bush's plans for Iran
By Kaveh P.

Real pahlavans
May the FARS be with you!
By Babak Khiavchi

Checkpoint Mehrabad (1) (2) (3)
Reza Pahlooi's travel to Tehran
By Ramin Tork

Beh farang meeravi?
Leaving Iran on a trip
By Peyman Hooshmandzadeh

Khaaneye afaaf
Official brothel
By Hossein Nushazar

The Irooni way
Aberoo-Rizi may be just be mightier than the sword
By Hassan Moodar

The OK mullah
Religion, for example, is one thing I have problems with
By Siamack Baniameri

Goftegoo baa Iran Khaanoom
By Hossein Nushazar

To be or not to be Pahlavi
My name is not Pahlavi. It is Pahlooi
By Ramin Tork
Continuation of "Checkpoint Mehrabad"

Omberian visa requirements
Do you qualify?
By Mehdi Nasrin

Watch your ass
A few recommendations to my fellow Iranians
By Saeed Tavakkol

Haji Be Em Ve
Photo essay: Driving a BMW in Mashad
By Ali Shahidi

Suddenly Pavarotti hit the high C. And so did I!
By Marjaneh Joon

Dialogue of civilizations
Commercial graphics
By Moe

Tah-dig seeking its essence
By Shoorideh Sanandaji and Moji Agha

Persis Erectus
For Iranians it seems history does not repeat itself
By Farrokh A. Ashtiani

By Saeed Tavakkol

English text

Not Johnny or Jane
I'm a hairy monster
By Marjaneh Joon

Just another soccer widow
I had no intention of being replaced by a game of football
By Parissa Sohie

10 pins of separation
How far apart are we?
By Bruce Bahmani

Soosk Khan
Roachus Superiorty Complexus
By Korosh Khalili

Do people play football?
Of course not!
By Alidad Vassigh

Muy bonito
Post-9/11 Western psyche getting even with those who had bred and raised Osama Bin Laden
By Shahriar Zahedi

Axis of Evil in Washington DC show

Little fun
By Jahanshah Javid

Peyvand with extra sauce
By Sheila Radmand

Need a baby sitter?
By Setareh Sabety

I wanna be your king
Persian Warrior vs. Reza Pahlavi
By Siamack Baniameri

Kaaraagaahe khosoosi
Private investigator
By Saeed Tavakkol
English text

Anything but you
United Nations High Commission for Ghorbuneh Cheshaat Beram
By Alidad Vassigh

Invading Anahita
Photo essay: Anahita Temple in Kangavar
Payam X

Anjomane khaaneh
va madreseh

Short story
By Cyrous Moradi

Javad 101
You need to learn Street Farsi to make it
By Assal Badrkhani

Javadi dance moves
By Torang

A lot of barking
But no real action against U.S. visa restrictions
By Behrooz Parsa

Aagahiye eszdevaaj
Wanted: A wife
By Saeed Tavakkol

What crisis?
If I could just get my hands on her, politics would be the last thing on her mind
By Siamack Baniameri

Good god!
Anatomy of urban chaos
By Farhad Radmehrian

War is the anwer
A solution to the Middle East crisis
By Saeed Tavakkol

Sacred maycred
Reaction to "Sakineh Khamenei" feature
By Moe

Plight of fashion
Moustache, pistachio suits, plastic slippers... where will it end?
By Alidad Vassigh

Pinglish puns
Thinking in Persian, talking in English
By Babak Khiavchi

April Fools: Today
Main page, April 1, 2002

April Fools: Nothing is sacred
Graphic design
By Sakineh Khamenei

April Fools: Tobeh
I knew there and then that I would never again be the same Sarvenaz
By Sarvenaz

April Fools: Who wants to marry a...
Iran-U.S. reality TV deal
By Niki Tehranchi

April Fools: We deserve it
Palestinians are bad people, very very bad people
By Ali Nikseresht

Beh monaasebate rooze jahaaniye zan
On Women's Day
By dAyi Hamid

Don't speak Persian
Language school in Iran
By Cyrous Moradi

United States of Iranica!
I say we give the people what they want
By Gojeh Ezaafeh

Harf-e beepardeh
On the whole virginity thing
By dAyi Hamid

Boys to men
From innocence to...
By Niki Tehranchi

The wizard of odd
When the White man really goes berserk
By Saeed Tavakkol

It's Valentine's Day
Dance with me fat boy
By Siamack Salari


Dad, I hope you are not planning on coming to America anytime soon
By Siamack Baniameri

"Duh, who do we support if America bombs Iran?"
By Peyvand Khorsandi

Sick of organized religion?
By Gojeh Ezaafeh

Anjoman khaaneh o madreseh
Short story
By Cyrous Moradi

Eteraafaate yek nevisandeh
Confessions of a writer: A sure way of getting published
By Saeed Tavakkol
English text here



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