Photo essay: Italians and their pets

by Farah Ravon
10-Aug-2007 (2 comments)




Ey javoonaye doreye estebdad akhe ta key mikhad sedatoon darnayad?

Tooye Sale Ensejam, khordim etteham Akhe darin az chi migirin entegham? Donya dare be soraat pish mire Amma too fekre inim kare man chish gire?>>>


Slander in black & white

What have you learned from living in a democracy?

10-Aug-2007 (one comment)
My observations were about Istanbul and a few other towns I visited and the people of Turkey. Now, when one compares Reza Shah to Ataturk, the differences are striking. On the one hand we have Reza Khan Gholdor, (surely there was a good reason why he was given this nickname) who put his foot on every piece of land, confiscated it for himself and his newly named Pahlavi family, and then distributed it. How noble of Reza Khan! History has taught us that he was a malovolent dictator, who was ruthless towards his opponents and in the end sided with the Nazis. Let us name some intellectuals, poets, high ranking men who were incarcerated, shot at or killed at the order of Reza Khan:>>>


Ba behtarin arezouha...

I hope all your mornings will be shitty and all your evenings will be migraine filled

I know you probably have a girlfriend. I am a jealous fool. Jealous. But what can I do? >>>


Barbari capital

Barbari capital

Photo essay: Tehran snapshots

by Ben Bagheri



Azita, where are you?

Five years after Azita left Iran, I left for France; the war still was going on in Iran

Azita was my best friend. No, actually she was my only friend in high school. Or the only one I cared about. She was Jewish, and when the Islamic revolution happened, she and her family left Iran for Israel. We were forbidden from sending mail to Israel, so I had to send my letters through another country. Her address changed a lot, and it was in Hebrew, an alphabet that looked to me like modern art or bent nails. My last letter to her returned as a lost letter after having traveled through many different countries. I always wondered what letters or numbers I had missed in writing her address.>>>


Inside and out

I prefer to see positive qualities attributed to both genders

I think a woman is beautiful inside and out. We do not have to be a beauty queen to be beautiful. We are strong, intelligent, hard working, compassionate, caring, energetic, assertive, and so on. We have an openness, agreeableness, extraversion and positive conscientiousness about us that if raised in a non nulling environment at school and at home will be brought out. I do not see the majority of women as neurotic. However, if they are raised in an authoritarian, nulling environment, and patriarchal family I can show you a neurotic individual regardless of gender.>>>