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What a man we lost in our times. Just watch the videos at the bottom and tell me you didn't love him:>>>




Preview performance of "The Epic of Gilgamesh" in Berkeley's Ashby Theater

by Jahanshah Javid



The right mix

J.K. Rowling has come a huge way from the first Harry Potter book

The story itself is a marathon runner, for the most part it’s slow, preserving energy for later, every now and again it bursts out to gain speed and then it slows down and then towards the end, it goes full out but still for the most part, the runner is slow. If you didn’t get that metaphor, then here’s the translation: Basically, the story is slow, with outburst of action every now and again and then a climatic ending. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because Rowling wanted to stretch it out because she didn’t want it to end, or maybe it was for extra suspense but it simply went on for way too long. There were points in the middle and a 1/3 of the way in where I really just wanted to put the book down as it was boring me to sleep. There were moments where the action spiked up and those were quite invigorating at the time in contrast to the dull block of text.>>>


LET ME...know you azizam

He is the man I had always wanted and he knows it


Conquering Kamran was my all consuming desire. He asked whether I had a YAHOO id and soon we were sending IMs for eight hours or more at a time. We discussed life and the difficulties we had been through in life in general but also in our love lives. He also spoke about his upcoming book and how I would love the stories. It felt wonderful for a man to understand what I was talking about and it was easy to connect with him because we had both felt intense thoughts and emotions throughout our lives. This went on for so many hours and soon afterward he called me simply to hear my voice. He said, “I need to hear that sexy voice.” I responded, “How could you possibly know my voice was sexy.” He said, “Because I get so excited every time you IM me.” I was shocked and turned on.




A piece of woman's clothing
... suddenly among the remaining things
A piece of a woman's clothing touches my hand
It is pale pink
Its front is made of net
And one delicate band
Connects the front to the back
I rub my fingers on this fig leaf
To extract all of its sweet juice >>>


یک تکه رخت زنانه

و ... ناگهان در میان تکه های به جا مانده
دستم به تکه رخت زنانه ای می خورد
که رنگی صورتی دارد
پته ی رویی اش توری است
و بندی نازک آن را
به پته ی پشتی پیوند می دهد
انگشت هایم را به نرمی روی این برگ انجیر می سایم
و می خواهم تمام شیره ی شیرین آن را بیرون بکشم
(English) >>>


Ode to mid-summer

The mind in a haze refuses to think: goes on strike

Waking to the sound of cicadas
Wrapped in the sweaty tulle of mid-summer
Every movement lingers: becomes sensual
The mind in a haze refuses to think: goes on strike >>>


The flux

I had it

What is happiness?
It is something
I hardly notice
Even when I am
Completely at ease >>>



Wasn't it just natural that we come and go?

Our dark mahogany radio
like Karen Carpenter's,
often sang sad songs
in a foreign tongue.