Guys, it’s time to move on

28th Mordad has been turned into another Karbala

19-Aug-2007 (8 comments)
Yet another anniversary of 28th Mordad, and I can’t stand it! Like the 3rd of Esfand 1299 nothing shows the divisions amongst Iranian nationalists up as much as the anniversary of these events and the (mis-)treatment of history by all involved. There are many lessons that need to be learnt by Iranians from these episodes of their history but having learnt those lessons (long ago) they need to move on. Unfortunately we don’t seem to be able to do this judging by the idiotic emotion ridden pieces of tripe written every year by all sides. >>>


Ahmad Abad

Ahmad Abad

Maybe one day, this place will finally become the shrine that Iranians have been deprived of for nearly 50 years

by Fariba Amini
19-Aug-2007 (5 comments)



کاشانی و مصدق

تفاهمات و تقابلات

19-Aug-2007 (2 comments)
پس از 30 تیر 1331 تاریخ نهضت ملی ایران به دو بخش تقسیم میشود و شاید بخش دوم از اهمیت بیشتری برخوردار باشد از آن جهت که پرده ها فرو می افتد، رفته رفته نقش ها آشکار می گردند، عهدها شکسته، دوستی ها بدل به دشمنی و خیانت ها هویدا می شوند. علت تغییر موضع 180 درجه ای آیت الله از آن جهت که یکی از دو رهبر نهضت ملی ایران بود، محتاج بررسی و تحقیق ریشه ای است و در این فرصت کوتاه دست نمی دهد. اما آنچه مسلم است این است که از فردای 30 تیر 1331 رفته رفته غرور و نخوت در رفتار و کردار آیت الله به وضوح مشاهده می شود. >>>


Cloudy, with a chance of war

War in Ala Ebtekar's art exhibit in San Francisco

As an American-born Iranian, who has lived and studied in Iran, Ebtekar’s war images are influenced by the Iran-Iraq war. “My earlier works borrow a lot from the Iran-Iraq war. If you look closely at my earlier works you will see jet-planes and tanks that are direct references to the ones used in the Iran-Iraq War.” But war does not stop there for the globe, nor for Ebtekar. He explains: “When 9/11 happened I stopped working on this manner and felt as though I couldn't continue in that political climate. However when current war was declared shortly after, I remember saying to myself I have to continue working, it’s actually more important to do it now that any other time. So I continued, and now the references are not solely from the Iran-Iraq war but from a larger body of sources and material that are coherent with contemporary geopolitical crises we are in.”>>>
19-Aug-2007 (9 comments)
At this time in the evolutionary stage of our development towards becoming a free culture, capable of having a civilized public discussion, taking the "heat" in this "kitchen" includes talking back to your detractors. No matter how ridiculous or immature the claims made against you. When someone calls you out, you come back at them with your position. So people know the truth.>>>


Rove story

Or never having to say you're sorry

19-Aug-2007 (one comment)
It's official; by month's end, Karl Rove will be out of the White House. And it will be of his own accord, not indicted and, most importantly, without having to ask his admired boss, and close friend, for a presidential pardon. It's time for the maestro directing the Washington Busharmonic to lay down the baton; take a midlife break; rest a bit; write a book; and, who knows, maybe even finish those few credits he still requires to get a long-postponed Bachelor's in Political Science. Let someone else direct the funeral music still being composed at the White House: Bush's "Mess in B Minor.">>>