05-Aug-2007 (one comment)
افتتاح عنقریب ورسیون جدید گازته الکتریک>>>
05-Aug-2007 (one comment)
سلام. این مطلب برای امتحان فارسی نویسی در ایرانیان دات کام عزیز و اینبار جدید نوشته شده. هر چند این اولین باری است که من در ایرانیان مطلب می نویسم اما امیدوارم نظرات و انتقادات خوانندگان فهمیم اینجا کمکی باشد که بتوانم تمرین نوشتن را ادامه دهم. >>>
05-Aug-2007 (2 comments)
بالاخره ایرانیان هم به فارسی یونیکد روی خوش نشون داد که بسی مایه خوشحالیه برای افرادی مثل من که فارسی اشون بهتره!>>>
Alahazrat Hajagha
05-Aug-2007 (2 comments)
تولد دوباره ات مبارك اي شهر فرنگ >>>
05-Aug-2007 (3 comments)
توی کافی شاپ محبوبم مشغول کار/درس خواندن هستم. کلاسهایم هنوز شروع نشده برایشان هزاران کار باید بکنم.>>>
Nazy Kaviani
05-Aug-2007 (one comment)
To those who don't know him, the "Nothing Is Sacred" phrase might appear as just another slogan, a cliché.>>>


Heavy Metal



Reawakening man after six years



Big apple in the sky

Big apple in the sky


by Sohrab Leilaji



Get serious

Chomsky has always condemned the undemocratic nature of the IRI and its violations of human rights

Chomsky’s claim that wild statements made by Iran’s leadership are mistranslated is absolutely correct. That is very easy to check for yourself. And Chomsky would know that because, well, he’s a linguist to put it lightly! He knows where to find the resources for translating it. It should also be mentioned that while Chomsky has pointed out the inaccuracies of the translations of such statements, he has always condemned the nature of these statements. Peyvand Khorsandi gives the impression that Noam Chomsky is pro-Islamic Republic. This is categorically false. Chomsky has always condemned the undemocratic nature of the regime and its violations of human rights. I challenge Mr. Khorsandi to find one example to the contrary.>>>


Death with a smile

This summer season’s nationwide public execution tour has a strange new twist to them

A strange trend is unfolding in the Islamic Republic of Iran. True, it would have to be incredibly strange phenomena to be considered as strange in the context of the Allah-land. And yet there it is in color photographs, even in professionally produced videos alongside the grainy mobile phone-video variety from different parts of the country... The advent of a new uniformed “Morality Corp” tasked to oversee populace’s adherence to heavenly prescribed mode of conduct which includes dress code barely worth’s the mention. It is none of those or a laptop full of other listed oddities that are modus operandi for the Islamic Sultanate.>>>


Post-Sept-11 neo-con mentality

It is not the Muslim who is blind from hatred

To narrow down all Muslims as sheep, and implying that all Muslims do is concern themselves with hatred of Jews and Baha'is, and which hand to use to wash themselves is not only ridiculous, but if it was about Jews it would be slammed down as downright anti-Semitic. I, a practicing Muslim, have both Jewish and Baha'i friends, and even if the myth was true about concerning myself of which hand to use to wash myself (which is not a concern of a Muslim), I would say that it is ridiculous to think that somehow any of this would blind site me of the realities around me.>>>


Sheiky baby, I love you

Howard Stern interview with the Iron Shikh, the "Shah's bodyguard"



Buying cucumbers

Finally I found the fruit and vegetable section

The day I arrived in Paris from Iran, my older sister sent me to buy cucumbers. She told me that I needed to learn to be independent and mature. I was 23 years old. I had never before bought cucumbers. In Iran, I never shopped in grocery stores. Being the youngest daughter still living at home, I was spoiled. I never cleaned my room. I never helped my mother with any chores. I never bought anything for my father. My father was a retired mathematics teacher. He wasn't old in years , but the day he learned he had to retire, a few months after the Revolution, he suddenly became old. He stayed at home and grew bored. I was doing the same thing at that time--nothing! I was accepted to attend the university, but universities were closed.>>>


Adultery vs. savagery

Let's learn from Europe's mistakes

Stoning is a form of human rights violation, it is torture. Even based on Iran's Islamic Penal Code, it should happen in very special circumstances, almost close to none. Jafar Kiani who was stoned to death, well, not in a progressive manner, did not have a fair trial. None of the Penal Code conditions for stoning applied to him. Can you imagine for a second, how it is to be killed that way? Can you imagine the lives of the 2 men and 9 women who are now in prison, nightmaring their life, waiting to be stoned one day?>>>