Nazy Kaviani
I feel Iranians must also speak to others in the world to tell them stories about Iran, themselves, their thoughts, their values, and their hopes and fears. There is also a growing number of Iranians who were born and raised outside of Iran and unfortunately cannot read Farsi. This shouldn’t discount them as Iranians. They should still be able to find other Iranians with whom they can communicate.>>>


Azerbaijan in Iran

Consequences of persecution and discrimination

24-Aug-2007 (56 comments)
Iran was not supposed to be a country of the Persian, or the Aryan, nation, because the Persians are just about half of the population, or maybe less, and there is neither an Aryan nation or an Aryan race to build a country upon. But it could be just like any country, a union of peoples or nations, where there is no preferred one, and each nation within the country can decide about their own affairs in case they wish to. Breaking up countries is too costly and not worth any attempt, but discriminatory policies of authoritarian regimes are creating the right atmosphere that over time lead to social discontent that can overflow and cause serious problems at any moment.>>>
Phantom of
To All viewers: This is my lovely abode. I expect my income to be 180K a year and be deposited in a 10-year CD with a minimum of 5% APY. A modest 10% raise per year will suit me. At the end of ten years term, I will send you a lovely note with a rose and with instructions for collection. >>>


Balance, health & harmony

Balance, health & harmony

Cameron Alborzian, Ayurvedic healer

by Talieh Shahrokhi



Can't keep my promise, mother

Denying Bahai students acces to higher education

24-Aug-2007 (36 comments)
In 2006, for the first time in 29 years, more than 200 Bahai students could enter national universities. However, from the very beginning of the school year, gradually most of these students were expelled according to a previously planned strategy. This year (2007), however the government has employed a new tactic. Most Bahai students have not yet received their test report cards. Not receiving their results, they are now even unaware of their scores and the fact that whether they have passed the test or not.>>>
Siamack Baniameri
24-Aug-2007 (3 comments)
I saw in CNN that a call center in Iranian city of Ghome answers calls from folks who want to contact Imam Mehdi. "Hello?...." >>>

Khaton Khanom writes to Marina Nemat, author of  Prisoner of TehranMy dear Marina, I read your book while traveling to Tehran. It was a long, tiring trip, but I used every minuet of it to read the book. I have to admit, It had been such a long time since a book moved me like that and made my soul fly. In Tehran, everything I saw, everywhere I went , I found something that took me in to your world and your book. I visited your old neighborhood , but it looks very different than what you had described so beautifully.




Part 2 of a play about an Iranian boy who gets disowned by his father


(Mr. Amiri is getting the mail on a Saturday morning. He sees a letter from Farhad's school addressed to his parents. He opens the letter. It reads:  Dear Mr. and Mrs. Amiri:
Congratulations! Your son, Farhad has been selected to receive a scholarship for a summer writing program at the prestigious Foster Academy for the Arts.)
Mrs. Amiri: Oh, that is wonderful!
Mr. Amiri: Pah! It is wonderful to you, not to me. My son has no interest in such things, he will be an engineer, and then the world's greatest surgeon. He will invent new instruments, he will win the Nobel Prize, he will have a family with a good Persian wife and children, he will be a great soccer player on the over 40 league, he will -- where is he -- (yelling) FARHAD! Come down right now! (Enter Farhad) >>>


My Ego & I

What stops so many of us from learning and applying time-honored lessons in wisdom?

Bear with me for a moment while I put aside my admirable modesty to make a point. I have a Master’s degree in Engineering, speak several languages, and have traveled and worked in many parts of the world. I have read more books than I can remember, read newspapers and news magazines every day, and avidly follow current affairs on radio and television. Based on all that, you might be kind enough and tempted to think I am an “educated” person, right? WRONG! No, I am not a self-hating Persian – just one who is finally waking up.>>>
Alahazrat Hajagha
زندگي زيباستִ زندگي بي نظير است ִ زندگي سخت استִ زندگي ياوه استִ زندگي يك موجود زيبا اندام استִ زندگي يك موجود زيبا صورت استִ زندگي اخلاقي مرموز داردִ زندگي از همان ابتدا كه با چشماني گريان از رحم مادرخارج مي شوي بهت مي گويد وفا ندارد, بهت مي گويد كه روزي تو را رها خواهد كرد ولي نمي گويد چگونه, كي و كجاִ. >>>