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How the designation of the IRGC as a terrorist organization will alienate the Iranian people from the US even further: The New York Times articulated the following statement upon news that the Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran may be designated as a terrorist organization: "Labeling Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization — as the State Department now proposes — is another distraction when what the Bush administration needs to be doing is opening comprehensive negotiations with Tehran..." >>>


Tariaak raa be baazdamat paz

(Can't say he doesn't have guts)

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In search of Froggie

In search of Froggie

An afternoon in Kanata Lakes, Ottawa, Canada

by Pooneh Tehrani
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Right behind the eternal questions of which came first, the chicken or the egg, and why did the chicken really cross the road, stands the sexuality of Stephen Patrick Morrissey, aka lead singer of the Smiths. Was he a repressed homosexual as many like to believe or asexual and celibate as he repeatedly claimed? Many more informed than I have pondered this question, both in print and in late night drunken sessions as his glorious music blasts into a dimly lit room.

Soheil Samouhi
It is a bit complicated. When I moved to US, we lived in Long Island, New York. I went to high school there and then college and then grad school. I was working on a cool project when the whole dot com era tanked and I had to take on a contract job in Downtown, Los Angeles (big move ey!) So I packed everything into my car on a Friday and drove to LA to start the job that following Monday. >>>


درخدمت و خیانت کیان تاجبخش

درغربت و غریبی پژوهشگر

به نظر سکوت حاکم بر فعالیت های کیان حکایت از ضعف در ا رزیابی نقش روشنفکرانی چون او، در تغییر وتحولات سیاسی سال های اخیرداشته است. ضعفی که گوئی به تابوی تحلیل های سیاسی دوران معاصر ،چه در داخل ایران و چه در جمع مهاجران ، تبدیل شده است. وچه بسا با حفظ توهم توطئه و تقویت ان، به مثابه کم خرج ترین وسیله برا ی حفظ انسجام میان گروهای مخالف است که طیف منتقدین نظام به نقطه مشترکی با حکومت جمهوری اسلامی می رسد ، حتی اگر امروز یک طرف دعوي مسرور از خفه کردن نوزاد در نطفه باشد و طرف دیگرمغموم از نارسی او. >>>


Déjà vu

Given all that has happened in Iraq, why would the US want to extend the conflict into Iran?

There is very little doubt that Iranian Revolutionary Guards have armed and trained the Mahdi Army in the past but the majority of US deaths have not been in the hands of Iraqi Shia militia but the Sunni insurgents. The elephant in the room, the one US media seems to be blind to, is that Saudis and Jordanians have been bankrolling Sunni insurgency from the beginning. Regardless of what one thinks of the ruling clergy ˆ they have plenty to answer for - Iran's neighbours don't seem to be terribly afraid of Iran in spite of dire warnings by the US.>>>


پذيرفتني تر از تحريم ايران

تقابل سپاه پاسداران ايران و ارتش آمريکا به کجا مي انجامد؟

اولاً، در صورت تحريم اقتصادي ايران، رژيم (يعني سپاه پاسداران و باند مصباح) مي تواند افکار عمومي مردم ايران را عليه آمريکا بسيج کند، حال آنکه در صورت تحريم سپاه پاسداران، مردم ايران که با سياست هاي سرکوبگرانه، تماميت خواهانه و توسعه طلبانهً سپاه آشنايي کامل دارند، تنفر و انزجارشان را متوجه رژيم مي کنند. دوم، قراردادن سپاه پاسداران در ليست سازمانهاي تروريستي، دست اين ارتش بنيادگراي مذهبي را در ادامهً سياست دورويي در کشورهاي منطقه، بويژه عراق و افغانستان (بحران سازي، توطئه و ترور نظامي بمنظور باج خواهي سياسي) آنهم با چراغ خاموش، مي بندد.>>>


حکایت ماه من و ماه گردون!

مقایسه دو کمپین یک میلیون امضاء در ایران و کنیا

در خبری خواندم که در کنیا هم کمپین "یک میلیون امضاء برای تبعیض مثبت" به منظور ایجاد 50 کرسی برای نمایندگان زن در مجلس آن کشور اعلام موجودیت کرده است. نمی دانم آیا این زنان کنیایی از کمپین یک میلیون امضاء ما در ایران خبر دارند یا نه؟ چه بسا که خبر داشتند و فعالیت های ما یا زنان مراکش الگویی بوده است برای پدید آوردن این حرکت ابتکاری در کشوری در قاره آفریقا. چه زیبا که زنان کشورهای جنوب و در حال توسعه از تجربیات هم می آموزند و به ابتکارات هم به این شکل بها می دهند. >>>



A short story

Everything started on a Monday when, in the morning, I noticed that little bump on my forehead. It was almost like nothing. Nothing noticeable, so I ignored it, as if it didn’t exist. It was even smaller than a coin. The color of my skin hadn’t changed, and I found no hole in the middle of the bump; all this indicated to me that it was just a mosquito bite. The next day it had gotten bigger. It was right in the middle of my forehead, where everyone who was looking at me would see. I changed the style of my hair to cover it. That was a busy week at work, so I had to work late nights, and in the morning I was washing my face with closed eyes, so the bump didn’t bother me at all. >>>
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Fuck analysts, experts, sources not wanting to be identified, sources close to Pentagon, anonymous western officials at the IAEA, military sources in Iraq, and the like. In fact fuck the journalists, reporters, correspondents that use these sources, and fuck the news agencies and the media they work for. >>>