Jahanshah Javid
03-Aug-2007 (2 comments)
My first blog is proving difficult. I mean, what do I say? I've been looking forward to this day. Finally, after several attempts, is not only getting a new look, but also a blogging section where anyone can self-publish.>>>


Agreeing to sharply disagree

Exchanging sharp views on Islam and tolerance

Mr. Imani seems to collapse his political hatred for the Iranian government with anti-Islamism, presuming that the two are not mutually exclusive. In his entire article Mr. Imani attacks Ahmadinejad for resembling Hitler. Ironically, in his distate for Ahmadinejad and Hitler, Mr. Imani has done nothing more than demonstrate that he is more similar to them than they could possibly be with each other. At least Ahmadinejad never called Judiasm an evil religion. It’s never a good thing when a dictator appears more tolerant than you are>>>