The speech that Ahmadinejad should give

Today we are announcing the suspension of our enrichment activities for a period of six months

23-Aug-2007 (19 comments)
Thank you ladies and gentleman of the press for accepting our invitation to attend this news conference. For your information we invited many news organization to this news conference but as you will note quiet a few chose not to attend. We consider this another piece of evidence of how the corporate media plays into the hands of the warmongers as they did prior to the attack on Iraq. Fox News is repeating the same distortions but this time it is targeting Iran instead of Iraq. >>>


Pride & prejudice

Pride & prejudice

Visiting the National Museum of the American Indian

by Jahanshah Javid



Burning dream

Below the surface, in the privacy of the domestic realm, much goes unseen and unheard

Some might think that the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan has liberated the Afghan people, especially the women. While there is no denying that some steps have been taken to improve the situation of women, for the majority of women life has become harder. With no way out, many women, in an attempt to liberate themselves from the pressures put upon them, are attempting suicide in the worst possible ways. One of the most common methods, which hundreds of women use, has been self-burning. Reports show that within the last several years, the number of women, aged 14-27, who have burnt themselves, has been well over 300 per year, and that is only the ones who survived to admit or are reported.>>>


جمهوری خاوران
مسلمانی یا نه؟
مثل همیشه چشم بند به چشم داشتم ولی ضربه ی باتون برایم آشنا بود
سرم را گرفتم و با چشمان بسته گویی جن دیده باشم گفتم: بسم الله. بسم الله. بسم الله
شصت و هفت هزار بار گفتم: بسم الله
آنقدر گفتم: بسم الله تا رهایم کردند