On nature's edge

On nature's edge

The village of Calcata, Italy

by Farah Ravon





Shake my hand, you bastard

12-Aug-2007 (one comment)
Your left hand
shadows your right like a blown gas valve
cocking the night >>>



Momma, your boy, your only boy has reached what seems to be the end

Momma I'm dying
Momma I'm fading away
The little twinkle in my eyes, the same one that's been there since I was a little >>>


Stalin alive and well!

These people are bringing Iranians Democracy?

Hossein Derakhshan's blog is suspended by Mehdi Khalaji! Apparently Khalaji having had worked for and under the current regime of Iran before he was revolutionized has brought his Mullah mindset to the United States. I by no means defend Derakhshan for I have observed his actions and his support for the current regime of Iran but am surprised at Khalaji. He is supposedly promoting a democratic Iran?! He too can write and express his opinion but to shut down a blog is nothing short what we observe in today's Iran where newspapers and blogs are shut down or filtered every day>>>


All this hoopla over nothing

All in all, the NIAC human rights conference was definitely not sympathetic to the mullahs

Recently, I have over and over again heard a small group of Iranians attack the National Iranian American Council (NIAC); each time with a new charge. At an information meeting about Goli Ameri's new lobby group, they accused NIAC of being too critical of the Bush Administration. Iranian monarchists have for several years accused the organization of being a front for the mullahs. And of course, pro-Israeli neo-conservatives like Kenneth Timmerman have been on NIAC's case for calling for diplomacy with Iran. So far so good. Any group that infuriates Goli Ameri, the neo-cons and the monarchists must be doing something right.>>>


 In search of ...

When a bird can't fly it wouldn't know what she is missing but she knows something is missing

I came home, took off my suite and took a cold shower hoping it would change my mood. It didn't so I drove to the nearest bar to have a drink and play a little. I was hoping it would be quite so I can just sit in a corner and no one would notice me but being Saturday night I thought wishful thoughts. The bar was full but I realized quickly the patrons were all regulars because they all looked like serious gamblers. That was perfect because they don't bother others and don't like to be bothered, after all they are there to "take the house down!" So I sat in the far end of he bar and ordered me a Stoley on the rocks with some olives on the side.>>>