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I have recently taken a vow of celibacy. By recent, I mean REALLy recent. Like two days ago. This blog will be a chronicle of this new and perhaps fascinating (both for myself and for the readers) stage of my young tender life. No, I am not some kind of Iranian nun: My body does not belong to god. And nope, I don't think the body is a temple. I am also not, what is called an "incel," an involuntary celibate. Believe you me, this is all voluntary.>>>
Sheema Kalbasi
اگرکلمه «تواب» را با بهایی، مجاهد، کمونیست، ساواکی و یا هر چیز دیگری عوض کنیم باز با اعتراضی مشابه روبرو خواهیم شد، گیرم که از گوشه ای دیگر و به وسیله جمعی دیگر. یکی از ویژگی های ذهن بسته و مستبد همین است که در رفتار فکری خود بسیط است و وابسته به چند محرک مشخص و از پیش تعیین شده. ذهن استبدادی فردیت نمی شناسد. دیدش سنگی است و واکنشش سنگی. نه تعادل می فهمد و نه تکامل. مثل سنگ بسیط است و فقط یک چیز! فعال حقوق بشر بودن یعنی آدم از حق فردی که با او موافق نیست دفاع کند. و اگر نه سنگ ایده ئولوژی خود را به سینه زدن از کسی فعال مدنی و حقوق بشری نمی سازد!>>>


Among giants

Among giants

Monuments in Rome and other parts of Italy

by Farah Ravon


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Nahid Shafiei writes: I just read an article from Time magazine (on the site) that kept saying this U.S. administration wants to "get rid of the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Gurads Corps or Sepah-e Pasdaran) by bombing them or placing them on the "terrorist" black list, etc. etc. The article kept talking about this "getting rid of" as if this military unit is a house or a building or a specific location that they can just bomb and "get rid of". >>>


Clear distance

In less than a week, over 50 people were executed by public hanging in Iran’s Islamic Republic

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Of course, as we had predicted, US pressure on Iran, the threat of war, sanctions and plans for regime change from above, Bush-style, will only lead to further repression, executions and detention of the very activists who lead genuine anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist struggles - while Iran’s islamic regime is busy negotiating with the US and UK governments over the terms of all three parties’ interference in the internal affairs of imperialist-occupied Iraq. Public hangings and mass arrests are part of this government’s efforts to impose an atmosphere of fear and terror at a time when large sections of the working class are protesting against low wages and lack of job security. >>>


Above Tehran

Above Tehran

Shirpala, 2,750 meters above sea level

by Mehrdad Mahmoudi



I will love once again

Courage is not to hide your wounds but show them as soldier wears his medals

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Courage is not the absence of fear.

Courage is when you shake in your underwear and still face the melody.

Courage is being numb of pain and still not surrender.

Courage is to see the last light of your aura being drained and consumed by the invisible and faceless pain and still stand there and smile.

Courage is to never let them make you a victim. >>>


اراذل و اوباش حکومتی

تاریخ سیاسی ما

اگر دلیل مجازات رذالت و اوباشگری ست, کدام یک رذل تر و اوباش ترند ؟ آمران و عاملان طناب به گردن روشنفکران و روشنگران گرانقدری چون محمد مختاری و محمد جعفر پوینده انداحتن و آنها را خفه کردن , وبا قمه هنرمند گرانقدری چون فریدون فرخزاد را مثله کردن , و با چاقوی آشپزخانه سیاستمدار برجسته ای چون بختیار وهمکارش رابه قتل رساندن, و با دشنه پیکر فروهرها را دریدن و قلب کارون 9 ساله را برابر چشم پدر شاعرش حمید حاجی زاده دریدن پیش از آنکه شاعررا مثله کنند و........ , یا زور گیران و باج گیران ؟ >>>