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Features 1996
Khoshhalam keh zendeh-am (Persian)
An interview with Shahrnoush Parsipour.
J. Javid

The Persian Gulf debate
A major airline corrects its inflight map; questions linger.

Kababometers for Kens and Barbies
Have you tried the 70-cm kababs at Alborz Restaurant in Tehran?
Maryam Shargh

Bill Clinton all the way?
Iranians pick their choice for U.S. president.

Home away from home
On the need for a community cultural center for Iranian immigrants.
Lailee van Dillen

The Los Angeles music scene
An American writer reviews Iranian pop singers.

Oh (Big) Brother!
George Orwell? 'Fraid so.

Letter from America
A 13-year old Iranian American talks about her life, hobbies, interests.
Sheila Mostafavi

Iran's new secret weapon
A new threat to Middle East security, James Defence Weakly reports.

Kodam Farsi? (Persian)
A council promoting the Persian language can't write proper Persian.
Behzad Ahandoust

Just... Forget it!
A "news" item about Nike's aborted marketing strategy in Iran.

Roo keh neest! (The Nerve!)
Why are we so obnoxous so often in public?
Maryam Shargh

The bridge generation
Father writes to his American-raised son.
Nersi Ramazan-nia

Scent of a brick
My mother's, bless her heart, garden in Tehran.
Haeedeh Fattaey

Apocalyptic Press
When the end of the world arrives what would the Tehran Times headline be?

Interviewing a saint
Mother Teresa's compassion overwhelms an Iranian television producer.
J. Javid

Iranian-Americans: A Political Survey
A survey on Iranian immigrants' participation in domestic U.S. politics.
Sussan Tahmasebi

Pesare Darya (Aqua Boy)
This Kourosh the Great is definitely not asleep!
Behrouz Bahmani

Vacationing: American Style
Taking a break in Westport, Washington, a tiny coastal town.
Bahar Jaberi

Persia, Iowa
Stopping to meet "Persians" while driving from New York to San Francisco.
J. Javid

Internet traffic in Iran (Persian)
A list of the most and least active Internet users.

Olympic champions (Persian)
Interviews with Olympic wrestling champions.
Ali Rahbar

This is my journey
Editor of Second Generation explains why she quit and why she'll be back.
Termeh Rassi

Expounding on same-sex relationships.
dAyi Hamid

Those (Pesky) Persian Women!
If they ask you, "Are you Persian?" RUN!
Gelareh Abedi

Are you listening to me?! (Persian Text)(English Text)
Why haven't we learned to listen to others?
Neda Bojnourdi

Persian NOT Farsi: Reaction
Two responses from Massud Alemi and Sussan Tahmasebi.

Iranians in Japan
What Iranians are up to in the Land of the Sun.
Morteza Mousavi

Learnin' Persian
Software products to help expatriate children learn Persian.

Collecting a Civilization
An interview with Dr. Ehsan Yarshater, senior editor of Encyclopedia Iranica.
J. Javid, H. Tavakoli

The Internet in Iran - A survey
The complete story.
Payman Arabshahi

Akhar-e Zaman, Akhar-e Donya (Persian)
"Gay Pride" parade: hard to swallow -- but we are all human.
Hossein Tavakoli

The Shah could have anything. Except Mokhtar Khan's prized horse.
Behrouz Bahmani

Model Prison
More humane -- and effective -- method of treating criminals in Mashhad.
Dr. Mohammad Tehrani

Being a woman in Iran
Prof. Azar Nafisi's interview on the lives of women in Iran.

She wanted a dog. I got her a dog.
J. Javid

Broadcasting Pioneers
All-English radio programming for Iranians airs in Kansas City.
Amir-Mosaddegh Katouzian

Changing times, changing roles
Iranian women in Iran vs in the U.S. There's a difference.
Bahar Jaberi

Elitist attitudes, grassroot problems
Where the Muslim women's conference in Washington failed.
Sussan Tahmasebi

For a man of honor
Olympic book honors Iran's most loved athlete.
Hooshyar Naraghi

Life saver
To save a victim, New Yorkers look to God and an Iranian doctor.

Andar Qazayay-e Adam-haye Khorafati (Persian)
Modern or traditional, religious or not, we're all superstitious.
Nader Davoodi

Let's go fishin'
Catching my first Qezel-ala near Lar Dam, northeast of Tehran.
J. Javid

Persian NOT Farsi
One is right, the other is wrong.
Ali Parandeh

Moa'del yabi Vazhehaye Biganeh (Persian)
Language council in Iran finds replacements for alien (European) words.

In Search of...
Looking for that perfect companion?

Collecting a Civilization (Persian)
An interview with Dr. Ehsan Yarshater, senior editor of Encyclopedia Iranica.
J. Javid, H. Tavakoli

Sharhe Hal (Now available) (Persian)
An autobiography.
Dr. Ehsan Yarshater

Helping the Helpless (Now available)
Iranian volunteers rescue refugees.

Iranian Soccer Star Shines in U.S.
An interview with Arash Noamouz of the L.A. Galaxy.
John Manley

Coming to America
My daughter's first visit to the U.S. Does it mean anything?
J. Javid

The Little Things in Life
Recalling an uncommon day in Tehran.

Mehmoun Navazi -- Iranian Hospitality
Being treated like royalty by a complete stranger in Shomal.
Shabnam Tabibzadeh

Iranian Under the Veil
An American editor visits "The Country of Flowers and Nightingales."
Robert D. Kaplan

Nagozarid Chenin Shavad (Persian)
Abbas Maroufi's defense in court.

Beh Doosti Pak Niyat (Persian)
An admirer of Iranian culture is gunned down in Tajikistan.
Shahaboddein Farokhyar

A National Cultural Center
On the design of Iran's new national cultural center.
Kambiz Navaie

Yahoo, Darvish! (Persian)
Visiting a Khaneqah in a gay neighborhood of New York.
Hossein Tavakoli

"Dole" means what in Persian?
A fake news story makes headlines in the U.S.

At Home with My Tribe, the Qashqaies
Memories from a visit to Qashqaie relatives.
Behrouz Bahmani

Ghalat Kardi! (Over my dead body)
A lecture by an ex-prince at UCLA draws crowds.

Identity Crisis: Who Am I? (Part II)
Learning what it means to be Iranian in America.
Bahar Jaberi

Merci Chelsea!
The Clintons attend an Iranian cultural event.

San Juan Anyone?
Biking through scenic islands in Washington State.
Kameron Behzadian

From Mount Alborz to the Golden Gate (Persian)
A newcomer from Iran experiences culture shock.
Nima Behnoud

Nowrouz Tradition
Iranian New Years Tradition.
Mani Ardalan Farhadi

Ashpazbashi (The Soup Guy)
Seinfeld and David Letterman bring fame to Iranian soupmaker.
J. Javid

Taghziyeh Raygan: Mimas or Danish?
Remembering free snacks in Iranian schools and its relation to stock trading.
Behrouz Bahmani

Passing Seasons
An American tourist reflects on Iranian hospitality and Iran-U.S. relations.
Stephen Shaffer

Ali's Sweater
A Mashhadi lends warm clothes to an Australian tourist.
Peter Kiernan

Visiting the VOA
Behind-the-microphone look at the Voice of America's Persian section.
J. Javid

"Most Popular" Iranians
Iranians online vote for their favorite characters in history.

Eat This
dAyi Hamid gets serious. He wants you to cut meat from your diet.
dAyi Hamid

"Gulf War" II
Debating the media's deletion of "Persian" from the "Persian Gulf".

Modern Romance
Today, more twists and turns take place by the doorway than in bed.
Edwin Dobb

Bebakhshid, shoma Irani hastid...? (Persian)
A beard says you're a Hezbollahi. A tie says you're a Taghouti...

Chatting with a 14-year old Iranian in New Jersey.

Identity Crisis: Who Am I?
Dad blares Iranian music at the presence of an American friend...
Bahar M. Jaberi

Why Iranian? Because.
Proud of being Iranian despite foreigners' false image of you.
Ali Parandeh

Don't forget home
Other people are great. But we too have wonderful things to offer.
Mehrnoosh Sadeghi

Open Wounds
Exclusive interview with former U.S. National Security Advisor, Gary Sick.

Searching for Us
J. Javid looks into an Hungarian community's claim to Iranian roots.

Beyond the Feathers of the Peacock
A South African writes about his trip to Iran.

Shomal: The Pleasant Reality
An American sees only green in northern Iran.

Areh Joone Ammat!
Remembering James Bond in Iran, plus Tehran's movie schedule in October 1978

Esm Man? Mostaz'af (Persian)
D. Paknezhad has a problem with banned names.

"Banned" and "Freed" Iranian names (Persian)
Official list of names you can and cannot put on your child.

Why Change a Name?
dAyi Hamid is baffled by those who Westernize their names.

J. Javid talks to an Iranian who has become an American citizen.

Rock's early days in Iran.

Tough Times for Persepolis
Football team looking for old glory.


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