Lake Parade '07

Lake Parade '07

This is how we do it y'all

by Parham



فرمودید کودتا یا قیام؟

پس بفرمائید که در آخر حکایت هنوز نفهمیده اید که لیلی زن بود یا مرد!

27-Aug-2007 (30 comments)
از روزی که آخوندها در ایران به فکر تکیه زدن بر مسند قدرت افتادند من هم و غمم را متوجه مبارزه با آنها کردم و نیازی هم ندیدم که هر بار ابراز مخالفت با رژیم اسلامی را با زدن گریزی به گذشته همراه کنم و هر بار انتقاداتی که همیشه به دستگاه آریامهری – در زمان بیا برو اش – داشته ام مکرر نمایم. هرگز تصور نکردم که وقتی از روشنفکران ایراد می گیرم باید توضیح بدهم که این ایراد متوجه مخالفت آنها با حکومت استبدادی نیست که من با آن همصدا و یکدلم بلکه از این روست که آنها به وظیفه روشنفکری خود عمل نکرده اند ...>>>


What's gone wrong?

When a lesbian says: "We are all Hezb’ Allah now"

27-Aug-2007 (10 comments)
When my daughter’s friend told me a couple of weeks a go, that her socialist lesbian friend has a poster on her wall saying: “We are all Hezb’ Allah Now!” I said: “my God! (And I am an atheist) something has gone fundamentally wrong.” I asked myself, what are they trying to do, mocking socialists? Or, are they simply brainwashed? What is this world coming to? This young woman has all the necessary ingredients for fighting against political Islam and Hezb’ Allah. First of all she is a woman.>>>



I have recipes for Char-Broiled Squirrel to Moroccan Pigeon Pie

27-Aug-2007 (4 comments)
I spend a crazy amount of time watching cookery channels, reading food & culinary magazines, catching up on restaurant reviews and reading cookery books. And when I mean ‘Reading’ cookery books, I mean cover-to-cover… like normal people read novels. My friends and family know me so well that the safest bet for a Christmas/Birthday gift for me is a cookery book. Their only dilemma lies in how to find one that I don’t already own. I always tell them to look for the most random, weird & unique titles possible and avoid the more popular ‘Usual suspects’. As a result of this, I now own more than 220 carefully chosen food related books (or my bibles as I like to refer to them). >>>