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August 5, 2004Top

* Freedom of choice

In reply to article 'Iranian Diva' by Azam Nemati

I went through your article several times and I still can't realize your main purpose of writing such an article. Was it supposed to be general analysis of social problems like marriage/divorce, male sovereignty and oppressed women or did you try to teach us the basic life theories by exemplifying your trite family stories?

Was it all boasting about your open minded and second to none father or was it about the trivial problem you have with your son and his interests? Or maybe you wanted to show how DIFFERENT you act as a lady who spits on the floor to express her objection like hooligans and used to tease her teacher by placing gum on his seat!? (I hope your son don't choose you as his role model!) Whatever your purpose was, I believe you totally chose the wrong subject for that. The title was Iranian Diva but all I could find about her was hardly 1 page of your 7-page article! What did you think you are doing? Chit chatting with a friend?

There a lot of pathetic sentences in your jumbled article, but this one is my favorite: "I do not want to listen to Googoosh to be reminded of how many talented girls ended up just being a housekeeper because they did not have the courage to fight back. Perhaps I am worried that men like 'victims' and weak women."

What an inconstant interpretation! What's the relation between listening or not listening to Googoosh and the talented girls ended up in housekeeping?? Do you always become despair by seeing some one's accomplishment because it may remind you of others miseries??? Do you think anyone who faces injustice in her/his life considered a VICTIM or a WEAK person??

Who do you think Googoosh is? She is a human being just like you and me! That's it. Forget about her fame and popularity. She has her own life with its ups and downs, but people like talking about stars all the time and since she is a star, who is loved by a nation for almost half a century, no matter how hard she tries she can't keep everything private. Every incompetent individual lets her/himself to judge her private life relying on rumors and even without one single evident. Shame on you!

How dare you blame her for her own difficult and painful personal life? How on earth you come to this conclusion that she is a victim?? Are you a judge? How many 3-year-old children you know that can resist against their parent's decisions? Maybe if his father hadn't pushed her on the stage, she wouldn't be the one she is now. And as she said in her recent interview, she is happy to be Googoosh and if she would be born again, she would chose to be the same Googoosh.

Yes my dear Azam, there are thousands of Nazee(s), Afsar(s) and Amireh(s) around us that we can learn things from, but it doesn't mean that the rest of the people have NEGATIVE ROLES in our lives. What do you mean by Googoosh as a role model? As far as I know because she is loved by people, some may follow her way of dressing or hair style, and it's a normal widespread issue all around the world remember The Beatles, Elvis Presley Marylin Monroe or recent examples like Madonna, Britney Spears, Enrique, etc... but nobody emulates her personal life! It's ridiculous.

Have you ever heard any one saying, oh, well, because I love Googoosh I will marry 4 times!!!?? Never. So how can she be a BAD role model just because -in public eyes- she didn't have a successful personal life!!??? Her personal life is HER personal life and it's neither influenced other people's lives nor can be judged by them.

There are thousand of women role models who either belong to history like Torkan khatoon, Iran Dokht and Pouran Dokht or are considered contemporary like Sattareh Farmanfarmayan, Kaniz Morad, who you can love and appreciate their courage and endurance. On the other hand there are thousands of people, artists and politicians that you can hate or dislike. You are free to choose. I don't like many artists either but I never ever let myself pound them for not being the one I love!

I love Googoosh since I was 9, same like your son. My mother also was not a big fan of her but at least she was not biased. She respected me as an individual; This love still exists in me strongly and is really inexplicable. I adore her for what she is, not for what I expected her to be! She is an artist par excellence; I love her voice, her songs and her movies and I live with them. She is the most talented person I ever know that used her talent in the right way. Every one knows what a difficult life she had and I'm sure none of us could put up with it even for 1 year, let alone 53 years! So she is a heroine in my eyes and many others.

Have you ever pondered WHY this huge number of people no matter of what age, gender and walks of life they belong, adore her? Do you believe all of us are insane and the only one who understands and thinks logically is you and your father?? I hope not.

And as a final point, if you don't like her and her voice, well, don't listen to her and simply tell your son I don't like her voice. Don't make a mountain out of a molehill. No one can force you to love her and you CAN'T force any one NOT to love her! This is 21st century! Let's learn how to respect people's freedom of choice.



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