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August 5, 2004Top

* Shame on you, Team Melli!

I watched the game and while my patients were waiting in the office, I stood there and watched a disappointing end to a disappointing game [Not to be]. I have played the game and have been in similar situation, where after a tie game and a tie extra 30 minute, the game ended up in penalty kicks.

Our coach, a player of our own caliber, realized and recognized that I, a less experienced defender, should not be in the game during the last minutes. There needed to be better "kickers" or at least ones with better knowledge of kicking a ball into a huge goal from freaking few steps.

Having said that, this time we cannot blame anyone but the player(s). Can't say that the clergy accompanying the team made them get up early in the morning for prayers, the players are under paid, are under pressure, government doesn't support them.....blah, blah, blah. Bull shit!

The game I mentioned above, was during a tournament in San Diego, Friendship Cup. For those of you who know what these games are, you know that every team and every player plays their heart out. They play with such pride and effort that I have never seen in an Iranian National team, ever!

Let it be said that every player in the tournament "pays" to be there. They go through a 3-6 month training, twice a week, forfeits plans of a long weekend from family and friends, just to be there to play. Older players play in the 40 and above age bracket with heavily wrapped ankles, knee braces, limping, with visible pain in their faces, having much more to do in their personal and professional lives than to be at a football tournament for no monitory prize. And yes, most of them can and will make a penalty kick.

Shame on you 2004 national football team. The only thing you guys are full of, besides shit, is empty pride in yourself and not your nation and nationality. Most of you are lost in self satisfying, possible and potential contracts that may make you millions.

Shame on you Daei for being less of a player than I. I usually recognize when I am not playing to my full capacity and potential and pull myself out of the game.

Shame on you Mobali and Golmohamadi for being unable to put a small ball into a huge opening. The responsibility of a game lost is solely on your shoulders. For not being able to be a leader on the field as an experienced player, for being stupid enough to put your hand on a player in their home field while the game was stooped, for walking when you should have been running, and for missing penalty kicks.
You guys suck! Your coach should remove himself from the head coach position and clean the stadium's toilets for a while.

I should be ashamed of myself for making my patients wait so long while I was watching a game that I knew is going to end up a disappointment.

Thank you Alborz team. It was a pleasure and an honor to be a member of a team who no one gave any chance of getting through the first round of Friendship Cup games in 2001. We lost the 8:00am game to a superior team from Canada in the semi finals. The Canadian team wasn't up until 11:00pm the night before going through one over time and three rounds of penalty kicks. We played for over three hours and had no energy for the next game.



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August 5, 2004

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