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August 5, 2004Top

* Failing each other

Dear Faye, [How about just doing your job? ]

It seems as if you are trying your best to discredit and undermine Shrirn Ebadi's efforts in iran and abroad by placing a rather heavy burden, the responsibility to represent our nation's integrity in the world and expose the criminals, solely on one person's shoulders, and then you go on to criticize iranians for being too self-involved and individualistic, a punishment and a criticism that is totally unrelated and unfair to the crime that you claim to have been committed.

We have to start from scratch and progress and develop gradually towards acheiving our goals in restoring national integrity and respect for human rights in our country and although ebadi may not be the perfect person to do the job, i think she is doing it to the best of her ability and at the same time she is putting a nation's priorities above all else. this is the only possibly perceived method through which she can make the entire world respond to her call for justice, namely to represent individuals and small groups until she can create a very strong and solid support base. how else can she galvanize millions to take a stand on issues?

I believe that you are missing the entire picture. at one point you are suggesting that she is limited in her means and capabilities to communicate effectively and as you go further, you will attribute that to her deeply rooted iranian sense of selflessness and individualism.

would you have preffered to see her in some western country, while she is under the western protection and while she can not have any tangible access to her people, and expect her to be a very decisive and strong leader or representative. her success and glory came with her internationally recognized endeavors in improving the human rights situation in iran, and you can not use that as a tool against her and her on going campaign througout the world.

I seriously believe that you are the first person to violate you own set of mandates, for iranians to not fail each other, by losing faith in your fellow nobel peace prize winner.



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August 5, 2004

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