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August 5, 2004Top

* Give me the job!

I found Mr. Mohammad Poor's review of Radio Farda's web site [A vision for Farda] to be a terribly biased and unprofessional critique. It made me wonder what his true intentions were by writing it. Perhaps the list of his suggestions at the end of his article can be a clue to that. Something like, "GIVE ME THE JOB, I CAN DO IT BETTER!!"

Though I don't consider myself to be even a beginner in the world of journalism, yet I could clearly see the begrudging and obvious unfairness within Mr. Mohammad-Poor's literary attack. I am convinced that he meant it to be that way.

Right from the start, Mr. Mohammad Poor assumes the position of an expert in online news website matters and carries on with his evaluation accordingly. To me that is a tall order from someone who runs only two run of the mill weblogs to his credit! ( and, which both sport the same nauseatingly sick yellow background!) And further, he generalizes about expectations of news website viewers as if he knows what every body expects from a website.

I believe the only safe and logical generalization to make about news website viewers is that they come to read news, period. More often, readers don't just stop at one source, they go to several sites and make a collective assessment of the news they are looking for. Most people look for content in a news website; they don't come to judge its appearance or other technical aspects. 

Mr. Mohammad Poor labels the contents of the website weak but he doesn't corroborate his assertion. However, the unfairness in his written grievance about Radio Farda's website peaks when, in a background of the beau coup budget giant BBC set as an example, he alludes to short comings and lack of professionalism in Radio Farda's website.

BBC's budget affords it a staff that is large in numbers and diverse in abilities. I suspect that might be the same for VOA. But as for Radio Farda, with minimum budget and minimal staffing, they have been accomplishing a mercilessly demanding and huge task seven days a week, twenty four ours a day. Given that, I believe that the folks at Radio Farda's website are doing a marvelous job and are getting better.

Generally, this website business is still in its infancy. There are really no concrete and universally agreed upon standards by which news websites can be evaluated or rated. And I am not sure if Mr. Mohammad poor can produce accredited credentials that qualify him as an expert in the subject matter.

Aside from the common fundamental rules, every website continues to evolve according to its own distinct style and standards. Perhaps one way to gage the success of a news website is by analyzing its stats over a long period of time, not just "during visits made to the site in the first week of July 2004."

The "review" that Mr. Mohammad Poor gave to Radio Farda's news website was undeserved. But it did make me a firmer believer in the old proverb which says:" If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything."



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