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August 5, 2004

* Poll: Has he got a clue?

Dear Manesh,

Having been inspired by your amazing survey of opinions on Mrs Ebadi, as appeared on [Can you do a better job?], I decided to put your super scientific method to test by running a similar survey to yours and, surprise surprise, I came up with exactly identical figures as reported by you. Isn't it so fascinating? Look:

1. Has Manesh got a single clue as to how to do a statistically reliable survey?
No hope in hell (64.57%)
Should join Iran's ministry of Information to work with his own kind (27.13%)
Would benefit from a crash course under Khamenei himself (8.30%)

2. What kind of democracy does Manesh want to see in Iran?
With Shirin Ebadi as President (64.57%)
With himself as President (8.30%)
With Shirin Ebadi and himself running the country jointly (27.13%)

3. When shopping for cucumbers (khyar chanbar) what does Manesh look for?
Long and thin ones (deraazo bareek) (8.30%)
Short and fat ones (kutaaho koloft) (27.13%)
Long and fat ones (deraazo koloft) (64.57%)

4. When Manesh is offered an ass (olaagh) as a gift, how will he respond?
With a broad grin (27.13%)
Immediately checks its gender manually (8.30%)
Takes the ass into his bedroom anyway (64.57%)

5. In a swimming pool:
Manesh wears an old Irooni underpants with legs rolled up (64.57%)
Manesh wears a sexy thong (8.30%)
Manesh wraps up in a red Irooni loung (27.13%)
and finally,

6. Does Manesh enjoy sucking up to Ebadi?
Needs some persuasion (8.30%)
Needs training on hygienic sucking (27.13%)
Needs surgery to separate the sucker from the sucked (64.57%)

Gosh! Your method works so well Man!

With regards,


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