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August 5, 2004Top

* Military intervention

Dear Mr. Mahmoud Ghaffari, [Top gunned down]

I was still a teenager when the Nojeh coup failed, and I got to learn more about the events through Iranian newspapers and books recalling the event. I also think that that the men and officers who participated in this attempt to overthrow the mullahs were courageous people who unfortunately paid dearly for their lost cause.

It is important for historians to look back at those troubled years where many Iranians actually hoped for an American intervention or a military coup especially after things turned from bad to worse in the political life of our nation when the Islamic fundamentalist students took over the US embassy with the help of PLO terrorists.

Some may think this assessment may be biaised, however I believe that many middle class Iranians who took part in the revolution were dissapointed by the recuperation of the revolutionary zeal by the Iranian clerics.

I am not certain that in the case of Iran today, a military intervention from the outside could have a positive impact and guarantee the fall of the Islamic Republic without some negative side effects.

The political context today with the turmoil in Irak as well as the unpredictable political tactics of the western allies makes me favor firm diplomatic and economic sanctions against Iran with the adamant will to support all free loving Iranians in their battle against the clerical regime  and for the establishment of a Free and Democratic Iran. This is what Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi has actually stated in his numerous interventions in the World Media.

Nevertheless I would like to salute the memory of all those courageous men and women who tried to plot against the evil Islamic Republic and its henchmen. Their names will not be forgotten in the pages of our long history.

Payandeh Iran Azad,

Darius Kadivar


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