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August 5, 2004

* Horrible role model

I am really shocked to read a commentary [All good] for a book (a piece of garbage really [Farah Pahlavi's "An Enduring Love"]) and recommending it.

I have not read the book and have no desire to read it. I saw the old gold digger who is truly an embarrassment to Iranian people because she is really stupid and after having lived more than 26 years in the Western world, her English is horrible.

I saw her on book TV in April (the only reason I watched it was because my kid was getting ready for his birthday party so I had to wait). I was appalled at how she could only say one liners in answer to questions and her accent was that of someone who has never been out of Iran.

The title of the book gives it away. What kind of woman with an ounce of self-respect will put up with a miserable short Crown Cannibal with his "short men" syndrome which would inspire him to bring whores from France so he could only have intellectual conversation (it is well documented that the fellow had problems in the manhood department so the whores were only providing companionship). How could any woman love that kind of a man? I am not even going to bother with the fact that he was one of the world's worst murderers.

This woman was a horrible role model because all she did was to make sure she had the right designer clothes and gave money to American artists (God forbid Iran was so prosperous we did not have starving artists in Iran during those glorious days). The only reason a woman stays with a son of bitch who humiliates her by preferring the company of French Whores is a gold digger. That is all Farah Diba really is. Don't let that sad face and rehearsed sad statements fool you.

She is one calculating but cowardly bitch just like the rest of the women of that family. She stuck by him so she could wear those dazzling jewels and top of the line clothes at her lonely parties smoking like a chimney and drowning her loneliness and sorrows in her drinks.

I have no doubt that she paid a Pahlavi ass-kisser a great deal of money to type all her bullshit and if you ask her to write a few sentences she would be incapable of it. I have spoken to many Iranian (including those "closet Monarchists") and they all agreed that her book is a piece of garbage trying to get the world's attention. The idiot has been spending the stolen billions on having lunch with her Western friends and yet we have never seen her take a stand on any issue or help any Iranian causes. We are willing to forget them (not forgive them) so we do not have to be reminded of the tyrant who did so much damage and to this day we are paying for it.

The whole family is the same and nobody should spenda penny supporting them and their lies. Next time you are in a bookstore, pick up a European society magazine and see how this "widow" is dressed in the most expensive clothes and jewels and am sure is paying "your" stolen money to be part of this society parties and no doubt making up for the lost time and getting some good companionship!!


Azam Nemati


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August 5, 2004

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