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August 5, 2004

* It all disolved

You claimed the "such loyalty and sacrifice (of the armed forces) stems back to Cyrus the Great, and the Imperial Guards" [Top gunned down]. However, you fail to mention that during the Sassanid Empire, the armed forces all disbanded and joined the Arab invaders because of the corruption and repression of the Zoroastrian clergy under Sassanid Rule. The Persian Empire collapsed with little blood lost, because the Persian armies never gave a fight (because they were tired of all the fighting against the Byzantines for hundreds of years).

The same with the Shah's Imperial Guard. How long did that last when the revolution happened? It all disolved within a matter of days. Most of the generals left way before the revolution happened, or during the revolution for fear of their lives.

I disagree that the armed forces won't be "restored" to previous levels under the Islamic Republic. The reason the Ba'athist army collapsed without much of a fight, is because they found no reason to fight. They didn't want to fight to save a dictator they themselves hated so much.

However, as for the current Islamic Republican Army.... their loyalty does not lie with any government but with an eternal religion, whom is commanded NOT by corrupt leaders like Rafsanjani, but by divine text whom guides people to "fight for justice and an end of oppression".

The Holy Qur'an tells its followers: "Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God loves not transgressors" (Qur'an 2:190) There will be less of a chance of the army disbanding when an invader attacks, than in the time of the Shah.

Just look at the Iran-Iraq war. How many people were willing to give up their lives to defend Iranian soil? They did it for a combined reason of nationalism and God. They didn't allow Iraqis to control Iranian land for more than a short while, even though Iraq had superpowers supporting, while Iran had no spare parts for any of its US made weapons.

While Iran may no longer have US high-tech weapons (which was useless anyway without the spare parts), it has both the nationalists and the religious people behind fighting for its integrity. The Shah only had the nationalists. If Iran is attacked tomorrow, even those who HATE the Islamic Republic (and wish its demise), will fight for the integrity of the nation.

That is my point of view. I may be wrong, only God knows.

Khodah negah-dar,

Dariush Abadi


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August 5, 2004

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