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August 5, 2004Top

* What's wrong with praising Islam?

Dear Faye (Fereshteh) Farhang, [How about just doing your job?]

Salaam va Doorood. Shirin Ebadi has neither failed Iran or Iranians. She has lived in Iran the past 25 years, even spent a year in prison for her activities. She has defended the oppressed, the down-trodden and those who lost or have no rights in society. However, I saw your mindset in your article.

You mentioned the "raping of virgins in the prisons." That happened in the early years of the revolution. Things have changed dramatically in the past 15 years (especially past 7 years) of the IRI. I am in no way saying Iran is now some kind of utopia, or even close to it. It is far from it. However, the Iran of 24 years ago is radically different than the Iran of today.

Shirin Ebadi has said this in many of her speeches. The realities on the ground in the Islamic Republic are far different than what the opposition want to believe. You seem to be stuck in the past. You have not gone past the revolutionary Iran of 25 years ago. The revolution ended many years ago, mass executions have ceased, and people have won many rights that they didn't even have during the time of Shah (and lost some rights they had under the Shah). Shirin Ebadi has exposed many things about the regime in Iran. However, you want her to say things that I believe are reactionary.

Yes, Shirin Ebadi praises Islam. What's wrong with that? That is her religion, as the religion of still a majority of Iran. Iran is NOT Tehran. The majority of the country is still deeply and conservatively religious. You might not see that in the main cities, but the main cities don't comprise the majority of Iran.

And there is nothing wrong with Islam. Islam condemns all the oppressive acts of the current regime. The problem is those in power that use the "name of Islam" to continue their policies. Shirin Ebadi has repeatedly spoken against that.

I think it is unfair to judge Shirin Ebadi by the standards of your own views and idealogy. It is like a Republican criticizing John Kerry about his views of medicare. Obviously John Kerry is a Democrat and is entitled to his own views and idealogies.

It doesn't mean that just because she doesn't have the same views and idealogies as you do, she is a traitor to her people. That is the problem with the current regime in Iran. Anyone that doesn't hold the official "government" view of Islam, is labelled a "munafiqh" or "kufar". Hashem Aghajari is a MUSLIM, and holds views of ISLAMIC GOVERNMENT. Yet he is labelled a "apostate" by lower courts in Iran.

You are doing the same to Shirin Ebadi, that the lower courts of Iran did to Hashem Aghajari. You are the traitor to your people for speaking against a regime, yet following the same practices you speak against when talking about people who don't share your views.

Khodah Negahdar,

Dariush Abadi


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