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August 5, 2004Top

* Attacking our baby, Googoosh

Azam aziz, [Iranian Diva]

There are four kinds of people who attack Googoosh.

1- people who are just jealous because they cannot hold a candle to her sunshine.
2- people who belong to political groups and want to take advantage of her popularity and gain financial and popular support for themselves.
3- people who always accuse others to show how much MOBAREZ they are and on the other hand by accusing others they try to make it understood that THEY are ok themselves.
4- but the fourth group which I think you belong to are those people who want to become famous overnight.

Sorry , but I couldn't find traces of other categories in your article. What I gather from your article is that you may have had a bad marriage and now feel you want to lead a women's right movement but the problem is that nobody knows you. So you need to become known and get famous. And the most available way to get recognition is to attack our baby Googoosh.

I feel so sorry for this woman. She has had a sad childhood, sad marriages, sad love life and sad artistic career, sitting on a sofa for 21 years and reading watching her gradual death. But unlike you I think it is a big credit for a sad artist to make her fans happy on the stage and then get back to her sad room and deal with her problems by herself.

I love her because of many reasons, her voice and performance on the stage, her acting capabilities, and ... but most of all because she never pretended to be something she never was. She is a one and only, her name, art and style is unique and will be so for many generations of Iranians to come. She is our diva Googoosh and she has special places in her fans' hearts. You can sit before your microphones and tribunes and attack her, but our hearts are always open to her and nobody, nobody ever can take her away from us.  

We waited for 21 years to see her again and this time we will not let anyone hurt her.

Ebrahim Majidi


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