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August 5, 2004Top

* How dare you?

I could not help but laugh that either this chick [Left to rot] is really stupid or has balls enough to think the rest of us are stupid. If my memory does not fail me this is the same person who did not know who Dariush the singer is [He's not Shahram] and thought going to a concert made her more Iranian and advertised the fact that in her home Farsi was not the spoken language and neither was Iranian music the music of choice.

How dare you bored (no doubt well off) person giving yourself the right to give an opinion on Bam? So you got your bored ass there to feel like you are Iranian, right? What did you do while there?

I have been here for 26 years and not back to Iran since 1983 yet I know of people who are working without advertisement in that area. Did you bother to check for real Iranians and real dedicated people who are working there? Of course not because you're limited brain has to look for the big organizations. Do you think we are ell as ignorant as you are? Hell no!

We do not have to hear form someone who's Iranian-ness comes from seeing her fellow Iranians in designer clothes in a concert and that makes her nostalgic. You need a shrink badly.

All of us real Iranian people know that money in the hands of government is a waste which is why all of us made sure our donations were delivered through people who we knew would work diligently and from the heart. If you had done 5 minutes of research you would also know that donations to big organizations like Salvation Army is a waste because by the time their administrative and other fees are deducted a fraction remains.

Why don't you leave Iranian matters to people who know their culture, its politics, its people, its language and may other its--- Take your sorry ass to some Classical concert where you can rejoice in recognizing which composer's music is being performed.

Get your rich and worthless self out of that area. You are an insult to those young men and women (and the professor who is their leader) who are working with children and are truly dedicated.

Normally I would ignore the articles written by your kind but I am just telling you that you are going to make many "REAL" Iranians pissed off with your ignorance and enormous stupidity.

Azam Nemati


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