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Past years

The literals
Back to the colorful Persian language
Bahram Saghari

Book of Bidjan
Life & art of Bidjan Assadipour
Fazllolah Rohani

Ins and outs
Christmas shopping
Niki Tehranchi

XXX Revolution
I would like the next Iranian revolution to be sexy and bloody
Siamack Baniameri

Too much information
On gooz
Simin Habibian

Pahlavi pizza
It's not the Virgin Mary. It's Empress Farah.
Farhad Radmehrian

No Kerry, no bush
Grandpa was determined to support his hero. But there was a catch.
Siamack Baniameri

The bartender
This election has shown that our similarities are much more profound and well entrenched than we had ever realized

Sharif N Mafi

The bartender
Part 2
Siamack Baniameri

Khatoon Khanoom
Part (1)(2) (3)
Bahram Saghari

The bartender
Part 1
Siamack Baniameri

The art of buying watermelon
Every technique you can imagine
Bahram Saghari

Dar baab-e deltangi
Poem :o)

Little Red Riding Iraqi
“Blood? Hey! You’re not Aunt Zeinab. Those aren’t her dentures.”
Peyvand Khorsandi

Inside joke
Men and women are... different
Bahram Saghari

Ghorboon-e shomaa
The many ways of saying "thank you"
Bahram Saghari

Dokhtar-e hamsaayeh
I looked down and there she was, Shahnaz lying down on the balcony
Bahram Saghari

Beamer survey
Is it true that BMW owners have sex average 2.3 times per week?
Siamack Baniameri

Tomboonet aateesh gerefteh!
Bush strategy: Your pants are on fire!
Farhad Radmehrian

A study of guests
Saeed Tavakkol

Can you do a better job?
You vs. Ebadi

Drama queens
Even our sporting events are filled with tragedy
Siamack Baniameri

My Iranian neo-con
Helping a friend overcome his denial of joining a confederacy of dunces
Sharif N. Mafi

Saturday school
Lessons in Persian
Peyvand Khorsandi

Behind the rope
London club
Peyvand Khorsandi

Cheraa Bush piroozeesh hatmiyeh
Why Bush will be re-elected
Farhad Radmehrian

Cheraa Fucker shodam?
Ayatollah Fucker

Moore Shrek
Two films
Peyvand Khorsandi

The uses of zereshk
By Peyvand Khorsandi

Fermez la bouche
What have the French done to spread democracy, anywhere?
By Alidad Vassigh

Rightly arrested
At least detained British soldiers in Iran weren't wearing orange suits and chains
By Peyvand Khorsandi

Marhoom Reagan
Having lunch and listening to Reagan's funeral on the radio
By Farhad Radmehrian

The martial arts of taarof
"Holy shit! I bet he paid for our lunches!" he said
By Behrouz Bahmani

Persian vs. Iranian
The debate continues
By Behrouz Bahmani

Running out of ideas
Suggestions for the next poll
By Moe

Survival of the fittest
Israel and the IRI are strong. Palestinians and Iranian opposition are weak
By Siamack Baniameri

Pax Americana
One year after the Iraq occupation
By the Baghdad Blogger

Boz-haa va boz-zaadehaa
Goats and their offspring are the reasons for all of our suffering
From Tabarestan

I dream of a white Noruz
UK-US-Russia trio are running the show
By Farrokh A. Ashtiani

Release your inner donkey
Coming to grips with our national nemesis
By Behrouz Bahmani

Amazing history
Or "Tarikh-e Sheguft-Angiz"
By Manoochehr Javid &
Tom Foley (Tahmasb Fouladi)

Cheh moaameleh baayad kard?
& Mostazaad majles-e chaahaarom
Gut feelings about the Majlis
By Mirzadeh Eshghi

Praise for Gibson's passion
Almost news
By Amir Nooriala

It's reigning women
What a year for Iranian women
By Peyvand Khorsandi

Oral thoughts
Responses to news about oral sex/mouth cancer link
By Siamack Baniameri

A different image
I thought it was time to present a different image of the Muslim woman
Interview with Tissa Hami

Don't analyze this
Psychiatrists and their children
By Naseem Hrab

The rise and fall of Simon Ordoubadi
Our heart breaks for him because he is us
By Jacki Lyden

Liberty fries
Democracies mean business
By Alidad Vassigh

A play on the occasion of the British Royal visit to Iran
By Snoop Sagg

The right breast
One breast better than no breast? I don't think so
By Siamack Baniameri

Super Bowl, Iranian style
Dad sweeps, mom cooks, brother surfs
By Lilly Ghahremani

Ayatollah Theodore
Giant Shia stick above Paul Bremer's head
By Sharif N Mafi

Women and babes?
Pathetic attempts at justifying of oppression against Palestinians
By Afsaneh Bahrami

Harfe man, harfe mardom 
I said, they said
By Karim Shirazi

A miracle drug recently approved by FDA
By Arash Emamzadeh

Exploring Mars?
Try Sha'abdolazim first!
By Behrouz Joon

From the conspiracy files
My cell phone has a personality disorder
By Lilly Ghahremani

Ammeh Soghra of all people!
Solidarity with the disqualified candidates!
By Behrouz Joon

Preemptive strike
Let me be the first to do my part in launching a preemptive strike to save the innocent!
By Behrouz Joon

Force of nature
This month be as mean and evil as you can be
By Madame Bayaz

A good beating
Like what we got in Iran when we were kids
By Siamack Baniameri



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