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Painting, drawing, graphic design...


Native Americans on canvas
Paintings by Hooshang
December 5, 2000

Clinging to the past
By Hamed Sahihi
November 27, 2000

Real people
By Ahmad Vakili
November 6, 2000

Southern comfort
By Hossein Ahmadi-Nassab
October 23, 2000

Vacation on Mars
By Reza Kassai
October 16, 2000

Shadow play
By Reza Bangiz
October 5, 2000

Evil eye
By Farideh Esfandi
October 9, 2000

Salt desert tree
Artist leaves mark in Utah desert
By Fereydoun Hoveyda
September 25, 2000

By Sepidé Majd
August 19, 2000

Many me
Having fun with Photoshop
By Nina Habibi
August 2, 2000

The look
By Mokhtar Paki
July 26, 2000

By Simin Meykadeh
July 19, 2000

Paintings by Asiyeh Esfandiari
July 17, 2000

Coddled by the wind
Talking pictures
By Yasmine Rafii
July 10, 2000

Wild at heart
Exhibition by Iranian women artists
June 26, 2000

By Roshan Houshmand
May 30, 2000

Only trees
By Farhad Ostovani
May 17, 2000

Pablo, James and I
Rose Ghajar reflects on idols
May 4, 2000

Paper dreams
Handmade books and collages
By Roshanak Keyghobadi
February 2, 2000

By Ladan Moaddeli
April 12, 2000

Cries in the dark
By Bijan N. Sharif
April 5, 2000

Wonders of Persia
First Iranian children's art show in the U.S.
By Maryam Ovissi
March 21, 2000

Colorful dreams
By Mandana Dalaei-Khojasteh
March 17, 2000

Hand me a pillow
Sensual paintings by Victoria Amini
February 28, 2000

Song and dance
Paintings by Mina Agah
February 24, 2000

January 24, 2000
Baby come back
By Krista Nassi

January 12, 2000
Things I like
Images from down under
Drawings by Ali "Allen" Niasari

December 6, 1999
Fast forward
By Aazam Harati

December 2, 1999
Winter greetings
Exquisite cards
By Yasmine Rafii

November 29, 1999
Fesh approach to Qajar art
By Faramarz Rahmani

November 24, 1999
Artists unite!
Yari Ostovany has brought artists together on the web
By Maryam Ovissi

October 11, 1999
By Aidin Hashtroodi

September 13, 1999
The art of Aylene Fallah

Sept 7, 1999
Emotions on glass
By Mahin Azima

August 9, 1999
Persian dreams
Reinterpretations of Ghajar art
Paintings by Rose Ghajar

July 6, 1999
Real fantasies
By Bidjan Assadipour

May 25, 1999
Talking pictures
In the tradition of "faal gereftan"
By Yasmine Rafii

May 14, 1999
Journey between cultures
Artists inspired by life in Iran and America
By Maryam Ovissi

April 26, 1999
Laughing at the world
Poking fun at some very serious global issues
Cartoons & illustrations by Hadi Farahani

March 15, 1999
Electronic drawings
By Sadaf Abbassian

September 28, 1998
The nice artist
A young artist who's talented AND pleasant
Behnam Farahpour

September 8, 1998
Out of the blue
Dising the art of Manoucher Yektai
Also: In a world of his own
More on artist and poet Manoucher Yektai
By A Friend

August 28, 1998
Painter: Hooshang Pezeshknia
(A review in Persian - No paintings)
By Ebrahim Golestan

July 28, 1998
Houshang Seyhoun's half century of art & architecture

June 1, 1998
P a r v e e n
The paintings of Parveen Bakhtiar McNair

April 16, 1998
The art of Sadeq Hedayat
A dozen drawings and sketches by the late great author

April 13, 1998
Shahnameh & the Contemporary Iranian Artist
Tribute to the Shahnameh1,000 years after it was completed

Jan 19, 1998
Of Fire
Latest works by Yari Ostovany

Jan 12, 1998
Things, animals, people
Latest paintings by Ali Dadgar

Nov 17, 1997
Another (brilliant) Bay Area artist: Taraneh Hemami

Nov 1997
A glimpse at the remarkable success of contemporary artist Nasser Ovissi

Oct 1997
Gentle storm
What's brewing inside the calm artist, Yari Ostovany

Sept 1997
Three thousand butterflies
By Seyed Alavi

Sept 1997
Room with an inner view
Seeing Shahab La'al's paintings brought excitement and relief

July 1997
Simply sublime
Iranshid Ghadimi's brilliantly sensual watercolor nudes

White Cloud
These are my mother's paintings. Amazing. Do you agree?
J. Javid

Alkhas: Myths & legends
Hannibal Alkhas celebrates 50 years as an artist

This man is a painter
Ali Dadgar is full of energy

Truth as art
Ardeshir Mohassess' drawings

Very young, very good
I myself am not an art exper| but...
Bruce Bahmani

Alive and kicking
20 paintings by 20 women

Eyes on Qajar art
Qajar period art in a New York gallery

Colors of a somber paradise
F Scott Hess' paintings of contemporary Iran

Like mother, like daughter
Gizella and Samira Sinai: Hungarian-Iranian painters

The past in the present
Farah Osouli's modern miniatures

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